BBC’s Hong Kong/Mainland Resentment Report Stirs More Resentment

An audio clip of BBC World Service on Hong Kong “Locust” “grasshopper” ad, which only featured a Mainland mother whose daughters were both born in Hong Kong, was uploaded to youtube on Feb 2nd Hong Kong time. The majority of comments are angry at both the Mainland interviewee and BBC.

Comments from Youtube

If you mainland chinese aren’t jealous of us then please don’t lay eggs in Hong Kong.- victor224

f***  that’s why we call them “locust”  f*** off plz locust- marcokaka2005

If being rich is so important, please stay in China to enjoy your luxury life, China is rich, so everything should be better than HK, aint it? If you look down on us then please do not come to HK and do not get a HK citizenship, ppl will look down on you and your kid. We dont want babies? Please read the news, we dont have enough doctors in the hospitals, and now you are steal the doctors away from us at my home city!!!-freeric20

bit*h!!! why should a locust who doesn’t pay any taxes in HK deserve to entitle the benefits of a HK citizen? F*** YOU LOCUSTS!!! 天滅蝗蟲!!!(*Heaven destroys locust) My wife was forced to sleep in the corridor of the hospital after she gave birth to our child!!! Just because U locusts occupied all the beds in the hospital!!! -LoCLai

Dear all who may not fully understand the situation, We, Hong Kong people, call them “locust” mainly because they, Mainland people, come and give birth, ENJOY HK social welfare WITHOUT paying any tax to our government as both of the parents are not Hong Kong people. As the video mentioned, what they want from Hong Kong is our social welfare but not consider Hong Kong as their “homeland”. I do really doubt that if they will make any contribution to Hong Kong after their children growth up.- andy0929

the most concerning problem is that some of these mainland parents choose to go straight to the emergency rooms and fake labor pain to get immediate attention and “cheat” their way into hospitals abusing the ethics policy causing parents that had been abiding rules and waiting their turn to lose their beds. and if the nurses are lucky, they wouldn’t get scolded or hit by the mainland parents…this seriously affects the locals’ welfare and the government had once again failed to address this…-kenny062300

The reason we call them “locust” is simple: They, the rich mainlanders, are not going to take their parts in contributing our developments. They are not giving benefits to the medical system either. On the contrary, due to their selfishness, all the beds in PUBLIC hosp. in northern HK are full. The locals cannot enjoy the right of receiving proper treatments.-Yoshuayovel

I didn’t expect this…. don’t misunderstand everyone. I did expect the China abuse of the HK system which is far from perfect. (the system, which was left in a mess by the British just before they returned it to China — that’s another angry story!) What I DIDN’T expect was such an arrogant and disrespectful broadcast from BBC. I would have expected more from such a large media corporation.-june9101

That lady is totally contradicting herself by saying she thinks that her daughters would be better off in HK and saying mainlanders should be the one who look down at Hong Kong., Doesn’t it mean that mainlanders would look down at her daughters too? I am confused. AND I am really disappointed with BBC. As a media, shouldn’t you give your audience the background information about the whole situation but not showing a one side comment that apparently benefit only one side?-asl2001hk


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10 thoughts on “BBC’s Hong Kong/Mainland Resentment Report Stirs More Resentment

  1. Fuck Hong Kong racists. They have been and always have been the lowest level of all Chinese. I am 100% Chinese although I was not born in China. Respect your countryman and be more nationalistic you lucky Hong Kong cunts. You have 100 years of British colonial rule and 90% of you cannot even say a proper English sentence. However, you insist on speaking your dying language called Cuntonese. Hong Kong people – that is not even a proper Chinese dialect. It’s a bastardised ghetto language evolved over time for the lazy people who do not want to speak properly. I as a Chinese would rather have the British in power in Hong Kong than the Hong Kong puppet government. The next Tiananmen will be soon in fucking Kowloon. Let the PLA impose martial law in the whole of HK. I feel sorry for the educated and knowledgeable Hong Kong people who have to put up with 90% of social housing Hong Kong degenerates. Hong Kong was a beautiful place before. Now it is blighted by the low to upper middle class local Hong Kong population who did not understand what birth control or English was. They still don’t. BTW, HK people have the highest digestive tract cancer in east asia because they are too uneducated to eat healthy food. MSG is staple for the Cuntonese cuisine. But off course, it’s because a Japanese invented it. HK people have forgotten who their forefathers were – they think it is Walt Disney or the Japnese emperor. The HK low class scum would automatically visit Japan before even considering to visit any Chinese city. Shame on them.

    1. Please understand the term “Locust” is a term that is used to describe people, regardless of nationality, who take advantage of the established systems and benefits in HK. Have you seen the youtube clip by this Beijing professor who called HKers running dogs and bastards? That is a proper insult.

      Totally agree with you that the HKSAR government is a puppet government, the key message of the advertisement is: amend the law to seal the loophole in order to protect HK people’s welfare. Have you read the ad?

      A few things I’d like to point out: based on my understanding, Cantonese is a proper language (although depending on which school, it could be considered as a dialect, just like other speaking languages in different parts of Mainland China) – it is not a dying language, The Mainland government is working on killing it completely, just like Shanghainese, this is the fact. Cantonese was the language the majority of Chinese speak historically – you can do some research.

      If you look at what the Mainland government has been doing, you would realise what they are trying to replicate what they did to Tibet, just like this:

      The anger of HK people has reached to a point where they want to have independence. The so called one-country-two-system is dead. Look at the HKSAR government! This is only the beginning – the ultimate goal for some/many Hong Kongers is independence.

      PS: please mind your language

    2. Your angry and vulgar language totally discredited whatever point you were trying to raise. You are entitle to your opinion but the kind of language you use is uncalled for.

    3. Please understand Sergio Tachini.
      HONG KONG DOES NOT SPEAK your slave dialect called Mandarin which was imposed on Chinese by force as slaves of Mandarin. The only reason you speak MANdarin is because you submitted like bunch of slaves. Understand now?

      HK is still one of the world richest place. You know during the cultural revolution the CCP killed 70 million Chinese in 1949-1976. The ancient China had 5000 years of history and was richest nation for 2000 years. But the communist rule made China today the most disgusted HATED country and people in the world. And absolutely downgrading the quality of being a Chinese.

      CHINA TODAY = No freedom, No democracy, No laws, No justice, No autonomy. Neither the freedom of speech of view. Selling fake baby milk which poisoned 300,000 in northern China. Mass producing fake products, poison and fake food & drinks. A people with low morality, who had millions of their own people abused and imprisoned by the government. IT IS AN DISGUSTING SHAME TO BE AN CHINESE IN THIS GENERATION. HK and Macau are the only area which preserved traditional Chinese culture and writing. While China destroyed Chinese traditional culture and replaced traditional writing with simplified. If you look at history almost all Chinese in HK and Macau were result of migrants fron 1890′s who went to escape starvation, fanime, corruption from China.

      1. It’s funny we have disgusting Chinaman calling Cantonese an dialect when it’s history is older than 1200 years, while mandarin dialect with only 500 years was imposed by Manchus on Han Chinese as slaves.

        The effect of the communist rule have turned these Chinaman into an disgusting race. You can’t treat them as humans, you need to insult them, they are less than dogs.

    4. I was born in Hong Kong, a British subject, of a British Queen with German (and rumoured African) blood who married a Greek Prince. I was born to Hong Kong born parents, and to grandparents who like many of their generation, CHOSE British Hong Kong. If there is humiliation, it is at the sorry state of Occupied Hong Kong, and the sorry state of the Occupier China.

      What Britain took from ANCIENT China was a rock with a few fishermen on it, what MADE HK today was the combination of British civil liberties and the many Cantonese who CHOSE British HK during the 50. 1997 then was NOT motherland rescuing HK from its kidnapper, 1997 was the crazy cousin who kidnapped HK from the freedom it ran away to. Mandarin speaking and SImple Chinese writing Mainland is more foreign to Hong Kong than the Brits.who respect Cantonese culture.

      The British government didn’t always give HK so much civil liberties, before WWII there were beaches and seaside properties that were westerners only…but the Brits, and the Indians, and other members of the old empire fought with Cantonese HKers, lived together for decades, IS HK the way HK will never be Mainland, if HK is Mainland than HK is just GONE.

      Speaking of racism, many Britons and Indians were born Hong Kongers and lived in HK for generations, but PRC don’t recognize their citizenship because they aren’t ethnically Chinese. Britain is a multicultural country now but China’s millions of frustrated single men are playing with Han-Mandarin nationalism, it’s embarrassing.

      I wish the Chinese Democracy Movement good luck, there are good brave people in Mainland China, my grandparents were from Mainland. If there weren’t good brave people in China there wouldn’t be any who were brave enough to protest against the government in the square in 1989, even if they were crushed by Mao’s party in the end, they still put up a good fight. Good luck to the Chinese Democracy Movement, but Hong Kong should be allowed to just leave because HK is just too different, I think after 15 years, HK just knows there is no “going back” to 100 years ago, or 50 years ago, before Mainland became Maoland. Just too different.

  2. You’re all trolls and everyone writing in the comments section just needs to chill out. Issues like these are never black and white and a balanced view is required. I’ve lived in both Hong Kong and Beijing and neither places are perfect but if you go somewhere with an open mind and with respect for the local culture then you’re more likely to enjoy the place and get the most out of your experience. We need to chill out and respect diversity, the only way to resolve things is through open and honest dialogue without ignoring the concerns and problems of all parties involved. In short, chill out and get along as you have more in common culturally and ethnically than these extreme views would seem to suggest.

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