Netizen Criticise Hong Kong Dolce & Gabbana’s Apology

According to the Facebook group that organises this photo-taking protest,

Third Wave of Anti D&G Action Needs to be Continued. The Announcement of D&G Lacks Formality. Citizen Refuse to Accept the Apology.

What D&G’s Apology Announcement Lacks:

  1. They refuse to admit that it’s wrong to have photo ban (*from the sidewalk)
  2. They fail to explain the reason why they had this photo ban in the first place
  3. They refuse to identify the foreign bouncer (*I think they demand that because he is the one who treated the photographer rudely and he should come out to apologise as well)
  4. They have never guaranteed that the same won’t happen again
  5. They released their apology announcement sneakily at 2am Hong Kong time. That is a PR strategy because all the media (*printing, I guess) stop handling incoming information at that time so they can minimize criticism.

They waited so long to release this incomplete apology and therefore they are not sincere obviously — they still believe the photo ban is right but they afraid (the photo-taking protest) will affect their sells during Chinese New Year. Therefore, they made such a strategic apology.

Dolce & Gabbana need to apologise sincerely. At least their Hong Kong CEO should give a press conference, make apology to Hong Kong citizen and give explanations to all the doubts above . If not, we will continue our third wave protest.

Other netizen in the protest group made critique of the Dolce & Gabbana’s English Apology letter.

Hong Kong Dolce & Gabbana's Apology Letter

Shun Yan: Hong Konger, Pay them a visit during Chinese New Year. First, “to whom it may concern” shows the lack of sincerity. We don’t know whom they are trying to address. It should be Hongkonger. Second, the title should be “Sincere Apologies to concerned Hong Kong citizens”. Now it just looks like the work of secondary school student. By the way, the title should be in the middle. Isn’t that a common sense? Third, the whole letter looks more like a secondary school student’s composition than a formal letter. Forth, where is the signature of their CEO? And where’s “yours sincerely”?

Cheung: English version is way worse than Chinese version

So: Chinese English

吳(Ng):  The English (writing) looks so Chinese.

Shun Yan: Don’t forget grammatical grammar

Ng: The Hong Kong style English here shows how bad their PR is.

Shun Yan: Whatever! “Open Year” for them next week! (*”Open year” is a Chinese New Year tradition and the first day in the year that animals can be slaughtered and meat can be consumed.)

Lun: They apologised because many people are going to do shopping on Dec 29th (in lunar Chinese calendar, i.e. Jan 22nd in Western calendar) . Certainly, because of money, they (are forced to ) apologise. If they were sincere, they would have been apologised immediately, as opposed to now. If there were no Chinese New Year, do you think that DOG (D&G) would do that?

Someone even suspects that if D&G have ever made apologies at all.

****Don’t make harsh comments on my English too.****

3 thoughts on “Netizen Criticise Hong Kong Dolce & Gabbana’s Apology

  1. “Open Year” actually means “beginning of the year”, which is the second day of new year when, according to the custom, people can now “beginning to kill”. It is because on the first day of new year, people are not supposed to eat meat. (i.e. not to cause any death to any animals). It is becasue of the “okay to kill” notation, it is often used by parents to denote “I can now give you corporal punishment”. From there, the usage gets even broader- meaning starting a fight, for example, as used by Shun Yan.

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