Follow Up on Peking Unviserity Professor Kong Qingdong’s Anti Hong Kong Comment

This is a follow up blog post on “Mainland Scholar: Many Hongkonger are dogs”.

The following clip is taken from CRHK’s programme “Justice Peak” (光明頂) on Jan 20th 2012.

Hosts Chip Tsao and Pao Wai-Chung think Peking University professor Kong Qingdong’s anti Hong-Kong speech is essentially the stand of Beijing towards Hong Kong since it is not censored by the authority and the internet TV website which Kong Qingdong’s show is on is not privately-owned and has the support of the government.

Weibo started war on Hongkonger by taking pictures of people who are eating in the passenger’s compartment. 翼猶未盡 : Yesterday, I just finished the news report on MTR’s Mainland children eating incident. Now, I am on my way to work, in the compartment that doesn’t allow eating, I found a Kong girl eating, and nobody speaks up. Hehe.

Weibo reactions to the above microblog

Hongkoner are dogs who depend on the generousness of Mainland China, what Mr Kong said is right, even though that guy is just average.//@幽壹: some Hongkonger should adjust their mindsets.

(When) Hongkonger go to Mainland China, I will treat you more cruel.

****! Nanjing is still very anti-Japan today. Nanjing people oppose Japan is because of patriotism. Chinese should be like that. History won’t be forget! This is because Japan committed crime in China. Hongkonger’s anti Mainlander sentiment is due the invasion of Mainlander? Can you even call that invasion? Your increasingly small place is invaded by Mainlander? Can you even call that invasion? Mainland tourists bring you great profit, why don’t you say something about this?

Even though Kong Qingdong is not very good usually, I guess this insult is the voice of many people and it is just politically incorrect. It’s a long time fact that Hongkoner discriminate Mainlander.

I always very respect and like Hong Kong, from those who know me. However, it has changed now. It seems most Hongkonger has no will to repent. Even though professor Kong is straightforward, his speech reflects the attitude of Beijing towards Hong Kong. The attitude of Beijing can not be spoken and carried out on political level. You Hongkonger should not discriminate Mainlander again. Kong’s speech represent most Mainlander.

You Hong Kong don’t need to pay tax and require unconditional offering from China. Every year, there are  many Mainland tourists shop in Hong Kong, we bring you gigantic profit.

Hongkonger should just be graceful towards Mainlander. Without the support of Mainland China, Hong Kong would have been doomed in (1997).//@多多爸_:Hong Kong and Taiwan is the same, taking advantages of Mainland’s discount policy, resources and human resources to gain profit. And then showing off their civilised and high class faces, criticising the system and society of Mainland China — no rule of laws, no democracy, no regulations, not civilised. Is this type of thing also popular among the bright people in Mainland?

Responses to Kong Qingdong’s speech by Hong Kong netizen

太子黨: In fact, Kong Qingdong reflects the mind of Mainlander. Within his speech, the most important point he made is when he said Hong Kong would be doomed if Mainland China did not provide water, electricity and food. The thought that China give salvation to Hong Kong is so deep-rooted in the heart of Mainlander. (You) will notice that if you read news on the internet.

站係港女立場: It is because Mainland media brainwash them everyday. Poor Mainlander.

軒轅劍斬港奸:The Weibo of Kong Qingdong got many supports from Mainlander. (don’t know to laugh or to cry icon)

Dr. 低能: They really think that they are giving salvation to Hongkonger

GOOGLE翻譯器: Kong Qingdong is really helping us. (He’s) splitting up Hongkonger and Mainlander and making our misunderstanding increase everyday. When (Hong Kong) have riots, those locust will request a crack down on us. I think you all know what will happen if Beijing suppress. (*I guess he wants tanks so that he’ll get his BN(O) changed to BC.)

MASTEREPIC: Issuing bond in Hong Kong = Gift giving; Rob baby milk poweder = Give salvation to Hong Kong; Rushing Gate in the ER = Give salvation to Hong Kong; Defecate on the street = Gold everywhere

濕膠王: “Hongkonger is dog” is a popular view in China. Everyone, think about it, they river-crab (censor) everything, why don’t they river-crab this one too? Because this is the view of Beijing. (*The picture he posted has a story. In 2009, a host in a Sichuanese show called Wong Ka-Kui, who was a member of popular Hong Kong rock band Beyond and died in Japan when he was filming a game show, “Royal dog” since “Wong Ka” is a homophone of “Royal” in both Cantonese and Mandarin. It implies that Hongkonger are (British) royal dogs. The three Chinese characters in the picture is King-Home-Dog, which is royal dog in English)

血dick子: ****

LATEST NEWS (Jan 24th 2012)

Weibo Mainlander Pledge to Eat in Hong Kong MTR This Friday, Jan 27th 2012

JJman- shared the news with title “Mainlander Pledge to Eat in Hong Kong MTR on day 5 of Chinese New Year, i.e Jan 27th 2012” and with the following picture. As you can see, there are over 20 pages replies in there.

Mainlander in Weibo Started a Protest to Eat in Hong Kong East Rail Together. (60000 People Joined)
“Fantastic! Mainlander show (our) power! Hopefully, there will be 200000 people by that time and scare those ‘dogs’ and ‘wolves’ (Hongkonger)”
(*Ironically, the automated advertisement tag “practical  and relevant search” is “dog”.)

I try to find the message on Weibo but I can not find it. However, the search engine gives 4 suggestions “Day 5 of CNY’s Year Cake”, “Day 5 of CNY Hong Kong”, “Day 5 of CNY East Rail” and “Day 5 of CNY Hong Kong MTR”.

I clicked on the suggestion “Day 5 of CNY East Rail”

曾歆勳: 【The original weibo was deleted. Luckily, someone captured the screen. I share again.】I beg you please don’t masturbate. Only you can think of this kind of low self-esteem stuff . Where are those sixty thousands people? I can’t find in the whole Weibo. And all I can get is your weibo and it was shared for hundreds times at most, majority condemned it. Please go to (Hong Kong East Rail) this Friday and help East Rail to make money. (The fine for eating) is 500 and sixty thousands people would make 30 Millions. East Rail want it badly.

二千愛_YAKA: (You people) really want to eat together in Hong Kong East Rail this Friday? Please come. We Hongkonger are waiting for you to pay money to East Rail. I am very excited simply just by thinking about it. Enough though I have to work and I can’t take pictures…

說藍家金唱片黑回來的馬上滾_安: Some people really think they are really popular? It is just a verified sign. You think your dirty mouth is cool? Yes, if you are that patriotic, will you eat in Hong Kong East Rail this friday? //@夏河 @希飯xi___:(*I take off the first two sentences because it is about idol).  I even dare to criticise Mao Zedong. I don’t afraid of Ministry of State Security. Not to mention you people. That’s laughable.

I clicked on another suggestion “Day 5 of CNY Hong Kong MTR” and found a microblog related to this. It has 54 comments.

Sigh, they still feel no shame and dare to blog it.

Reaction from Hong Kong side

小膠哥: They don’t know how to write the Chinese character “ugly”. (*They are shameless)

bog: Do come. Increase the tension between Hong Kong and China. Let’s those Hongkonger who haven’t waken up  see what Mainlander are really made of.

DS君臨天下: Let the world see how barbaric they are

曲終: (I am going to) buy kill-locust-water to kill them

HU54: Come on~You Mainland Mother****er. One comes, kill one…like in (*the name of a video game)

~飛影~: (*he posted comments from Tianya forum of Mainland China)
Author: hellboy 1058 Reply Date: 2012-1-19 21:36:00
“I will always defecate in Hong Kong MTR compartment and see how they argue with me.”

Author: 中庸即平庸 Reply Date:2012-1-20 21:11:00

“Let’s recruit people to eat durian in Hong Kong MTR and see which Hong Kong bastard dare to come”

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22 thoughts on “Follow Up on Peking Unviserity Professor Kong Qingdong’s Anti Hong Kong Comment

  1. Actually, this incident can tell that mainland chinese were born in a communist country with violence, no proper conduct, no education, they don’t stick to their words. The HK MTR is known worldwide to be hygienic, sanitary and disciplined, this is because of the Hong Kong people’s conduct – that was the message the Hong Kong man was trying to tell them. He did the right thing, If no one spoke out like him, the MTR would soon be a dirty and disgusting place to travel in. This was only a small matter but the mainlanders made the matter bigger than what it really was.

    And yet, the mainlanders are still blackmailing the Hong Kong people and threatening them right now in China. It is all thanks to developed countries, especially Hong Kong and Taiwan, which helped China develop into a strong economy in such a short period of time. If it wasn’t for HK & Taiwanese people, then the mainlanders will still be wearing Navy Blue pants and shirts. This is Communist culture! These communist members are all con-men! They are all corrupt and spend laundry money overseas!

    Many of the mainlanders call themselves ‘Hong Kong’ people overseas. See? They are even ashamed of their own country themselves!!!! We are Hong Kong and we are proud to be Chinese. Taiwanese are Chinese. Singapore are Chinese. We are all Chinese and they should not call themselves Chinese because they are COMMUNIST MAINLANDERS. They are dirtying and staining the name of the Chinese.

    1. I not sure about most Hong Konger are proud to be Chinese. From previous experience, a lot of the Mainlanders, Taiwanese and the Singaporean (also Filipino) think Hong Konger are very arrogant people. But Kong Qingdong is way to harsh on his words.

      1. The professor himself said Hong Kong people are choosing not to be Chinese, but when did Hong Kong people ever say they weren’t Chinese? They’re just saying that they’re not MAINLAND Chinese.

    2. Lots of Canadian Hongkong immigrants only considered themselves as Hongkonger. These people were born in Mainland China and later moved to Hongkong before the 60’s. I have been reminding these people they are in fact Canadian first and Chinese in ethic only and not citizenship.

  2. 那小孩也知道自己的媽媽是錯的,這正正反映現時中國的共產主義、教育水平是多麼的霸道及嚴重腐敗!







  3. Does the speech of this idiot represents

    1) PRC Government? or
    2) Beijing University? or
    3) The broadcating television channel? or
    4) This idiot himself?

    One can imagine the quality of a university that hires such a professor!
    What a bastard?
    Dog mouth does not grow elephant tusks

    1. It is obvious that the PRC government supports his statement. If he was talking about Uyghur, Chaoxianzu, Tibetan, or other minorities he would be instantly censored.

  4. Regardless, Hong Kongers have been discriminative to a lot of different ethnicities, not just mainlanders. It’s the small confined space that they live in that causes them to be psychologically stressed and arrogant all the time. I have been to HK many times and the people there seem plastic(fake) and very cold.

      1. I think this whole MTR food fight has been blown out of proportion. I was born in Hong Kong and have always been proud to call myself Chinese. China was closed to the outside world until the end of the 70’s. There are cultural and political differences between the two sides since they were separated for so long. There are conflicts due to lack of understanding (culture, language, etc.). Hopefully, things will improve with time.

      2. European are called Gweilo on daily basis which means “white ghost”. HK can also be racist to Europeans but not as much.

  5. Professor Kong Qingdong’s comments opinions does reflect a certain generation on mainland Chinese who feel that Hong “belongs” them, thus Hong Kong people should know their place. This arrogance is partially been taught to these folks at an early age through propaganda and education. It’s also a matter of have-and-have-nots’. Hong Kong is quite small compared to China yet it runs better under as a society than mainlander’s can clout. Why on earth do they all want to come over to Hong Kong? Because, China is a shit hole without moral conviction? Environmentally responsible (ish)? The millions or millionaires’ sneak into HK and balloon up the real-estate market by buying everything? Hong Kong people don’t put up much of a fight (like mainland’) so it’s more fulfilling to roll over them? Better health care? If the mainlanders love/ hate Hong Kong so much, why don’t the just replicate it and call it New Hong Kong. If mainland wanted to, they could send in the tanks, any day, and there would be no recourse. Hong Kong people know this and know theres little they can do to reclaim their rights. For now, it’s somewhat free in Hong Kong, but those freedoms will be the good ol’ days once the Chinese fully occupy in 50 years. It’s not a matter of how to stop this trend of the decline of lifestyle in Hong Kong… it’s learning how to adjust to it.

  6. 1=孔瘋子自已去查新加坡的新聞和過千條的討論,整個新加坡都在取笑中國了。加上馬來西亞,台灣,香港等等亞洲地方全都不喜歡中國人,

    2=香港人最反感的, 不是住酒店, 出入名店的那一群。因為他們基本上對我們沒有影響!
    而是和香港小市民一齊迫巴士 (但唔排隊), 坐地鐵 (但係倒童星麵),
    衝急症 (大肚10個月,唔預約唔付錢, 但搶港人身份證) , 食快餐店 (弄髒公眾地方),
    吐痰, 煙蒂: 亂扔,小孩子一急就帶他隨地, (迪士尼洗手盆我也見過!)

    3=不要講到大陸那麼偉大,那麼的皇恩浩蕩,自由行真的帶旺了香港經濟!沒有你們的支持,香港七百萬港人就要失業?內地客2010先佔香港GDP 2.6% 即使香港無自由行 , 失業率上升 , 香港人都會以自己的能力去生存, 我們几十年以來都是這樣走過來的

    a. 2010年港人遊陸消費689億HKD,人次 7200萬。陸人來港消費450億,人次3100萬。

    a. 2010年港人遊陸消費689億HKD,人次 7200萬。陸人來港消費450億,人次3100萬。

    b. 1995年起百家計陸企來港上市招股集資,抽水數以”十萬億”計,誰人埋單?55%香港人買。陸人講北水南調港股直通車?只聞梯響10年無蹤,他們自慰滿足!

    c. 港資工廠在陸3萬家,顧用1000萬大陸員工,佔大陸出口20%。80年代,香港本土工業,玩具鐘錶出口量世界第一、二位。

    d. 東江水不供香港,水自然流出大海。賣給香港三年賺110億。香港有的是海岸線,建造幾個萬宜水庫、海水化淡廠的話,供港水局可以下崗。

    e. 數十年來,香港官商民捐助大陸千億計,單”汶川”就150億。汶川不倒的校舍,真巧合是港人捐助監督興建的希望工程學校。

  7. 中國的孔慶東教授不尊重香港現有的法律和規則 事實上並不孤單, 許多來自中國大陸人的心態。他們不尊重香港市民排隊像出租車,公交車和許多日常生活中的基本價值和習慣。 他們有中國大陸自己的方式, 他們相信,誰擁有社會地位誰就擁有優先權。香港在1997年從英國到中國,香港屬於中國,中國內地擁有香港和香港人 內地人他們希望是國家的主人. 雖然他們從未嘗試成為國家的主人. 只有共產黨是國家的主人. 中國內地人說話很大聲, 男子在街上撒尿 兒童在街上拉屎, 煙蒂和垃圾投擲
    作為一個受過教育的孔慶東, 這是非常不尋常的和不明智的行為.會導致失去他的專業資格。不僅僅是侮辱所有非普通話也侮辱了所有中國人受過教育的人

  8. 孔慶東不只是侮辱非普通話的香港人,但也恨所有右翼的中國政府公務員。他很喜歡朝鮮領導人。朝鮮最高領導人是更接近毛澤東的行為。一些貧困的中國人在毛澤東時代有美好的回憶,
    可能是孔慶東的醜陋 他始終站在後面。他沒有臉站起來。所以,他選擇低階層發言,他選擇在骯髒的發言 他相信,並希望一些醜陋的行為,可以吸引人們的興趣. 可憐的孔慶東!

  9. Multi-dimensional/the集團是旗下的“南字符周刊”在北京大學教授孔慶東的看法與南部三個粗俗的語言拒絕記者採訪,並通過微顯示關閉粗俗的語言,豐富,有一天在中國官方的新華社連續發布兩個重磅文章,嚴厲譴責孔慶東失去需要代理教師的基本美德,敦促北京大學孔慶東解僱。在這方面,香港在他的第一個視頻的頻率位置孔慶東,長嘯濫用的日電新聞原子能機構“,以採取無所顧忌帶頭製造的假新聞”,“是從中央黨委員會的領導下分離,給南`叛徒中國集團”要走狗“公然。這項建議獲得“黨和國家領導人”的支持。提出了關於中國兩所學校新來決定。

    孔慶東是中國共產黨黨員,調用自孔子第73代孫子。在1998年,孔慶東的“47建築物 207”和多優秀的“火與冰”曾經風靡大學校園,與摩洛哥羅,於傑,徐志遠等。很榮幸作為“思想前沿”。香港的文學風格是幽默,是指經典,形成一個連貫的整體,從“北steweds鰓的變種”的河流和湖泊的備用名稱背後葉。不同的是一些專用庫的學者,孔慶東也是媒體非常活躍,講授金庸,魯迅在許多電視台和高校,廣壽歡迎。隨後,孔慶東“文化大革命”是著名的,因為愛情和美化。

    香港11月7日,孔慶東發送大量微說:“一分鐘前,”南字符周刊“電話騷擾的需要來採訪我,態度是非常友好的,語言是非常險惡的。和尚香港回答了一個排比句斬釘截鐵:去你媽!滾動你的母親! Damns吧!“後微送出豐富,引起眾多的網絡攝像頭的昂熱。 11月8日是中國記者節,在全國媒體“大眾批評”帶來的。新華社 11月10日加入批評香港清前往東行。




    值得關注的是什麼,孔慶東還建議他獲得了“黨和國家領導人”支持。他說:“我們的黨和國家領導人,一些,我聽說,他視察新華社,給新華社的工作有批評認真,說:’你新華社的工作可能以及其他香港孔慶東博客,孔慶東博客有幾萬人,每天都認真閱讀,無論是審批也是不錯的批評也不錯,其他獲得的有價值的信息。 “誰”孔慶東不披露,以支持他的領導者是。公開資料顯示,中共中央政治局委員李長春一次在2002年視察新華社新華社的工作,設置了新的要求。但是中國國務院總理溫家寶在2010年曾經來到新華社,看到工作人員。


    但孔慶東說,他得到了北大領導“堅定支持”。 “我這兩天收到北京大學的許多同事,領導者的堅定支持,說:”先生/女士。 `香港,你是我們的北京大學的良心,我們的北京大學高和低支持你堅決,的好苦的意圖其中一個代表人民的你一塊懇求,我們知道,這對叛徒集團對中國的孫子敢來移動一個你柔軟的體毛,讓他死無墓地! ‘“


    作為中國國家通訊社,新華社是“黨和人民的喉舌,舉報人,”智囊團“。 11月7日剛剛構建社會建黨 80週年紀念會議在人民大會堂舉行的人民,李長春出席會議發言。著名的網友希望激發強烈的選舉,並在中國政府網寫道指出,在公共場合,公共媒體喊聲使流濫用濫用,可能這是第一次。意外可以說,這是一定代孫子“北京大學教授香港字,這樣已成為新華社的不共戴天的敵人,像這樣只選擇的方式,完全破壞具有80年歷史的新華社!可以肯定的是什麼,是不是新華社,廣東省委以及廣東省委書記廣闊,但由於這個原因,濫用流,留下了一萬多年的臭味,是北大教授孔慶東必須接受行政,法律以及輿論的懲罰。

    這是不是孔慶東,新華社第一時間“的相互仇恨”。 2010年11月,孔慶東,在第一視頻“看著世界”的方案,認為嘉賓後,重慶市公安局局長王立軍“對論”(起訴報社和記者)辯護,上訴,南部“全民族應起訴該集團,是污衊我們的革命烈士每天,誣衊我們黨和國家領導人,誣衊全體中國人民。”對此,新華社提供在別人的旗幟“現代通報下”出版4000字的長文章“北大”性能系“孔慶東教授”硬氣功“,”無情孔慶東組。南文章援引報社原組織的負責人範易進說,“南該集團有近20家媒體,其主要項目是光明磊落的省級黨委機關報”南方日報“,不知道你”棒“十幾走向?”

    同時,“在新中國每日電訊”的出版文章“一小名人堂獲取生氣,當媒體法官”指出了,孔慶東這種經常採取“革命烈士”,“全民族”說,事情的方式,固定的不同種族擅自為他人的帽子,看上去像在文化大革命思想紅衛兵的行為 ……先生香港召見南全民族的控告媒體等一些集團,一個預裝的前提是這些媒體已經是非法的,並呼籲全民族的權利和利益侵占……如真的是“誹謗日報”先生,香港起訴一直很好,有什麼是全民族的疲勞嗎?

    “他們(南集團)新聞組的人的理想,是媒體”。 “新中國每日電訊”編輯易Yangang中肯,“也許他看到了一些社會問題,但開始了公式實際上是會談無稽之談。




    左翼骨幹分子是一次蓄意的,在相當長的時間內使用每個媒體進行組織南方集團包圍,同時為西南(重慶 – – 記者注)的程序,唱的讚美歌,舉行臭腳。

    在國家傾斜東側的指責聲,著名的左翼網站摧毀鄉鎮以及重慶不斷出版聞微箜慶祝支持,如果可能驗證上述觀點的“鼎”官方媒體其他媒體。摧毀鄉鎮的文章“必須給痛罵到中國媒體的叛徒”宣布中國媒體和中國的醜惡表演叛徒漢奸,再一次教育了一般網絡攝像頭。我們也借這個事件問題的建議,後來大家的一切看到,中國媒體和中國的漢奸賣國賊,讓我們送出去與先生/女士同樣響亮的吼叫聲。孔泉說:“對中國的叛徒,去找你的媽媽!滾動你的母親! Damns它!“請再看調用要誇大一個人的罪行政治不法行為混沌俱樂部魯莽的指控,任何”說,在目前這個大的論點,是精確的的思想反映階級鬥爭,是在社會主義價值觀和對資本主義價值觀的較量,是一個公正和邪惡,進步和落後的鬥爭。說,從這個意義上,文化大革命,仍然提前。

    “為什麼不但沒有重慶華龍網 11月8日發布孔慶東罵人家”說,記者的霸主支撐的bowhardly喜歡接受記者採訪時,激化了矛盾最後,承擔老撾香港impertinently或不敬發言邏輯也後,十一月14,“重慶時報”發表本報評論員文章說,項目的236209人參與的調查表明,厚嘴罵記者孔慶東表達升值達到高達 38.2%的高,表示理解達到 24.2%,既增加一起達到 60%以上的高。文章說,輕鬆的“約”附近的兩個人的地方,這種對抗也認為是非常粗。事實上,南孔慶東不僅罵一些媒體是“漢奸”,也將在海淀查詢管理到會談“土匪是相同的”,春晚會談成的“無情和殘酷”,罵“姜昆政治討好有權勢的人的青睞,在藝術的廢話是不是,老闆的市場“。開發的判斷,高度重視“左右”和“高,低”的角度分析問題,可以的合理性。



    1。教授(香港),你說他是孔子的第73代直接線教其他人。在一些作品的文章,以孔子和儒家文化的崇敬。我們還記得,紅衛兵挖香港佳主要在文化大革命嚴重,已搗爛孔林; 72年全國發展施加批評林彪和孔子的運動。請您挖孔頭嚴重的家庭和文化大革命期間,紅衛兵批判林彪和孔子的運動有什麼考核?







  10. 教授1999年匿名。作為回報,大學計劃名稱紐約大學醫療中心Langone醫學中心,有效日(星期三)。先生朗格尼尚未無干醫療中心的未來規劃。九年前他被任命為董事會的董事長,並他說,與他的妻子談論在工作後,我們得出結論:“如果我去的地方主席,我已經顯示出一定的有形的承諾。”這導致的第一個 100萬美元。 “但我們希望它做匿名的,”他說。 “我不希望人們認為我只是顯示出來,這樣做。”不像許多高校的大筆捐款,Langones“禮物是不受限制的,這意味著,Langones沒有決定錢怎麼花。 (見“紐約時報”),所以它可能是弗蘭克朗格尼寫了一個在1999年或2008年的100萬美元的支票。

    (肯尼斯G朗格尼“福布斯”)的朗格尼羅斯佩羅電子數據系統於 1968年公眾作出自己的印記。他後來在資本籌集數以百萬計 cofound家得寶在1978年,左板在2010年後 30年,但仍然有大量股份的股票,在過去的一年近20%的零售商。從 1999年至2002年,董事會成員還曾任紐約證券交易所的賠償委員會主席,直到2003年,朗格尼是被推到風頭當他被迫在作證超過 1.87億美元的支付授予前紐約證券交易所首席執行官理查德格拉索包的訴訟。 55歲,他已經結婚,他的妻子伊萊恩。無極學院的主席,在紐約的特許學校。紐約大學 Langone醫學中心在2008年給無限制的200萬美元的禮品。研究生的,現在也承擔他的名字後,他1999年的1000萬美元的捐贈計劃在紐約大學的MBA兼職方​​案。



    [023]“世界上最沒用的男人”(2011年11月10日)背景:妻子毆打和強姦,雖然附近怯懦的丈夫隱藏 ChinaSMACK

    李牧:我有足夠這些媒體工作者/學者 /公共知識分子。在深圳的強姦案,拘留的人(不逮捕!)只是一個犯罪嫌疑人,但輿論不僅使犯罪嫌疑人的最終裁決,它也被判刑的受害者及其家屬。在吉林的情況下逃離的士兵用步槍,甚至研究者還沒有完成其書面報告,但microblogosphere真相已經結束。哎呀,這些記者 /學者 /公共知識分子值得瓶裝。如果他們可以自由地做這一切的時候,中國將有大量的手頭上的麻煩。

    (柴靜的博客),我不能幫助它。 2011年11月9日。










  11. Awful a Chinese professor , unbelievable the Beijing university has a professor with saying fully racism, separatist. it is very dangerous for Sina. I go anywhere in the world , I have never seen the kind of this professor , maybe he is party member , supported by communist party.
    In the humanbeing, the racism is seriously guity.

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