Full Coverage on Hong Kong “Locust” Newspaper Advertisement

Here’s the “anti-locust” newspaper ad, which was just published on Feb 1st Apple Daily and Sharp Daily.

Download high quality of the ad in here.

Are you willing to let Hong Kong to spend 1 Million for every 18 minutes to raise “double negative” children, whom father and mother are both Mainaldners.

Hongkonger, we have tolerated enough!

We understand that you are the victims of tainted milk, therefore we tolerate you to buy and stock infant formula.

We understand that you don’t have freedom, therefore we let you to come to Hong Kong to “walk freely” (*the literal name of Individual travel scheme)

We understand that your education system is behind time, therefore we let you share our educational resources.

We understand that you don’t know how to read traditional Chinese character, therefore we used simplified Chinese character below,
“Please respect Hong Kong local culture. If it were not Hong Kong, you were all doomed.” (*this is the response to this video)

We strongly request the government to amend article 24 of the Basic Law. Stop Mainland “double negative” pregnant women (whose husbands are also Mainlander) from invading Hong Kong infinitely.

(Reference at the bottom of the ad)
*According to the data of Census and Statistic Department, among all the newborns in 2009, there were about 29,000 “double negative” babies, which means that there is one “double negative” baby per 18 minutes. From kindergarten to university, government at least give 1M subsidy to each “double negative” baby.

** The number of Mainland pregnant women, whose husbands are also Mainalnder, increased from 620 in 2001 to 32,000 in 2010. This is 50 folds increase in these 10 years.

Above the QR code, there is a tag line “This city is dying, you know?”

The ad was posted on Mainland through this Hongkonger’s weibo and it is very widespread now. The number of comment is 36978 and still increasing . There are also lots of heated arguments between Mainlander and Hongkonger.

Mainlander’s Reactions

Hongkonger should be satisfied. We gave you one-country-two-systems, which is already a special treatment for concubine rank. If “we are not happy”, you all will be in the grand stage of Chinese style socialism.

Excuse me, do Hongkonger respect Mainlander very much? Please don’t forget that we are all Chinese. Of course, there is some differences in culture. However, is Hongkonger really high class? Individual visit scheme, pregnant Mainland women giving birth in Hong Kong…How much do these bring into the income of Hong Kong? If there were no individual visit scheme, who would be doomed?

A Mainlander fought back the claims made by Hongkonger by creating his own advertisement.

Because you are (my) son, father give you 210 billion per year. Give you! Mainlander, accpeted!

We understand that you have no stable fresh water source, therefore we tolerate you to drink our water.

We understand that you don’t have electricity source, therefore we tolerate you to use our eletricity.

We understand that you know nothing, therefore we give you 210 billion per year.

We understand that you don’t know how to read simplified Chinese character, therefore this whole passage is in traditional Chinese character.
“If China didn’t raised you as his son, you would have been doomed already.”

Strongly request that not to let the childish son ride on the shoulders! Stop providing water, electricity and food supply to the son.

His anti-Hong Kong locust ad was spread to Facebook and HKGOLDEN. Eventually. he took his ad down for misleading figures.

(I) made one mistake. Before I posted (the ad) on Weibo, I searched “total Mainland tourist spending in Hong Kong” and the second result I got was 209.98 billions. I therefore used this figure on my (ad) Weibo. However, after in-depth investigation, it proves that the figure is problematic. (I) found that Mainland tourist spent 68.8 billions in Hong Kong during 2009. I haven’t counted others figures and can’t get this year figure. However, Mainland tourists spending increased 20% consecutively in recent two years. The info is from the internet and yet to be validated by professionals.

膠粉燒賣(*a Hongkonger): Thank you! The behaviour of you and Kong Qingdong helped most Hongkonger and even Taiwanese recognised the quality of some Mainland elites. Before attacking others, please make sure your evident is believable. Most of the cash are earned by foreign companies. (You) think that (Mainlander spending) is the greatest salvation to Hong Kong. Your stupidity is disgusting. Your ad shows your bad intention. Shameless!

Freda_L_W(*a Hongkonger): All 68.6 billions went to the bags of Hongkongers? You (Mainlander) always go to LV (and) Gucci. (All 68.8 billions) were in the pockets of the French. (The earning from Mainlander is) none of my f**king business. If you don’t know the fact, don’t f**king say it. You and Kong Qingdong are idiots.

笑MXL(*a Shenzhen Cantonese): Cool down for a year and see the rights and wrongs. If you ask me, ban non-Cantonese people from coming to Shenzhen, it will reduce the number of car and thieves. However, we will have no rents to collect and people to work for us. We would not die of hunger (if non-Cantonese were banned), (however) the quality of life would be reduced greatly as I would only get ten thousands per month. I don’t want the ban. In here, there is a house owner give 100 yuan to each renters every Chinese New Year. You see we really love non-Cantonese.

****I will write their reactions later. I am gathering lots of info. It is so widespread in Mainland Weibo****

10 thoughts on “Full Coverage on Hong Kong “Locust” Newspaper Advertisement

  1. We don’t want their RMB. They want our products, therefore, they give a lot of money because HKers don’t want their stupid RMB, but they force it upon us, and who would say ‘No’ to a person basically giving you an extra HKD$1000? Anyone would. Their arguement is invalid.

  2. Does Hong Kong gets water and electricity for free?
    So the Mainlanders are say we profit from the stuff that you need
    Therefore they could abuse Hong Kong however they want

  3. Its a debate that reaches no conclusion, as the weak government is unwilling to do anything to cope with the discontent. Sad enough. Not everyone can stand the stress brought by mainlanders, especially my friends working in the medical and education field. So its pretty nonsense to be told simply “tolerate them”.

  4. It was just announced that there actually is a law which says that babies born in Hong Kong to mainland parents cannot get the HKID. It’s just because a mainland couple brought this case to court when their baby couldn’t get a HKID and won the case and Donald Tsang knew about the law but didn’t say anything. Thus, the flock of mainland pregnant ladies coming into HK.

  5. Fuck Hong Kong racists. They have been and always have been the lowest level of all Chinese. I am 100% Chinese although I was not born in China. Respect your countryman and be more nationalistic you lucky Hong Kong cunts. You have 100 years of British colonial rule and 90% of you cannot even say a proper English sentence. However, you insist on speaking your dying language called Cuntonese. Hong Kong people – that is not even a proper Chinese dialect. It’s a bastardised ghetto language evolved over time for the lazy people who do not want to speak properly. I as a Chinese would rather have the British in power in Hong Kong than the Hong Kong puppet government. The next Tiananmen will be soon in fucking Kowloon. I feel sorry for the educated and knowledgeable Hong Kong people who have to put up with 90% of social housing Hong Kong degenerates. Hong Kong was a beautiful place before. Now it is blighted by the low to upper middle class local Hong Kong population who did not understand what birth control or English was. They still don’t.

    1. ^
      How do you expect us to respect you if you don’t respect us? You tell us to “respect your countryman and be more nationalistic” and yet you call us “Hong Kong cunts” and insult our dialect as “cuntonese”? Surely, if you have insulted us in that manner then we can too do what we want and insult you back. You people come into Hong Kong, stain it in your communist ways and complain why we don’t like you? I want to ask you a question – if you lot flock and try to immigrate into Canada like locusts, surely the Canadian government would not like it and would not allow this? It’s not just Canada, I’m 100% sure that MOST countries would not allow this to happen. Hong Kong is not a country, but it’s a special administrative region and we don’t have to put up with your shit. Don’t try to abuse your powers and try to bully your way in with your corrupt government.

      You say that 90% of us don’t know how to speak English? Have you actually been to Hong Kong? Even our taxi drivers can speak more English than 80% of the population of mainland China. Are you talking about mainland communist China – where you come from? Surely our educational system is MUCH better than your Mao Zedong communist regime that backfired and fucked up with your communist heads. You should be privileged that you could get the education – don’t abuse your powers. You call yourself 100% Chinese….you should actually correct yourself. You’re a 100% communist mainland prick. Don’t call yourself Chinese because people like you stain the Chinese name and are the many reasons why so many Western nations look down on Chinese people.

    2. Respect is earned not given, or are you saying China is a charity case? The lowest level of Chinese, is not for you to judge. There are over hundreds of different Chinese dialects WHO THE HELL said yours is the correct one or which is the right one? AND FOR YOUR BLOODY INFORMATION, usually a typical Hong Kong person have to study or learn Mandarin as a bloody extra language apart from English. So on a standard basis a typical Hong Kong person is expected to learn three languages minimal! Talking about being lazy…..

      China might be the Father, but the Father isn’t always right. Consider external comments and opinions will improve the situation in China. And your method of non-productive mocking will go no where. Especially when you probably hold duel citizenship since you were born outside of China. You as a Chinese so what? The Chinese government wanted Hong Kong back and when they get it back you say we are dogs. It was due to Chinese past weak government that Hong Kong was ruled by the British for 100 years. Nationalistic my bloody foot! Why the hell do you prefer the British Government for ruling over Hong Kong are you implying the Chinese government’s “puppetry” is not good enough? If it was the British government stilled ruled Hong Kong, I doubt there would be a free flocking of Mainland Chinese people trying to come down to Hong Kong to give birth, buy more reliable products and etc. Appreciate what the Chinese government fought for.

      Do you think that the majority of the Chinese etiquette is actually socially acceptable? Is it right to say that pee’ing in dustbin’s in the train station is correct? Spitting in public is a good thing? Squatting in public places what everyone has to see? Yes there are a small percentage of Mainland Chinese that do have a really good etiquette and there is a small percentage of Hong Kong people who don’t. We learn to accept that but to generalize that the entire population of Hong Kong people are “dogs” that is overboard. As lucky
      “people” we don’t go off calling people “dogs” we do appreciate what we have, some might be arrogant I understand that but that is no excuse for calling an entire region of people “dogs”. Are there no arrogant Mainland Chinese people? As a international student going to places as Africa, Australia, Hong Kong and China. There are shit people everywhere, there are loads of different cultures, religions and languages. Learn to FUCKING RESPECT IT!

  6. Respect earned not given, unless you’re saying China is a charity case. We respect China as a nation hence we are their “Special Administrated Region”. We are given AND earned benefits from both the past British and the current Chinese government. As we have played an important role in the imports and exports, benefits in taxation legislation for businesses, reliability in the goods and services we provide. There are a constant waves of Mainland Chinese that want to have a piece of our pie, however the pie is limited, Hong Kong is a small nation. What would people do if other people come take over their jobs, benefits and cause a massive change in their “normal lifestyle”. Even in China itself, people from big cities such as Shanghai or Beijing would look down upon those who come from the countryside. We use each other one way or the other, Chinese companies come down to Hong Kong to enlist in the stock exchange why don’t they register in the Mainland? China is thousands times larger then Hong Kong, why the hell do you guys want to insult such a small city. Don’t you have your own ability to reap your own rewards from YOUR HARD WORK. Nothing is a handout in Hong Kong, for it’s people to live a stressful life from 9am-11pm at night people do over-time for free to earn a living. With a injection of mainland Chinese people these hardworking locals have a risk in losing their jobs. As they might want to accept lower wages, so why doesn’t China have jobs for these people? Can’t the Chinese government’s benefits satisfy their own people? The increase in inflation may be caused by the Mainlanders, buying bulk in milk powder, medicine, cookies and chocolate! How are the locals suppose to survive? China itself has legislation limiting the amount of country folks movie to the cities. So there is nothing wrong for Hong Kong implement something similar to prevent a over flow of Mainland workers/ immigrants.

    To the idiot Sergio Tachini ^^
    It is not right, and yes there is a proportion of Hong Kong people are arrogant pricks. That is no reason for you to call “Fuck Hong Kong racists”, “Cuntonese” or “it’s a bastardized ghetto language”. For your information, Macau and a large proportion of Guangzhou such as cities like “Shenzhen” they all speak Cantonese so it’s not Hong Kong’s specialized “bastardized ghetto language”. Shanghai people have their Shanghainese, Sichuan people have their own dialect, Fuzhou people have their own, THIS IS CHINESE CULTURE YOU FUCKING CUNT! We are a combination of different small ethnic groups with different cultures that is why we are so awesome. There is a general language for the entire Chinese population which is Mandarin/Chinese/Huayu what ever you want to call it same stuff. But don’t bloody insult our Chinese heritage. And you call yourself a 100% Chinese when you barely know your own culture, and born outside the country. It’s ironic for someone born and living outside China shouting their patriotism. So shut your fucking cunt up.

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