Hong Kong Cyberspace on Jan 16th 2012

I saw the following article on my Facebook today.

The title of the article is “Open Table and Eat Oranges on the Bus”. According to the source, two Mandarin speaking women eat oranges on their folding table (they brought their own) on a bus.

I later grabbed the original picture.

Reactions from netizen

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Leung: “Locust” always need to eat wherever they are.
Ting: They really treated (the bus) as their home
Sze: Will they play mahjong as well?
Wong: May these bastards die

Ho: f***king Mainlander. Get the **** out.
Lam: (They make us) look bad. (I) afraid that this would set example for children.
Lo: Hongkonger don’t want to discriminate “locust”. However, this kind of people will get discriminated wherever they are, whatever countries they are in.
Sze: Locust~

Chin: Even in China, nobody would dare to do that. Mainland Chinese tourist know that Hongkonger won’t speak up and therefore they get their own way. In China, if they did that and their fathers aren’t “Li Gang“, they would be kicked out of the bus already.
Chin: Mainland Chinese have their predator in China, i.e CPC and therefore they dare not to do this. Since their predator is not here, they have the guts to do anything they want.
Fong: Hongkonger need to speak up! If we don’t, we will be eaten by “locust” soon.

2 thoughts on “Hong Kong Cyberspace on Jan 16th 2012

  1. Hey, I just found this blog of yours. Fun reading, good cultural insight and a lot of great Cantonese phrases! Thanks for romanizing (when you do so) and translating all these fun swears! I’ll be sure to bookmark this page. Long live Hong Kong!

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