News on Mainlander and Hong Kong Public Health System

According to Oriental Daily,

A Mainland “fierce father” stirred chaos in Sha Tin Prince of Wales Hospital.  A Mainland woman, who “rushed the gate” in ER (since public hospitals limit the number of Mainland pregnant patients to reserve beds for local woman, many Mainland pregnant women now just gave birth in ER. This overloads the public health system and risks the health of doctors and nurses as they do not know if  their pregnant patients have AIDS or not. The media called this “rush the gate” 衝閘), was in labor pain for nine hours and his husband complained that there were no one to help them. Even after their child was born, they still could not stop complaining and called the staffs racists. During the argument, a Hongkonger father could not tolerate any more and told the couple to “shut up”,  and he was later insulted and beaten. While the two were fighting between each other, a female doctor tried to stop them but she was slapped in the ear. The hospital called for police and the two made apologies to the doctor. The police changed the case from “attack” to “arguments”.  The friend of the Hongkonger couple spoke up on forums and condemned that “the guilty party sue first” 惡人先告狀.

Reactions from Netizen

First: Yes. (I) discriminate them. So what?
Second: Locust
Third: Riot! Riot!

First: It was like the time when (Hong Kong) was occupied by the Japanese. We should even make apologies to them (Mainlander). Invaded place is like this (sad).
Second: Go the **** off Mainland pig! Nobody welcomes you! (except normal Mainlander)
Third: Cina Pig! (Cina is a derogatory term for China)

First: Go back to their homeland! Why do they come here? Yes. I obviously discriminate you Mainlander!
Second: Just in pain for 8 hours! (They are) low IQ, have no common sense and are not civilized at all. Why do we Hongkonger need to take care of these “new blood”?

Topkidsmom: Why do Hong Kong become this? (They said) no change in 50 years? Why do (Hong Kong) become the wonderland of Mainland Chinese and the hell of Hongkonger?

LL1999: When I read this post, I feel extremely angry. I was in pain for 20 hours but my nurse said there was no delivery room for me to give birth. Mainlander occupied all the rooms. I am very angry when I think back (to this).

Kong: Hong Kong is going to be doomed if things keep going on. All Hongkonger is going to die.
Lee: Hongkonger mothers were in pain more than her but we kept silence.
Cherry: 9 hours of labor pain is trivial. Many Hongkonger mothers were in pain for 30 to 40 hours. They think they are VIP?

First: (We are being) trampled on. Where is our dignity? That’s f***king worse than a second class citizen in a colony.

First: F***! I am so angry after reading this. Colonist, get out

Another news about Mainland Chinese and Hong Kong healthcare System today — “Mainland Men Roared in Northern District Hospital, ‘I have money. Check my wife first!’ ”

Right after Mainland father stirred chaos in Prince of Wales Hospital, another Mainland man was unhappy that his wife, who caught a fever, waited too long in Northern District Hospital and roared “I have money! Check my wife first!”. A nurse explained that the waiting time is based on the seriousness of illness and everyone is equal. However, he did not listen to the explanation and carried his wife on his back and leave.

At Ten o’clock last night, a middle-age Mainland man brought his fevered wife to the ER of the Northern District Hospital. There were about 30 patients and the queue was based on the seriousness of their illnesses. Generally, the waiting time is about 2 hours. The man lost his patience and roared with his not quite fluent Cantonese, “I have money. I can pay more. Check my wife first!” This shocked the police to check out the situation.

A nurse came up to the man and explained that the waiting time is based on the seriousness of illness. However, he did not accept it and went on with English obscenity. He then carried his wife on his back and got on a taxi. Other patients in there criticized his behavior and condemned “money isn’t everything” .

Reactions from Netizen

First: Brought their own doctor if they were that rich! Don’t need to go to public hospital!
Second: F***king terrible
Third: All Cina Locust Go to Hell
Fourth: Mainlander’s views on Hong Kong: Money can buy everything up
Fifth: Cina Locust Go to Hell

5 thoughts on “News on Mainlander and Hong Kong Public Health System

  1. I think it is great what you are doing to promote Cantonese, BUT I think you should maybe try and keep mainlander hate away from the Cantonese Facebook page. Don’t forget, lots of mainlanders in Guangzhou etc actually speak and love Cantonese. For instance in my city in the UK the only people promoting the language are from GZ, not HK. I suggest you create another group for these kind of posts; maybe “I love HK” or something. Anyway, great work and just a suggestion.

    1. To tezukai: Hong Kong is suffering from an influx of mainland Chinese who are enjoying the benefits of the taxpayers but who are not taxpayers themselves. Pointing out such problem is not hate.

      The high number of Mainland visitors have created many problems in Hong Kong as well. More and more posters are written in handicapped Chinese characters; and locals being mocked at for speaking bad Mandarin when they tried to advice parents not to eat in the train. Again, we are just pointing out a problem.

      With more and more babies born in Hong Kong whose both parents do not speak Cantonese, the Hong Kong government faces a big challenge in education. We can foresee that the education system will need to somewhat be adjusted to accommodate the language barriers by teaching Chinese is Mandarin, a bastardized form of spoken Chinese.

      More and more kids in Canton do not speak Cantonese! This is partly due to the Communist government, partly due to the influx of non-Guangdong natives in the city.

      Besides, Cantonese is not only a language but a culture. In Canton, natives act very much like their cousins in Hong Kong. I have heard multiple complaints from natives of the ancient city that many non natives have been disrupting the norms in Canton, such as talking loud in cinemas. By protecting the welfare of Hong Kong, we are not only countering the harm of the Communists on Cantonese, but also passing on basic Chinese traditions that have been lost since the 50s in Communist China.

  2. Hello, I saw your blog for the first time today and I appreciate it very much. I live in Hong Kong but my Chinese is not good enough to fully keep track of the subtleties of what’s going on – what you are doing is fantastic and a service to this community. PLEASE KEEP IT UP!

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