Hong Kong Netizen: Why Can’t We Say Locust?

【Why Can’t We Say Locust?】
Locust – What’s that?
Locusts swarm the field and eat up all the hard-grown crops.
Locusts care only about themselves and leaves nothing for others.
Locusts are what locusts do. Whoever acts like locusts is one – of their own choosing.

What’s going on? They are here, taking your resources and precious hospital beds of our child-bearing mothers.
They are taking over your school places, your babies’ formula, squatting and yelling in your crowded streets.
They deface your train cars, slap your doctors, drive up your housing prices, and supply you with shit-polluted water.
Our cinemas have become luxury outlets, our corner shops become jewelry chain-stores. They despise you, and you are told to “beg elsewhere” because of them.
They say you are taking their handouts. They say you can’t live without them. What are they, if not locusts?

One of them said Hong Kongers are dogs, and got 70% support.
Why then can’t we call them locusts? I believe most Hong Kongers would agree.

The conflict has been there all along. What’s best for all of us?
Good fence makes good neighbours. We can make peace only when local customs are respected.
Stop the influx of Chinese babies, Chinese tax-evading tourists.
Protect the precious local resources.
Stop the ridiculous colonialism from Communist China
Fix the Basic Law.

Keep Hong Kong Free.


13 thoughts on “Hong Kong Netizen: Why Can’t We Say Locust?

  1. This is discrimination by the government of Hong Kong and the Central government. So the Central government in Beijing has not yet commented on Kong’s accusations of Hong Kongers being dogs, but has spoken up to Hong Kongers identifying themselves as Hong Kongers not Chinese? I think I see a pattern here….

    HKSAR government does not speak up with Kong, someone who technically has no political status or rank, calls Hong Kongers dogs… HKSAR, I want to remind you, even if you are a SAR Government, you represent Hong Kong, and Her citizens, you ARE Hong Kongers too, whether you are a Hong Kong Traitor (almost all HKSAR officials…) or a Hong Kong Loyalist, you are a Hong Konger. Kong called you a dog, why do you stand idly by and not defend us? You are pathetic.

  2. Discrimination if Hong Kongers call Chinese locusts, but it isn’t when Chinese call us Dogs. This is a failed government.

    The HKSAR government is a failure. It cannot even defend Hong Kongers from verbal abuse/attacks, how can we trust HKSAR to defend us physically???

  3. Fuck Hong Kong racists. They have been and always have been the lowest level of all Chinese. I am 100% Chinese although I was not born in China. Respect your countryman and be more nationalistic you lucky Hong Kong cunts. You have 100 years of British colonial rule and 90% of you cannot even say a proper English sentence. However, you insist on speaking your dying language called Cuntonese. Hong Kong people – that is not even a proper Chinese dialect. It’s a bastardised ghetto language evolved over time for the lazy people who do not want to speak properly. I as a Chinese would rather have the British in power in Hong Kong than the Hong Kong puppet government. The next Tiananmen will be soon in fucking Kowloon. Let the PLA impose martial law in the whole of HK. I feel sorry for the educated and knowledgeable Hong Kong people who have to put up with 90% of social housing Hong Kong degenerates. Hong Kong was a beautiful place before. Now it is blighted by the low to upper middle class local Hong Kong population who did not understand what birth control or English was. They still don’t. BTW, HK people have the highest digestive tract cancer in east asia because they are too uneducated to eat healthy food. MSG is staple for the Cuntonese cuisine. But off course, it’s because a Japanese invented it. HK people have forgotten who their forefathers were – they think it is Walt Disney or the Japnese emperor. The HK low class scum would automatically visit Japan before even considering to visit any Chinese city. Shame on them.

      1. I speak mandarin, not CUNTonese. In fact I want the provence of Hong Kong to be ruled by the People’s Liberation Army of China. Some ethnic (Bosnia style) is necessary to rid HK of its degenerates.

      2. Please understand Sergio Tachini.

        HONG KONG DOES NOT SPEAK your slave dialect called Mandarin which was imposed on Chinese by force as slaves of Mandarin. The only reason you speak MANdarin is because you submitted like bunch of slaves. Understand now?

    1. HK is still one of the world richest place. You know during the cultural revolution the CCP killed 70 million Chinese in 1949-1976. The ancient China had 5000 years of history and was richest nation for 2000 years. But the communist rule made China today the most disgusted HATED country and people in the world. And absolutely downgrading the quality of being a Chinese.

      CHINA TODAY = No freedom, No democracy, No laws, No justice, No autonomy. Neither the freedom of speech of view. Selling fake baby milk which poisoned 300,000 in northern China. Mass producing fake products, poison and fake food & drinks. A people with low morality, who had millions of their own people abused and imprisoned by the government. IT IS AN DISGUSTING SHAME TO BE AN CHINESE IN THIS GENERATION. HK and Macau are the only area which preserved traditional Chinese culture and writing. While China destroyed Chinese traditional culture and replaced traditional writing with simplified. If you look at history almost all Chinese in HK and Macau were result of migrants fron 1890′s who went to escape starvation, fanime, corruption from China.

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