Chinese Old Man Pushed Hong Kong Pregnant Woman onto the Ground

According to Oriental Daily,

After MTR eating incident, which stirred China-Hong Kong verbal war, another similar case happened. While two Hong Kong women were taking peak tram to Central, they were unhappy that four Mainland tourists used luggage to occupy seats and later two side fought violently. During the mess, the pregnant woman claimed that she was pushed on the floor and her companion also injured her fingers. The pair were sent to the hospital and the four tourists were brought to the police station for further investigation.

The two women are sales of a store on the peak and one of them is pregnant. Yesterday, at eight o’clock, the pair got off work and took peak tram back to Central. The tram was very crowded. They later found  four Mainland tourists, one man and three women, placed their luggage on the seats and therefore asked for seats in Mandarin. The old man, who looks around 70 year-old, refused to remove his luggage and even insulted them with curse words. The three accompanying women also joined the verbal wars and it eventually became violent conflict.

A witness claimed that ten minutes after the verbal wars, while the two Hong Kong women were preparing to take off the tram, the Mainland old man suddenly pushed one on the floor. Her companion helped in the fight and was injured. The tram driver and station staffs saw the incident and called the police.

7 thoughts on “Chinese Old Man Pushed Hong Kong Pregnant Woman onto the Ground

  1. Had the same experience myself when I was there back in November. I didn’t give any quarter and gave them verbal hell. Never give an inch to these people!

    1. We are not giving up, we are still fighting.

      All we need is someone who has more experience in politics and understanding the game to help us with organising the future actions… I have faith in Hong Kongers.

      Hope we can have more support from the foreigners in Hong Kong – this is your home too, stand by our side!

      1. I don’t think foreigners would want to get their hands dirty in this. I think that foreigners will want to either stay silent/neutral or be on China’s side, or try to find a settlement that does not revolve around Independence, but I think Independence is the only way for HK….

        Majority of the world has gotten silent or if talking about HK vs Chinese they side with Chinese, like in the MTR video? The world did not know they insulted the HK man’s Mandarin and they didn’t even mention the HKer telling the Chinese to stop eating in Mandarin nicely, but everyone said it was an overreaction to a child, when the arguement after the first few seconds were not even about the child, but about the retaliation and insult by the Chinese, and about how they refuse to acknowledge being wrong, and refuse to apologise and yscold the HKers back.

  2. The world thinks little of HK, they think Hongkongers are over-reacting hence their indifference. They can’t sympathize and more importantly, they have nothing to gain by supporting HK and risk sour relations with China.
    It would be ideal for Independence but not without bloodshed, unfortunately.

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