Hongkonger – Sick Man of Asia

Display Window of Local Brand G.O.D 住好啲

After Hong Kong D&G Incident, local brand G.O.D recreated the scene in “Fist of Fury”, in which Bruce Lee kicked the racist sign “No Chinese and Dogs Allowed” into pieces. However, Bruce Lee in here kicks with his camera and the speech bubble says “take whatever picture you want, no anger”.

The Most Memorable Scene in "Fist of Fury"

The alleged photo ban of D&G storefront, which only applied to Hongkonger and excluded Foreigners and Mainland Chinese, reminds everyone of the notorious sign above.

"D&豬(Pig, since it sounds like "G" in Cantonese) Hongkonger and Dog is Not Allowed"

On the door of Hong Kong Dolce and Gabbana, local put up a sign that says “No Hongkonger and Dog Allowed”.

Netizen even made a video with “Fist of Fury” titled “[Macau Drama] When Bruce Lee wants to go to D&G and take a photo…” and  the notorious racist sign is changed from “No Chinese and Dogs allowed” into “Dogs and HKG Can Not Take Photos”.

At 1:08, “if you act as the pet dog of Mainland Chinese, I will bring you in”

D&G: Dogs and HKG Can Not Take Photos

In Hong Kong cyberspace, it is not rare to see threads that say Hongkonger is sick man of Asia.
“Health care worker have tolerated Mainland pregnant who rush to the border to lay eggs for about 6 to 7 years.  People say the housing market is too high that they are homeless. Rob university seats; Rob Baby formula; Rob everything.
(We) have tolerated for all these for some years, and fully understand the final result if we still tolerate them.
Hongkonger is so useless! (They are) same as sick man of Asia?
It’s f***king stupid that there are people who believe in being peaceful and logical will solve all these problems.
When I hear these people talk, I just want to punch them in their faces.
(I guess) these people would say my father have never beaten me afterward.
Hongkonger is f***king useless c***! Rubbish!”

In a thread “[Locust Peril] Do you think that Mainlander is going to force us (Hongkonger) to die?”,

netizen DomusAurea said, “if we could only f***king kill all the Mainlander” and another member replied him that in fact many people want to do that.


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