Anti Mainlandization — Who is Planting the Seed of Hate?

The following is from Hong Kong blog Stanley5. I took off the paragraphs that are not about Hong Kong and Hongkonger.

Anti Mainlandization — Who Plants the Seed of Hate?

In fact, Kong’s speech again reflects Mainlander’s impression on Hong Kong to some degree. Under mainstream media’s propaganda, the “return” of Hong Kong to the motherland ended the hundred years of shame. Those Hongkonger were willing to be slaves of Westerners and “Hanjian“, and if they still think they are being better than and discriminate Mainlander, they must be “the remaining evils of British Hong Kong”. A few years ago, Hong Kong economy was bad and open up individual travel scheme, i.e open to Mainland tourist, they (Mainlander) regard that as “the gift given by motherland” and therefore you Hongkoner should be very graceful. If China didn’t look after you, Hong Kong would have been doomed for a long time. If you Hongkonger don’t obey us, Mainland will stop your water and food supply, you will be died of hunger!

No wonder there is a view that “Hongkongers are dogs” — “Bad dog! If you don’t obey me, I won’t feed you!”

For the myths that Hong Kong need the support of China, I’ve refuted them many times. (I) don not want to explain any more. This week, media reported that Mainland citizen call for the boycott of Hong Kong tour, and it was shared to HKGOLDEN and immediately became a very hot topic. Every member in HKGOLDEN was celebrating. To be honest, if Mainlander boycotted us, I would be happy too.

If there were no support from China, would Hong Kong really die? NO! I have to tell them, “it is because of individual visit scheme, Mainland companies listing in Hong Kong stock market and speculation of housing market by non-locals, Hong Kong lost the chance to transform (her manufacturing industry).  These days, Hong Kong only depend on finance, real estate and tourism. Talents and resources are all attracted to these sectors; land prices and rent are pushed to high levels. These make the extinction of manufacture industry and the decline of all the other industries, even my favorite Hong Kong film (industry) is about to disappear. I always say, “talking about exported brand, South Korea has Samsung; Taiwan has HTC; Singapore has Creative. What does Hong Kong have? Ccounterfeit cell phone? Sasa? Watsons? Milan station?

I absolutely welcome Mainland tourist. I will not treat tourist badly. I personally received Mainland tourist for about 10 times. They appreciate Hong Kong, love to listen to stories about streets and Hong Kong films. I feel glad. My own product “The Traveling Guide for Hong Kong Films” was made out of these tours. This film is widely spread in Mainland China (investigate from Baidu’s video search), this shows that there are Mainlander (majorly young) who are still interested in Hong Kong.

What I really hate is those “tourist” from Mainland — they are not for travelling and do not appreciate Hong Kong. They are smugglers earning profit from the differences of currencies.  Many of these people misappropriate public fund and laundry money, like those whom D&G want to protect. However, the most intolerable part is that some of these people are just very rude and think money is everything. You tell me to embrace them and I tell you they do not even have the qualification to “walk freely” (the name of individual travel scheme).

Even the UA cinema of Times Square have to give way to luxury brand LV. Nowadays, (many) cinemas in Hong Kong disappeared and become venues for Mainlander to shop crazily. Hong Kong film has became “China Hong Kong” movie, which is not for us (Hongkonger).

The decline of Hong Kong film, the disappearance of movie theaters, the demolish of old communities, the extinction of old shops, the occupation of hospital beds, the robbery of identity, the corruption of values…everything makes me sad. I feel that (Hong Kong) was not like a colony before 1997. On the contrary, (Hong Kong is) like one now. I can not turn a blind eye on the degeneration and corruption of this city…And I can not cheat myself too.

This month anti Dolce & Gabbana protest, you think the reason behind is just simply because of the invasion of public space and the photo ban? If that was so, why wouldn’t similar cases like Time Squares and Cheung Kong Centre spark into big events? In fact, Dolce & Gabbana protest is a protest of anti Mainlandization. It is a eruption to the negative effects of big crowds of Mainland tourist.

Anti Mainlandization is not just a sentiment, and it is more about the benefits (welfare/resources) are being invaded — the failure of transformation (from low-tech manufacturing industry), the lack of occupation choices for young people, the reduction of university quota due to Mainland students, and not to mention the abuse of health system by “double negative” pregnant woman (both the woman herself and her husband are Mainlander) and Mainlander. Those from the Mainland invade every corner. If you do not stand up for rights and benefits, they would be all robbed. It is just that simple.

The following message is widespread on Facebook. It is the SOS call from healthcare workers. If you are Hongkonger, it will break your heart.

SOS from Hong Kong Healthcare Workers

【forward】【forward】If you are Hongkonger, please share the following message. It is not that I want to split up Hongkonger and Mainlander, however, have the government ever help us?

“Just now, on the Facebook of Chief Executive, a message from a healthcare worker was DELETED! Luckily, I have made a copy of it.(*I try to format it like Facebook style)

Lau Yin Ting
An SOS from a group of healthcare workers. Now, we have to face “double negative” everyday! 8 out 10 reported fake EDC (*I will check its meaning). Everytime, (they) write 20 weeks but their bellies are so big! They sit outside of delivery rooms and wait until 12 o’clock. They bring nothing! They have not bring records and documents! They do not even bring sanity pads and diapers.  (We have to) check their backgrounds and save their children. Some waited and did not to enter hospital until their babies defecate. This is just for saving one night in hospital! Poor babies need intensive care and they are all counted as Hongkonger. There can be 10 Mainalnder in one night! They also demand us to speak Mandarin. Some colleagues who don’t speak Mandarin were insulted by their husbands! Beating? It is not the first time! The newspaper said the first blood was shed. It had been shed for a long time! We are used to the abuse of Mainlander! Poor Hongkonger mothers, we have put our utmost effort to help (you). We don’t want to delay them. (As seen from TV, it is really heartbreaking that a (*local) woman condemn us like that). Every Mrs, we really want to help you. Mainlander have used our extra time and resources. (Sometimes they just caught you and did not let you go.) We are very tired. However, the government have not helped us. Can you speak for us?

Who wants to create conflicts? Who leads the attack? If there is no oppositions exist in reality, how can the sentiment be flamed? If there is nothing to be flamed, how can the sentiment be flamed?

I do not want to discriminate anyone or be xenophobic. I also wish to be peaceful with Mainlander. However, it should all be under the premise of respect. Do not force us to recognise ourselves as “Chinese”and speak Mandarin, and don not hold the view of being a Savior (of Hong Kong). Do not always threaten us with stoppage of water and food supply.  Some said xenophobic Hongkonger were like fascist, however, I think that Hongkonger are more like Jews being suppressed.

Mainland pregnant women overcrowded Tun Mun Hospital. A mother and her child have to sleep on the hallway. Credits: Hong Kong Sharp Daily.

6 thoughts on “Anti Mainlandization — Who is Planting the Seed of Hate?

    1. I am not Chinese but lived in Hong Kong for a long time now. I too am tired of the Mainland invasion. Everything that is wrong with this city now, can be directly attributed to the mainland invasion, and the interference of the Beijing government. Hong Kong is probably the best city in Asia, but its been slowing becoming more and more like mainland China, which is to say, “its going down the toilet.” I love Hong Kong and would do anything to preserve what we have ehre.

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