Kong Qingdong is in Hong Kong Right After His Insulting Speech (Jan 24th 2012)

“Famous” Weibo user 染香 Ranxiang, who claims she is an internet commentator, said on yesterday that she would bring Kong Qingdong to Hong Kong Central on Jan 24th to feel the kindness and enthusiasm of Hong Kong people.

According to 東博書院‘s Weibo,

He is in Hong Kong. The photo was shot in front of the general office of Hong Kong Wong Tai Sin Temple on today, Jan 24th 2012!

Ranxiong took photo of the food court of Silvercord Centre in Tsim Sha Tsui and said “nobody surrounds us because Hong Kong media don’t put effort and money.” and Kong Qingdong replied in his Weibo that nobody came up to them except those who asked for the signature of Ranxiong.

(*I think because Kong Qingdong replied Ranxiang twice (notice the second @) and therefore the replying time in the lower left hand corner (Jan 23th), which I think it is the time of the first reply, is earlier than the time shown in the picture, today 13.23. )

****I will come back to get Hong Kong netizen reaction****


3 thoughts on “Kong Qingdong is in Hong Kong Right After His Insulting Speech (Jan 24th 2012)

  1. This is just mainland propaganda that is trying to control weak-minded people. Don’t fall for it! Whether that asshole came to HK, or not, is not important. What is important, is to realize how the media is portraying the incident in order to use it to it’s own advantage. To provoke a reaction, to sell newspapers, or perhaps both. Don’t be influenced by the news people. Even If HKers did beat the crap out of that guy, it would just be portrayed in a negative way by the Chinese media.

  2. I have felt the undertones of this conflict for many years travelling to Hong Kong. The Chinese seem to have an unreasonable and firm belief that Hong Kong people are inferior for being socially and technologically advanced…

  3. hey, please check before you think that all weibo idiocy is real. this photo has been photoshopped, zoom in and you will clearly see aberrations in the photo, eg red line above his hat, anti-aliasing is wrong, lighting is not correct etc etc. so much ‘fake’ news and people trying to get their little 50 cents of fame…

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