Hong Kong “Locust” Ad Drama : It is Just a Grasshopper

The "locust" is actually a grasshopper!

The organiser of the “locust” ad campaign said the gigantic insect is a grasshopper! And he is going to lose his job too.

林早逝二世(*organiser of this compaign)
Title: In these two days, (I) realised who are fifty-cents, leftists, and talents

Content: Well, I wish all my brothers united. Sometimes I am a bit arrogant but I am real nice. I was temperamental during the “anti-locust” ad campaign. You wanted to add protest detail on the ad. However, no one applied for protest permission. I expected that scholars would condemn us. Therefore, I asked brothers who designed this poster to erase all the flying insects and only left one on the peak. I only have one grasshopper to leave to the imagination of people. I’ve already made announcement that (the ad) targeted to the problem but not to the people. I knew that nobody would hear my explanation. I’ve done and said everything. Even in (Apple) action news, I stated the same thing. However, they still pick on things. Hahaha, hkgolderner implicated grasshoppper (a Canton pop music group). They can’t earn RMB anymore. It’s surprising that some people aren’t 50 cents. They are just leftists. No wonder they know how to write in Cantonese. Talents please join and give advice.

After Hong Kong Equal Opportunities Commission expressed concern over “locust” ad,


Title: Chairman Lam Woon-Kwong Please tell me in which part of the ad I called Mainlander “locust”

Content: If I called Mainlander “locust”, please sue me. On the contrary, Chairman Lam, you misunderstand the meaning of the ad and harm the relationship between Hongkonger and Mainlander. You can bull**** whatever you want. However, you condamn citizen who placed this ad harmed the diversity and friendly image of Hong Kong. That’s so unfair. How can you be the chairman of Equal Opportunities Commission? Well, EOC is very fair, only fair to the Mainlander. Kong Qingdong’s right. “Many Hongkongers are dogs”.

Title: I will lose my job because of EOC
Content: EOC condemned me today. My boss told me this would affect my promotion and bonus. I will lose my job anytime. Can I ask for compensation from EOC?

Reactions from Netizen
膠奴: Sigh, this government bully a small potato like that

五毛是我比的: thread starter, beware of tanks when you cross roads

阿_Kate: Lost job because of social activism . By the way, brother helped the future of Hong Kong. I would help you if you were in need.

From Hong Kong blog “Plastic Everyday: Ridiculous Hong Kong” (*”Plastic” gaau1 is an internet slang meaning stupidity and it is derived from the Cantonese obscenity 鳩 gau1, which means d*ck ),


Why do Hongkonger get that mad? It is because government lead the discrimination. When Hongkonger and foreigners (*Filipino and South Asian) are discriminated, Equal Opportunity Committee say nothing. However, when it comes to the the colonist big boss Mainlander, they will find something from nothing to catch (you)

Every netizen, please look and read the ad again, which part of the ad on Apply daily says “locust”? which part of it links Mainlander to “locust”?


Pro-Beijing “Love Hong Kong Power” overtly discriminate Filipino maids on their touring bus protest. The response of EOC is incredibly slow and they are so hypocritical.


Should Members of ECO just rename (ECO) as Equal Opportunity Committee for (Mainland) Chinese?

Why are so many citizen angry at HKSAR government? It is due to this kind of selective arrest, selective condemnation, and selective threat. It is all due to the unfair attitude of the government. Why did citizen get to this desperate stage? This is because of the double standard of this shameless government. This makes those desperate spoke out.

****I will come back for more info****

5 thoughts on “Hong Kong “Locust” Ad Drama : It is Just a Grasshopper

  1. I’m a HK-er with limited canto reading skills due to having lived out of HK for most of my life. I’m very grateful for your website with its daily updates and English translations. Please keep up the great work!

    1. i don’t think what he had done is considered as “無謂”
      even though you may not agree with his actions, you should not accuse him of not doing his job
      how he spends his time has nothing to do with you:)

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