Hong Kong Netizen Against Mainland Self-Drive Tour to Hong Kong

The following is the news clip from Oriental Daily.

Here’s the Facebook Page mentioned in the news and now it has 31412 members now.

According to Hong Kong Sharp Daily,

Strong Country (China) Self-Driving Tour Arrives  Is this Good or Bad?

Hong Kong has released individual visit scheme for 8 years. While the gain and lose of this policy has yet been counted. Guangdong-Hong Kong self-driving tour is coming on March. The “double-negative” Mainland pregnant women problem has yet been solved. However, citizen now have to worry that if serious traffic accident happened under this self-driving tour, the economy would not be “sparked”, instead, conflict between Hong Kong and China would be “sparked”. It is frightening that “car ruined people died”, which is the favorite tag line for Henry Tang, would be fulfilled.

Recently, pro-Beijing newspaper can not stop praising self-driving tour and claim that it can boost Hong Kong sales and tourism sectors. However, many Hongkonger do not support this policy and rebuked, “is the number of Mainland tourist not high enough?” Yesterday, while the financial secretary was announcing his budget plan, a group called “More than ten thousands Hongkonger strongly oppose the self-driving tour which is going to destroy Hong Kong”. Just in an afternoon, over thousands people joined. Sharp daily members also feel the anger.

According to Oriental Daily,

Barrister Luk Wai-Hung said that Mainlander in Hong Kong would be under the jurisdiction of local law. However, there are differences between laws of Hong Kong and China and there will be a lots barriers to law enforcement.  If Mainland Chinese driver committed crime and escaped to China, local law enforcement agency would have difficulties in looking for and checking the background of the suspect.

Reaction from Mainland Weibo

fulam_堅: Ask the children of (Mainland) officials to hit (some people) in there! Yes, we can congest (their traffic). Yes, we can see cross-border congestion! Congest Hong Kong

大大棵䓤: Hong Kong is really invaded. Yes~

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11 thoughts on “Hong Kong Netizen Against Mainland Self-Drive Tour to Hong Kong

  1. Hi, first time on your site. I have friends in HK, and in my recent visit there, I felt the full force of the mainland Chinese, ie, the loud talking, pushing, queue jumping etc. Even though it happened at the tourist areas, it was enough to convince me that they are going to strangle you guys. I have a strange feeling that this is a deliberate move by the authorities to dilute the HK gene pool. In time to come, it won’t be HK or mainlander. Just plain old Chinese nationals.

    1. There is a controversy going around concerning the fact that Beijing is going to attempt to get as much Chinese nationals into Hong Kong as possible before a certain set date, so that they can outnumber the locals. In addition to that, Beijing plans to re-create Hong Kong by making Hong Kong rely economically on China. Then, when universal suffrage is allowed by Beijing, Beijing can insert puppets into the parties, and have the Chinese nationals, which then outnumber True Hong Kong Locals, and pay them off or simply use them to further the control of Hong Kong by Beijing hands – and to the world, Hong Kong is democratic, and etc. and the world will praise China, but behind the curtains, China remains a dictatorship and a cheater in the world.

      1. I agree; it is systematic and Hongkongers can’t do a thing about it unfortunately, if they protest too much it will only give a reason for China to crack down on the citizens. Either way, Hong Kong is done in unless by a miracle there is an uprising against the CPC in Mainland…
        So sad to see HK lifestyle being sabotaged 😦

    1. They need to get out of Hong Kong. Hong Kong Independence, and for the new Republic of HK Government to deny all entrances by Chinese into Hong Kong for a certain period of time before opening up the Hong Kong-China border…

      1. That man seems to have a case of Down Syndrome; no normal person would do that and then stand around with his pants down on the street.

      2. Sure, the person involved may have a problem, but what about his caregiver, ie, the person who is standing beside him? Surely the caregiver can do something??!!

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