A Mistake on Financial Times “Backlash aginst Hong Kong baby boom”

On May 9th 2011 Asian edition of Financial Times, “Backlash against Hong Kong baby boom” (The title on the newspaper is “Angry HK backlash against baby boom.” ) mistakenly translated 蝗蟲 locust as “grasshoppers”,

A Facebook group calling itself “strongly against mainland mothers delivering children in Hong Kong” refers to such expectant women as “grasshoppers”.

The article "Angry HK backlash against baby boom" mistakenly translated 蝗蟲 "locust" into "grasshoppers"

The info of the Facebook group that Financial Times mentioned (in written Mandarin),


The Facebook group Financial Times mentioned


“Mainland locust overtly group together to give birth in Hong Kong and steal every welfare -local resident can’t enjoy welfare like giving birth in public hospital.”


1. http://news.mingpao.com/20110511/gzc1.htm (Mainland Pregnant Women Become International News. In written Cantonese)

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