Mainland Scholar: Many Hongkonger are Dogs


This video is Peking University professor Kong Qingdong‘s commentary on “Verbal Wars on Train Hongkonger vs Mainlander” through Mainland China internet TV station TV.V1.

First of all, let’s review the MTR incident. Here’s the narrated news clip.

Raw videos of “Verbal Wars on Train Hongkonger vs Mainlander”: part 1 and part 2

According to the Oriental Daily,

Hongkogner’s resentment towards Mainlander continues to escalate. A small conflict can become violent verbal war any time. The day before yesterday, a video titled with “Verbal War on Train Hongkonger vs Mainlander” was shared on YouTube. In the video, “Mr Hong Kong” was unhappy that a Mainland mother and her children were eating dried noodle in the train compartment and the dregs of it were all over the floor. Therefore, he came up and stopped them from eating. The Mainland woman and her friend rebuked. Hongkonger passers-by also joined in and it became a Hong-Kong-China verbal war.

Reactions of Hong Kong netizen from the above report

Most netizen criticised that Mainlander don’t have civic-conscious and praised “Mr Hong Kong” . Netizen BlingCar33 said, “Since we always keep silent, locusts now bully and trample on us.”

“Mr Hong Kong” wrote a response titled “To ‘Hongkonger vs Mainlander Verbal War’” through Facebook on Jan 16th.

The incident happened on the day before yesterday (15/1/2012). I started getting inquires from everyone around me yesterday. And now I saw my face on the front page of newspaper. Ha! I had never thought it would be like that. All I can say to you — I only did what I wanted and should do . I had never thought that the whole incident was filmed and then got the attention from the media.

Many friends asked me about the course of the incident. Perhaps, let me explain everything in here.

On that day, me and my girlfriend got on the train from Hung Hom. The two rows near me were full — an adult and three children on one side, and three adults with their luggage on another side. I did not pay attention to them. Later, I saw that mother was putting dried noodle on the hand of one child who was next to her and the other two girls were holding a bag of candy. Then, the child who was holding dried noodle with two hands accidentally spilled it all over the body and the floor. I therefore pointed to the sign “Eating and Drinking Not Allowed “and spoke in my not very fluent Mandarin, “Excuse me, eating is not allowed in here.” And all I got was unpleasant sound. The mother said it was just kid eating and asked why did I care. I told her that I saw you also putting dried noodle in your mouth. “You also eat in here”. Well, I expected that I would got no results. However, at that time, her friends on the opposite row laughed and said, “They (Hongkonger) said it (Mandarin) really bad. I got really angry and then replied in Cantonese, “Yes, my Mandarin is bad. However, this is the home of Hongkonger. You (should) speak Cantonese with me. ” They still could not stop arguing with me. At that time, a brave man shouted, “Shut up! So noisy! Continue to eat, OK? You are at fault but still try to argue back. Do you need the help of staffs? ” While they were still shouting, that man pressed emergency button at Mong Kok East station. When the staffs came, I was the first to step off the train and waved to them. For the aftermaths, you have seen them all on YouTube.

Staffs of Kowloon Tong Station asked all of us to leave the compartment and then separated us into two groups. After understanding the incident, the staffs let us go and said they would give the party in fault warning. So, that’s the whole incident! When I got on another train, I still saw them being surrounded by staffs.

Fortunately, there was such a brave man! These two days, my friends could not stop praising me as hero and idol. Anyway, I just did what I should do. And I have no intention to offend Mainlander. As for my “Mainlander is like that” statement, if this brings any inconvenience to you, I apologise in here. This is just an one-time incident. I don’t want to lead the anti anything sentiment. Thank you very much!

It was so so lucky that I had not use obscenity in here, otherwise, the whole thing would be totally different.

Please spread my message!

Ken Wai


Both the narrated news clips from Hong Kong Apple Daily and the raw videos was spread to Mainland China through Weibo, Chinese Twitter, and this incident stirred anti Hong Kong sentiment in China.

Just this microblog got 6295 comments 9157 re-blogs

Bat-M: Arrogant Hongkonger, Mainlander expresses that the pressure is very great. That person is wrong. However, do you have to treat Mainlander like that? What you said is right but your discrimination towards Mainlander is wrong. (*This is written in Cantonese and by Mainland Cantonese)

There is even a boycott Hong Kong action starting in Weibo.
According to Jan 18th Hong Kong Sharp Daily,

Strong Country (China) Netizen Boycott Hong Kong Tour

The discussion of MTR’s Hong Kong-China verbal war was pretty much died down yesterday in Hong Kong. However, the news was spread to China and created big responses. Of course, they help their own people. In a day or two, microblogs of Apple Action News on this incident garnered over 3000 comments, all condemned “Kong Chaan” (a derogatory name of Hongkonger).

Revenge for Hong Kong-China Verbal War

    • Shenzhen netizen Ah-To: That sounds like as if Hongkonger were very civilised in Shenzhen. Just a kid eating, why so serious?
    • Guangzhou netizen King’s Daughter: Spitting on street fines 600. Trashing rubbish on the street fines another 600. I don’t know when Hongkonger collect (*I think she mistyped. I guess it is “pay”) these fines, how hurtful are they? She violates the rule and (you should just) report her. Why (do you) open your mouth and hurt the world?

The discussion of Mainland netizen is of excellent quality. For whatever reason, some even brought up the sensitive “One China One Taiwan” issue.

    • Guangzhou Netizen One-Wave_Mr Spring: Go eat banana! Just too smart! Hong Kong is no match of Taiwan. Hong Kong belong to China and Taiwan doesn’t. Therefore, only Taiwanese can call us “Mainlander”. Hongkonger is not allowed to use that!”

(*All of the comments above are written in Cantonese)

This incident has already united the power of Strong Country people (Mainland Chinese).

  • Guangzhou netizen Gavin-On Ki even tried to recruit people to revenge: It’s sad hearing this. (*I guess is “Mainlander is like that”) Well, (we are going to see) the wave of anti Hong Kong. Mainlander don’t visit Hong Kong for a month! Let’s see how can they survive! Rice-Congee is for them! (*Rice-congee is for poor people)

The emotion in Weibo is so high. Strong Country people all bomb Hongkonger.

Reaction from Hong Kong side

First: (They) do it right!
Second: If this is real, exciting!
Third: Can they stop giving birth in here? Forever (please)
Forth: It’s just great! Don’t come here forever!

First: Yes! If they don’t f**king go to Hong Kong to buy baby milk powder, I bet their children can’t survive to the age of three. Every baby is going to be a bighead.
Second: (extremely happy icons)
Third: Don’t come here forever. One month is too short!

****In Depth Review of Kong Qingdong’s Comment @ here****

Kong Qingdong’s commentary has just been deleted by Youtube.

Statistic of the Video

134 thoughts on “Mainland Scholar: Many Hongkonger are Dogs

  1. To a certain extent, the mainland asshole professor is right – there are many dogs in HK. They are mostly high ranking government officials and pro-China politicians like DAB party members. These dogs know nothing except kiss the asses of Chinese officials.

  2. I find it hard to believe that guy is an ‘academic’ – even the newsreader was uncomfortable with his emotive comments. On the one hand he says HKers are Chinese (and should regard themselves as such ie. by speaking mandarin), and then goes on with his dog-dog-dog rubbish. First he claims HK, but then he says how different (=inferior) HKers are.
    Yes, it gets us angry but such fools are not worth our time or attention. HKers are right to forget about it the next day & move on. That tv channel is just desperate for ratings.

  3. 閙香港人係狗的那位北京大學所謂教授,連禮義廉恥都唔識,大庭廣眾,狗口亂噏,古語曰:禮義廉恥,國之四維,四維𣎴張,國乃滅亡! 你哋班大陸人之所以富裕起來,係因為97後,有香港海港俾你自由轉口,有香港奶粉餵大你班細路,有香港樓俾你哋自由買賣,你哋有咩天災都係香港人第一時間捐錢鎮災,今日你哋閙香港人係狗?????實在無恥!

  4. The mother of the girl from China is wrong. But I also think the Hong Kong man over reacted. This is such a small incident and have been blown out of proportion. There should not have been a word war, they should have just asked the tourist from China to pay the penalty for eating in the MTR and case closed.

    On the other hand, I don’t think that the Hong Kong man would have done the same if the tourist was from USA or Europe.

      1. The video started of him already angry. We didn’t see the beginning. He did explain he asked nicely and pointed to the sign for no eating. Then he gets attitude from the mom and being laughed at by her friends. How would that make you feel? I think I would have reacted the same way as he did lor.

    1. Less than 5% of tourist will disobey the law is the tourist come from western nations like USA, UK, Australia, NZ, Germany. Neither is tourist from Taiwan, Japan & Korea. SO just accept the fact many mainlanders disobey public law. It is not mentioned that they sleep on train, put their foots on the seats, clipping nails on the seat, n talking very loudly. When mainlanders are wrong kindly do not include others.

  5. if hongkongers are dogs, mainlander are worse than dogs. Remember the incident where the small little girl was left to die after being trampled by two vehicles.

  6. That poor tourist girl from China, I can’t imagine how traumatic this incident should be for her.

    I am from Hong Kong and I think that Hong Kong people should not discriminate the people from China. The tourists from China contributes so much to the Hong Kong economy. Without the businesses (tourism, manufacturing, real estate etc…) from China, many of the Hong Kong people will be out of work.

  7. What the guy says and acts, do you think you are different than us???
    We respect you, what have you done to us???
    Shit on the floor, on the MTR; Pee whenever you want, etc.

    I have friends from China, I treated them with all my heart,
    Chinese better than Hong Konger??? IMPOSSIBLE
    See what have happened back then in Xi Chuan
    “ToFu” buildings
    I am not being judgmental or being a bias,
    but the point is,
    when you complain about HKers, did you ever think about what have you guy done???

    Compare you guys to the people in Taiwan,
    no wonder I like TW so much

    everyone in the world is equal,
    when someone complain about you,
    think carefully what have you done before you fight back
    we might did something wrong too
    but we have the guts to say sorry
    DID YOU???

    1. It is the Professor from Beijing who is insulting HongKongers. He call Hongkongers bastard, stupid, running dogs, idiots. He also condemn Hongkong colonial era and English language. The educated like Professor who insults is not acceptable as compare to insult from blue collar. As everyone one knows that Northern Chinese had always look down on Southern Chinese for generations.

    1. I am a Korean. From the third party’s prospective, I agree with the professor and understand what he asserts. HongKongers always think that they are white UK and superior to other Asians though it is far from the truth. My conclusion is that HongKongers should shut up and be sorry about this incident. HongKong is even smaller than one part of Seoul. HongKongers have no manners, I would say the worst of the worst in the world.

      1. You are kinda retarded. You probably did not even notice that the professor dissed the shit about Koreans too. Mind your own business and worry about fucking North Korea bombing and beating the shit out of the south. Koreans are no better than anyone else. You have no idea what is really going on, so shut the fuck up and eat some fucking kimchi.

  8. The MTR is nothing compared to HK Disneyland. Spent the day telling mainlanders not to push in front of the lines to rides, having them spit at me and abuse everyone. They were so rude. I say “reptiles” it’s all about them.

  9. 抵制香港?唔嚟香港?好啊,唔會再有大陸人排隊打尖,喺醫院生仔唔比錢,通街屙屎屙尿,四圍拋垃圾…

      1. 大陸人是幫了香港經濟很多、可是這代表大陸人來香港就可以不跟香港的秩序嗎?不是說所有大陸人都是這樣。問題的來頭是因為有太多來自大陸的人不遵守香港的秩序讓香港人忍不了開口說一些不好聽的話。如果大部分的大陸人是守秩序、就沒有那麼多問題發生。。。來香港花錢不代表做什麼都可以。

      2. 是國家支援我們香港

        你認為香港的政治好點,還是中國? 看看你們的維權人士吧


      3. 放心,我地香港人根本就唔當你地大陸人係咩一回事,事實係你地唔比水唔比食物我地,我地都係唔會死既,我本人就從來冇食過內地野冇飲過東江水,我地連自己水塘啲水都飲唔哂,洗乜飲你地啲屎水,最好快啲比我地獨立,然後我地可以同中國斷交咁就仲好添

  10. Its just a small incident, all they need to do is to bring out their views and points in a polite way. Personally, I think Mr Kong has brought in too much of his own prejudice against HK people and his comments are not objective enough to be taken into consideration. Personally, I think his comments might have even made the situation worse. He should have taken the opportunity to cool the “already HOT” situation and not fuel it more. He is such a disgrace to the academia community.

  11. 一個月唔黎香港? 好啊. 我都好懷念以前香港冇乜大陸旅客, 去到旺角唔洗俾大班大陸客包圍住既日子, 迫到我依家街都唔想出. 以前未有自由行個陣, 香港經濟不一樣咁好, 香港唔係靠大陸先有飯食架. 再講, 如果大陸人唔黎香港買奶粉, 真係食死左都唔知咩事, 依家都唔知係香港恨做大陸客生意, 定係大陸恨黎香港shopping啊.

  12. I’m a Canadian born Chinese, we’ve been in Canada for many generations… and we’re very proud of our Chinese roots. I’m sad to report that this sort of nonsense (HK vs Mainland vs Taiwanese etc.) occurs on a daily basis here in Vancouver. That’s why Vancouver’s Chinatown is one of the ugliest and most run down slums in town… no thanks to all the in-fighting from all the various Chinese dialect/ nationals trying to make themselves as the only “Chinaman” in town.

    It’s bloody shameful. Vancouver’s chinatown used to be the pride and joy of North America.

    1. Actually, I’m a Gwei-lo from Vancouver… We don’t care where any of you Chinese people are from… Pretty much all of us think you’re a bunch of money-grubbing materialistic hutong peasants. Take your Maseratis and race them elsewhere!

  13. 中國都有好人,也是有狗,你就正正是一隻狗,唔係,應該豬狗都不如


    講香港人騙子,騙錢,呢個仲攪笑。全世界都知大陸人先係最叻既騙子,乜假野都做到出黎,何止騙錢,食到人死,食到d BB變哂做大頭仔添,你有乜資格話我地無資格話你?




    文明並唔係口講,掛多d banner就係,思想行為扼唔到人。

  14. I demand Peking University to dismiss Professor Kong Qing-Dong immediately because of the constant promotion of unreasonable hatred and violence due to racism or different political beliefs

  15. For awhile now I’ve been contemplating the similarities, of the symptomatic paradoxical psychological expressions, of those colonized to what’s called the Stockholm Syndrome. It is of course uncouth to heap negativity onto the subjugated who have already suffered historically…. However, it is something worth exploring for healing and the sanity of all.

    “Some HKers are used to being the running dogs for the British…. what Lu Xun referred to (at the turn of last century) as Western Lapdogs – in front of imperialists they are Dogs, in front of Chinese they are Wolves…” harsh words to Hong Kongers. As someone who grew up in Hong Kong, it certainly rings true to some extent. Vestiges of Colonialism plays mind tricks in the psyche of the colonized, long after the colonizers have left. Evidently, the British left behind Anglophiles everywhere. I do take the criticism to heart, hope some of my more intelligent Hong Kong friends can see past the harsh words and do so as well.

    1. Stockholm syndrome is about identifying with your captors, not your liberators, so it doesnt apply to hong kong. You look down on people you despise and you look up to people you admire. Youre wasting your time telling people to do otherwise.

      1. Yup, identifying your oppressor as savior and provider comes pretty close. May I ask, what have they liberated you from? Your self worth and dignity? Reducing you to a knee-jerk infantile response of irrational adulation? I should have more sympathy, there’s just too many layers of sadness to peel off… 😦

      2. So, in this case, it’s more like – you look down on people you can bully and look up to people that kicked your arse; pretty much what the professor had said. He’s needlessly harsh but nonetheless correct.

    2. Funny how the materialistic communist apparatchiks of Mainland China still use the vocabulary of communism ie “running dog” (what is a running dog as opposed to walking dog) while they fill their pockets with bribes and buy houses in Vancouver while driving Lamborghinis and Maseratis and pretending they are legitimate.

    3. What the professor is simply asserting most of the South East Asian Chinese opinion about a lot of the Hongkee arrogant colonial worshippers

  16. I think there are only “dog” and “pig” in the what-so-ever called professor’s dictionary. As he is very sure that he’s a “Pig”, he then called HK people a “Dog”, which obviously means that HK people are much more clever, think faster and work harder than thoes mainland “Pig”

  17. 3 main elements in this story,
    1. MTR video clip, an incidence representing no general opinion of people in (Mainland, Hong Kong, Taiwan)
    2. Hong Kong media
    3. Mainland media
    Figure out the rest

  18. 個D大陸人黎香港攪攪鎮

    1. 講多都無謂,香港不好就應該無人到,大把人賠了性命來香港,這個鐵一般的證明香港是個怎樣的地方了

  19. 1. HK people & China people are “Chinese” regardless of what they think. The rest of the world sees no difference and they are all one shitty race of people.

    2. UK does not want anything to do with HK people anymore hence we returned them to China like a person returns “Defective Goods”

    HK people are “Owned” by their Chinese masters so bend over and take it in the ass.

    1. It’s people like you who create wars in the world. People who can’t think in a logical way, people who don’t think before they say something. We don’t need racist people in the world; u call urself a brit? Go back to mars…. You are more defective than Defective Goods and I feel it for your teachers….who has failed to teach u basic respect for others in the world….

    2. Just shut the fk up~ this have nothing to do with UK, and people like you make UK look stupid too by leaving stupid , just fking mind your own country’s business.

    3. Since when did UK come into the picture to claim superiority?

      It’s a country long forgotten by everyone else until “Little Britain” came to remind a few people about it.

      It’s like a supermodel of the 50s coming on set to judge the upcoming supermodels of these days, nobody gives a hoot and she has to remind everyone else of her past glory.

      That’s UK for us!

    4. Take a good look at your household, racist asshole, and see the many Chinese defective goods you’ve bought. And what kind of person buys stuff he thinks is defective? Morons!
      Some ignorant people may not see the difference between HK people and Chinese mainlanders, but then these are the same morons who don’t know the difference between English, Scottish, Irish and Welsh.

    5. I really doubt this is a real ‘Brit’. Virtually no one from the UK calls themselves a ‘Brit’. The correct term is ‘Briton’. Not that people call themselves that either. Usually British or English (or Welsh, Scots, Northern Irish)

      And the 2nd point is nonesense. The vast majority of the UK population aren’t even aware Hong Kong was a British colony and have probably never met a Hong Konger. So why would their be ill feeling towards HK?. Those who do know about the disgraceful treatment by the British government in the run up to 1997 (the passport issue etc) are not impressed and think it was wrong.

      So quite simply, this is a troll.

    6. Awwww, is “The Brit” trying to stir up some commotion because he receives no attention at home? Users like you can’t even use the correct terminology, my suggestion is for you to come to Hong Kong and take some English lessons (what are China people? Lol. Should I refer to you as the UK person?). At least I can write a better response but that’s not saying much. By the way, I like how you make fun of the “Chinese” like that, it makes you look so mature. I hope your parents are proud of who you are now, that is if they still care..oops =p

    7. Ignorance is bliss sometimes, people need to accept that. I read somewhere that Chairman Mao (don’t know why I’m even quoting him) said “We think too small, like the frog at the bottom of the well. He thinks the sky is only as big as the top of the well. If he surfaced, he would have an entirely different view.”

      Voila, end of story.

      p.s. I lived in the UK for about 6 years, loved my time there and all of my friends were mainly Londoners, and a couple of Greeks. They had no idea that HK was a British colony, and were amazed that I spoke English the first time I opened my mouth. Some of the best people I’ve met in my life! So there’s no need to bring in the hatred towards the UK, like I said previously, its ignorance. They got their own problems to deal with – e.g. WHAT STARTED THE LOOTING/RIOTS IN THE FIRST PLACE? ha!

    8. Oh come on guys, the ‘pom’ is a troll. I’ve heard poms be racist before and they dont talk like that. The ‘defective goods’ line sounds more chinese than anything to me. And anyone who has been in hong kong knows that hkers and chinese aren’t ethnically the same. Theyre as different as yanks are from poms.

    1. 看看你們的留言都是一堆沒意義沒思考的廢話


  20. What a hypocrite! So I guess this ignorant tool is accustomed to excusing people who don’t abide by the law. This makes a valid point why he sides himself with the side that is at fault. Being “educated”(I question this), he should really brush up on his current events and history. If HKers are dogs, what does that make of the China-nese? They will be put in the abyss of such ranks. Has he forgotten about the incidents pertaining to the child in Fot Shan(Fo Shan in Mandarin) and the derailed train in WanChow(wenzhou) area? With such a case of amnesia, it is best he gets instated into a hospital promptly. I expect an official apology coming from Peking U. Gee, I wonder why it’s called Peking and not the inferior, Beijing.

  21. This professor is SO SMART, he knows so much about this world. I bet he never left his little room in China in his life. And to even bring in the other countries and diss the shit out of them. Apparently he is the 73rd line of Confucius, what bullshit, i feel sorry for Confusius.

  22. 此人亂講話, 究竟有否讀書識字,OH MY GOD !! 孔夫子的七十三代孫子??? 質數是這樣的呀 !! 恐怕 孔夫孑泉有知, 會從棺材跳出來教訓他一頓. 受過教育的人講話不會是這樣的 ?
    所謂教授, 究竟小學畢業沒有 ??????? 請有關部門留意 , 禁止此人外出, 免得亂咬人 !!!

    1. 再理論都浪費大家寶貴的時間 , 此惡狗ー定有瘋狗症 ! 快快致電 “不愛動物協會 ”
      把牠人道毀滅 , 再去 喂狗 !! 大家同意嗎??

      1. 此人言詞悪毒 , 結果會打落十ハ層地獄 , 無人可憐 。
        此人用這方法去博出位 ,不知所謂 , 留牠在世上 , 只有害人多於幇人 , 見牠前面 , 憎牠 後面 。
        相由心生, 此乃畜生相 。
        北京大学中文系教授 ?? 用錢買回來的學位呀呀??
        做人要多多長進 , 最重要不要影響孔子爺爺 在我心目在我心目中之形象。

  23. 連那小孩也知道自己的媽媽是錯的,這正正反映現時中國的共產主義、教育水平是多麼的霸道及嚴重腐敗!





    1. Like it or not, being a subject of Hong Kong is automatically a subject of PRC.
      You are so pathetic, a product of colonial rubbish

      1. I’m afraid you are incorrect on this point as well. There are many permanent residents in Hong Kong, that are not only born and raised in Hong Kong, but who are also not ethnically Chinese, and thus are not citizens of the PRC, but are entitled to remain in Hong Kong for the rest of their lives. Equally important are the large amount of ethnic Chinese that took full U.K. citizenship before 1997, while others took other Commonwealth nationalities. These people are ethnically Chinese but are not citizens of the PRC and are entitled to remain in Hong Kong until the end of their lives, as are their children and spouses. Hong Kong is not like the mainland of China and this kind of diversity makes it a unique and interesting place to live. One day when the people in the mainland of China are allowed to read books, you can learn how Hong Kong was critical to the first stages of the mainland’s development. Without Hong Kong, China would have developed much later, and slower if at all…

      2. Lucifer, you’re wrong. Duo citizenship means you are a citizen of both countries. Those people who choose to identify with only one should give up their other citizenship.

        What you also got wrong is that China needed Hong Kong to develop. It sure didn’t hurt, however, Hong Kong indeed would have not been able to develop further then an economy based on basic assembly sort of industry, if not for China providing it with virtually inexhaustible energy, water and other needed supplies. I grew up there and am old enough to have seen several economic transitions in Hong Kong.

        So here’s an analogy that might make sense – just because you live on your mother’s balcony, and she cooks and does your laundry, doesn’t mean she ‘NEEDs’ you.

        I agree with the diversity comment, but reading books? Are you kidding? I could bet almost anything that people in China read more… LOL, HKers are *definitely* not known for their love of reading! 😀

      3. Wrong dummy, you are ill informed. The Basic Law provides that only those who are ethnically Chinese and are born in the Hong Kong SAR are Chinese nationals. All others are only permanent residents, even if they are thirdg generation “born in Hong Kong.” One who is not ethnically Chinese, even though he/she is born in the SAR, they must nationalize to become a PRC citizen and even then its very difficult. That is an overt act to declare oneself to be have the desire to become a PRC citizen. This has nothing to do with the hundreds of thousands of duel nationals that are living in Hong Kong now who are in fact ethnically Chinese.

        Furthermore, Hong Kong is absolutely responsible for China’s early development. When you get a chance to leave China, pick up a history or economics book and learn something. The Shenzhen Special Economic Zone (SEZ) was only and rice patties in the 1980’s. Not having sufficient infrastructure of their own in China (roads, railroads and especially ports). Deng Xiaoping and his government created the Shenzhen SEC across the boarder from Hong Kong so as to be able to trans ship goods out of China though Hong , Hong Kong’s ports, and this was certainly no accident. Making the Shenzhen SEC across the border from Hong Kong also allowed Hong KOng residents to conveniently open factories in Shenzhen and travel back and forth to their homes in Hong Kong – and Hong Kong was the largest foreign investor in China at the time and is still on the top of the list. It seems all of those people who failed to believe the CCP after the revolution and fled to Hong Kong with all of their money, were actually able to use that money to re-invest in China when it would have otherwise been lost and squandered y the CCP. Don’t be too busy patting yourselves on the back in the mainland. You had lots of help getting where you are today. Taiwan was always the number two largest foreign investor (classified under Chinese law). This is also money that fled the communists takeover,a nd eventually came back as FDI. Yeah, I know, they teach you in the mainland that the CCP defeated the Japanese in WWII…all I can say is on your next trip to Hong Kong to buy a Gucci hat for yourself, why don’t you pick up a few books too. You might actually enlighten yourself. You do realize this who hoopla started because only 17% of Hong Kong residents view themselves as Chinese according to an HKU poll. It’s no wonder they don’t want to be associated with you uncouth, revisionist retards across the border.

        On a final note, supplying water and selling power do not mean that Hong Kong’s existence is indebted to China. Epicurean rights are defined under U.N. treaty, and for one to cut off water to another territory is akin to an act of way. China need the hard currency from Hong Kong and even when they were calling the British turtle eggs they were still selling them water and power, which I mad add, also goes in the other direction nowadays. Nonetheless, China obviously needs access to Hong Kong capital markets to raise fund and hard currency for their state owned companies as long as their closed capital account and closed equity markets prevent foreigners from this kind of domestic investment. Mainland companies don’t come to Hong Kong to raise funds because they are doing Hong Kong a favor, they do it because they cannot do so in China.

        Long Live Hong Kong!

      4. You sure make lots of assumptions Lucifer, much of it not even worth the time addressing. Your analysis seem to fall pray to the same convoluted thinking, by reversing cause and effect. For one, choice does not imply necessary; thought the analogy I gave would’ve helped you understand…

      5. Right cause and effect. Hong Kong was already established as a manufacturing economy, making the transition to a service economy, with a well established stock market and international and free convertible currency when Shenzhen was rice patties and you and your comrades were still wearing Mao suits and eating tree bark. We know you mainland trolls everywhere trying to displace history and logic with some CCP inspired propaganda. I do sympathize with you inability to get to the truth of the matter, given the controls and censorship in your motherland. However, like the Germans and the Soviet Russians, you too will one day wake up.

      6. You know, the fact that you feel the need to inject unfounded accusations, which I think you know is false (can’t be sure though, some people do take their own imagination as reality), shows either your lack of integrity or a lack of confidence in your own argument. To argue with such a person would therefore be silly or unfair, so I rest. Be well!

      7. Furthermore, when I stated ethnic Chinese with full British or other Commonwealth nationality…these people do not have SAR passports but only Commonwealth nationalty, but have Permanent residency and are thus not “Chinese (nationals).” They are as “Chinese” as the ethnic “Chinese” in Singapore who obviously have Singaporean nationality. Usually, but not universally, only UK (BNO) passport holders have Chinese HKSAR and foreign nationality, because to do otherwise, one would lose their consular protection in Hong Kong and China, and is defeatist since Commonwealth passports provide more visa free access then SAR passports. The U.K. government also handed out tens of thousands of full U.K. passports to a select group of Hong Kong residents before the handover. These people are also not of Chinese nationality. The bottom line is there are hundreds of thousands of permanent residents in Hong Kong who do not have Chinese (PRC) nationality, and who are ethnic Chinese, and there hundreds of thousands of permanent residents that are not ethnic Chinese or Chinese nationals. To imply that people in Hong Kong are “Chinese” is 1.) too broad of a classification, and 2.) implies that the residents of Hong Kong are from the same group of mainlanders, with the same values, logic, education, and cultural awareness….which we all know is not true.

        BTW, Hong Kong had around 7500 inhabitants when the British landed in the mid-1800’s. You can look that fact up as its well documented. The 7 million people that live here now are mostly descendants of those who fled China during different periods of Chaos, much of that after failed CCP led ideological campaigns reeked havoc on the mainland.

      8. While I agree that “To imply that people in Hong Kong are “Chinese” is 1.) too broad of a classification”, I’m not sure who in this thread ever implied that? I think the original post said something to the effect that, being a subject of HK implies being a subject of PRC. Sort of like being a subject of the British Empire will make you a subject of the Queen, which I assume – judging from your comments, that you’ll be more than willing. Your 2nd point makes no sense at all, are you trying to say that the 1 Billion+ Chinese from the Mainland have “the same values, logic, education, and cultural awareness”? To base your differentiation of HKers on such ridiculous premise is absurd. Anyway, perhaps you should think more clearly about what you’re saying and why, before putting out such long responses? Admire your tenacity though; can hardly keep up 😉

      9. this is targeted at comments from people like “thui” who posted stuff about Hong Kongers being reliant on Chinese resources like energy etc, how can you say that? What about China, Where would China be without food, Iron ore, natural gas or coal if it was not supplied to them by countries like Australia? Where would the development of China be right now? Some of you threaten to make Hong Kong starve, what about China’s needs? Australian exports to China totalled $64.8 billion AUD in 2010/11. Most Countries in the world make a contribution to the building of another, sharing is good for everyone and it keeps the economy working well. dont think your superior when your Country relies on another, and dont be racist because no matter where you live… your blood is no better, or does your blood not bleed red?

  24. if China mainland’s governing structure is so good, why are so many china people so angry about their own country and rather migrate to other countries in the world? I think his thinking is too narrow and proud. It will be China’s undoing if there are Chinese people who think like him.

    And I don’t think he should criticize the laws that are implemented. It is because of people like him who don’t see the importance of law and not take it seriously that is causing the country to be in a bad order.

    For example: only if you are motivated to keep your country clean, without the enforcement of law, can you stand firm and criticize others. Well the fact proves otherwise. So don’t judge, or let yourself be judged

  25. And i do empathize on the guy who said “大陆人就是这样的“. Don’t take it as a war among 2 islands. This is reality. For the lady, and for all the Mainland Chinese who are outside Mainland, You guys represent your nation. So moreover you should conduct yourself and be humble. For if you do something wrong, people won’t say, “这个人品德不好”. They would say “大陆人品德不好“.

  26. This has nothing to do about the ethnic race of chinese. I really don’t see a difference between hong kongers and mainlanders LOL, in the end they are all chinese. Its just all about the different views and cultures of hkers vs. mainlanders. Everyone has a different view on situations…so lets just all calm down….But i gotta say, what that professor said is harsh….I’m chinese that was not born in china and can’t speak mandarin, but that doesnt make me any less chinese….

    All of this just from some small issue of some kid eating on a subway?! lets just get on with our lives…..

  27. Actually, this incident can tell that mainland chinese were born in a communist country with violence, no proper conduct, no education, they don’t stick to their words. The HK MTR is known worldwide to be hygienic, sanitary and disciplined, this is because of the Hong Kong people’s conduct – that was the message the Hong Kong man was trying to tell them. He did the right thing, If no one spoke out like him, the MTR would soon be a dirty and disgusting place to travel in. This was only a small matter but the mainlanders made the matter bigger than what it really was.
    And yet, the mainlanders are still blackmailing the Hong Kong people and threatening them right now in China. It is all thanks to developed countries, especially Hong Kong and Taiwan, which helped China develop into a strong economy in such a short period of time. If it wasn’t for HK & Taiwanese people, then the mainlanders will still be wearing Navy Blue pants and shirts. This is Communist culture! These communist members are all con-men! They are all corrupt and spend laundry money overseas!
    Many of the mainlanders call themselves ‘Hong Kong’ people overseas. See? They are even ashamed of their own country themselves!!!! We are Hong Kong and we are proud to be Chinese. Taiwanese are Chinese. Singapore are Chinese. We are all Chinese and they should not call themselves Chinese because they are COMMUNIST MAINLANDERS. They are dirtying and staining the name of the Chinese.

    1. You are right on!!! The influx of mainlanders is slowing changing the character of Hong Kong – making it more like China. China could have learned so much from Hong Kong, its civility, its instituions, and repsct for citizens rights and rule of law – but instead, its selfish leaders are out to destroy Hong Kong’s unique identity and fold it into that mess referred to as “mainland China.”

  28. Save your load of crap, I grew up in Hong Kong, HKer’ are far from being civil, who are you kidding? I left Hong Kong for good reason – dirty, pushy, ignorant and uncultured, not to mention the rudeness, which comes naturally when you combine ignorance with arrogance. So, for all the self-righteous people BS’ing here, please borrow a mirror and not let your foolishness shine quite so brightly.

    That said, there are LOTs of good things about Hong Kong, incredible efficiency for one. As the professor rightly observed, it’s as a result of being ‘whipped’ into shape, economically speaking at the very least – savagely brutal competitions just to survive under the British rule! I suppose that’s what you get from being a neoliberal poster child. I lived in lots of places, more or less the same – always a mix bag of good and bad. However, when you add in some entitlement and xenophobia, the results are always much more hideous!

    There’s a lot to be thankful for: clean fresh water for one – remember the days of water rations? Are you all that much younger then me? What of the ridiculously cheap energy, which allow Hong Kong to be so ‘glitzy’ and wasteful…. HK consciously developed its tourist industry, harbingering this day, as a matter of policy. Remember Disneyland? I personally thought it was stupid but people were lining up when it opened. What do you imagine a giant theme park’s built for? This whole resentment of Mainland Chinese tourists thing is simply mind numbingly stupid!

  29. A few years ago, when I was living in Shanghai, I had an incident with several Hong Kong people talking very loudly at the table next to mine. I asked them to keep their voices down to which they responded : “This is China, and this is our country, you, bloody foreigner, have no right to tell us what to do. Get out of our country if you don’t like our manners”. HK people are not all alike, and same applies to the Mainlanders. Some people have manners and some don’t. Dear HK people, mainlanders and foreigners, let’s coexist peacefully and stop arguing about nonsense. There are so many more important things in life.

  30. professor is right hong kong people they treat british or americans like a father, they must put that place first mainlanders becouse mainlanders is their incestoral!

    1. OH? Obviously you are not biased, coming from mainland China…..did you ever stop to think that there are Chinese all over the world, including in independent states like Singapore? Should Singapore become part of China because the majority there is of Chinese decent? If we use the same logic, then places where the majority is not Chinese should not be part of China, right?

  31. blah blah
    blah blah blah..
    It is no wonder western countries can so easily drive a wedge between Asian countries, just look at how “Chinese” are fighting amongst ourselves.

    The professor obviously had one too many shots before the interview. Its laughable to even conceive his thoughts are resonated through the masses. If that were the case, why would any “mainlander” visit HK?

    Think some people have too much pent-up sexual frustration. There’s no reason to go off on couple of tourists because they’re hungry, and taking a snack. Its not like they were chowing down a bowl of noodles. Not everyone is aware you’re not suppose to eat on public transportation. I live in the US, and there’s no such laws here. Do you consider US uncivilized? Don’t answer that.

    PS. I’m a BIG fan of HK cuisine. Gonna have me a big bowl of noodles next time in town.

    1. it all boils down to the fact that a lot of Hongkee have an inferiority complex being bullied by their former colonial master, and now try to persecute even little kits,

  32. The mother of the child failed to educate the kid on good values by stopping her to apologize. The poster sign already stated the rules on MTR. Is it so difficult to apologize? Very often, adult use their own children as scapegoat to cover their own wrong-doing. eg. jump queue to pay for the merchandise in the supermarket, and in this case the poor kid take the larger share of blame even though the mum also ate the dried noodles. We must follow rules and regulations no matter where are. Let’s not disturb the local people life by our own unwelcome behaviour. Remember respect the local culture and lifestyle no matter where we are. Respect have to be earned by us.

  33. There is no “dog” or “pig”. There are only descendant of the dragon.
    Look at things objectively, and we will see the ugly and beautiful side of human mankind irregard of their background.

  34. As a person who has spent much time in Macau, Taiwan, Hong Kong, and the Mainland, I assert that the People’s Republic of China is a very fucked up country which is slowly fucking up Macau and Hong Kong. The rudeness of the Mainland Chinese is very noticeable and increasing in the SARs. Taiwan is still a place of pleasant culture, and I hope they forever remain independent.

    Mainlanders are so rude – in all aspects! Rules don’t apply to them.

    How many of you have been cheated in business or personal dealings with them? My expat friends in Fujian Province have been screwed by landlords, bankers, and cabbies. I have been disgusted by the spitting, urinating, and vomiting that happens too often there, and have been enraged by the rude drivers who do not yield to elderly pedestrians. They smoke in public places, in cars and elevators. They are generally amoral and mostly afraid of angering their bosses or the police – and rarely concerned about decency or “right and wrong.”

    Hong Kong should secede like Tibet will, and stay free!

    1. After 25 years off and on in Mainland China and Hong Kong…….. I could not have said it better myself.

      That said, If you see a woman spitting in the garbage can in the MTR in Hong Kong, she will no doubt turn around and start screaming in Mandarin soon thereafter…mainlanders are brining this whole place down to their level….

  35. it’s ironic how that professor calls Hong Kong people dogs when it is the mainland chinese people who shit and piss everywhere on the streets like dogs…

  36. Dang Dog, we ain’t got the right tradition from the old civilization and haven’t learned the right shiite from the new world. About time to rise from the ashes and dirt and become a better civilization.

  37. Loads of respect coming from a professor of the best school in the capital, talking about something a regular person from the street does. This guy is frustrated. That’s giving a lot of face to the regular person, like a quarrel between equals in a way.

  38. When I was in China, I was in a taxi, the driver suddenly opened the car window and spitted outside the window. I was in shock, it was lucky that the spit did not land on my face. I didn’t say anything to the driver as we are in there land. When I was in Hong Kong, I saw a girl drinking in the MTR subway, there was a picture sign on top of her depicting smoking /drink/ food not allowed in subway, I didn’t say anything to her, just pointed to the notice to her, but she became aggressive, spoke to me in broken cantonese, saying it was none of my business. I walked away at that time as I was in a hurry. I wished I could stay and had verbal war with her.

  39. This dog is indeed a shame not only to in the eyes of all people in the world right now, he is a shame to the entire history of the East Asian civilization for the past two thousand years. Truly a misfortune for his ancestor. I think it is better if he changes his surname than have him fired from the school.

  40. Poor girl sitting next to this stinking drunk dog, scared the shiite outta her, gotta be completely looking down on this stupid rimming-barking dog. What gibberish.

  41. It seems like ideals of the 五四運動 has completely taken hold in China, namely, complete Westernization. After 五四運動, we had Marxism and now we have the American pop. Chinese people now consider their self as most important and a self-centered and subjective egalitarianism second. Arguably, 鬥爭 is third The what is right and what is good has been put aside. Naked grab for money, power and winning are the norm.

    Unfortunately, the harder to learn western culture has not taken hold. People don’t understand values such as objective-scientific thinking, personal freedom, respect for others’ dignity, let alone rule of law or political science.

    One could indeed say that Chinese civilization is in a dark age right now. Well, hopefully, 物極必反, isn’t it time to make changes, to endeavor to better ourselves?

  42. 一國兩制 has become a joke. I used to be against 台獨, now I am leaning more towards thinking it is OK. 馬英九話:反共不反中, 同意!

    Can you imagine any leading academic institute or any leading institute of the advanced countries do something like this and not be fired?

    Horrible leadership we have internally 窩裡鬥. But of course, they are doing a good job externally. Well, we as normal Chinese people need to ride out this storm and hopefully a better political environment will come.

  43. We should set up some kind of sculpture of this guy resembling 秦檜 or the dog body/human face of him all over Hong Kong so people could express their anger.

    Anyone with some dough please stand up!

  44. What’s disturbing is when Hong Kong people say HK should belong to the UK again. I am born in HK, but grew up elsewhere, and for the longest time I hated being recognized as being from HK or being Chinese. HK people shouldn’t base their identity from how outsiders judge them, as if anyone really understands HK mentatliy and its unique history. My recent roommate didn’t even know HKers spoke cantonese, and she was Korean, as an also East Asian, so suprisingly, many people don’t even really know what it means you reject vehemently their notions of you being Chinese. It just comes off as petty. Just act like a decent human being and stop attacking each other. I’ve met plently of HK and mainlanders alike who are equally nice or equally annoying, same goes for every race I’ve ever encountered. And yes, as a HK person, I too struggle with people labelling me as Chinese, but then again, I’m only annoyed when someone tells me who I am, as in “Chinese”, but then has no idea what being Chinese means. Some think it means being sly and greedy, and those who think that are ignorant anyway and don’t deserve the time of day. It also works the other way around, just because we are from HK, does not necessarily make us better than mainlanders. If we have that mentalilty, we’re just as bad as them or any other western state.

    1. All this will not mater when Hong Kong becomes a sovereign nation in the wake of a PRC economic and political collapse. Then just like the majority ethnic Chinese in Singapore, we can use own own unique history, culture and identity to define our own fate.

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