The Appearance of British Hong Kong Flag in Dolce & Gabbana Protest

Narration in Business Insider

I came across this article in Business Insider and the author is confused with the appearance of British Hong Kong flag.

On Jan 15 2012 Hong Kong D&G Protest

The Meaning Behind British Hong Kong Flag

A group called HKAM (Hong Kong City-State Autonomy Movement) take the British Hong Kong flag and cut out the Union Jack on the upper left hand corner and call it 龍獅旗 (Dragon lion flag), as a symbol of real autonomous rule.  They believe that if Hong Kong were under real autonomous rule, D&G incident — the invasion of rights to use public space and exploitation of native — would not happen because the HKSAR government would put local Hongkonger as their first priority.

龍獅旗Dragon lion flag on top and British Hong Kong flag on bottom.

HKAM’s literature 香港城邦論 (Hong Kong City-State Theory) , which has stirred up controversy, sold better than Steve Jobs biography in Joint Publishing, a big bookstore chain in Hong Kong.

HKAM Literature 香港城邦論 (Hong Kong City-State Theory) was a top selling book in humanities category
香港城邦論 Hong Kong City-State Theory: One country two systems, city-state autonomy, is a matter of life and death for Hong Kong

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