Chinese Immigrant who Went the Wrong Way Insulted Hong Kong Immigration Officer (Updated)

A video titled with “蛻變中的蝗蟲在深圳灣入境大堂對入境長官及所有香港人的羞辱” (a metamorphosing locust insulted immigration officer and all Hongkonger at Shenzhen Bay customs) was uploaded today and it has already became the hottest topic on Youtube and forums. The info of the original uploader says that the woman, who is a new immigrant of Hong Kong, didn’t have permit but she insisted to use the more convenient e-channel to cross the border. In the video, she insulted the immigration officer for not being able to understand Mandarin and implied that Cantonese is not a human language. She also said Hong Kong was nothing special even though she is a new immigrant of there.

Comment from Youtube (original video)

hws209: Bit**: “Hong Kong is nothing special!”. Then move back to China, idiot

ZeroKong0213 : The immigration officer has backbone!

ohs : She is a new immigrant. Is this crazy? She is a Hongkonger but doesn’t use Cantonese.

andy1002: This is the core of (Hong Kong) core value. Spirit of Hong Kong.

lullyluk: If she thinks that Hong Kong has nothing special, then don’t apply to be a Hongkonger. There was no Mandarin education in the past. You can’t tell the officer to speak your language. He does nothing wrong. That’s a crazy Mainland Chinese woman.

kennethchoi58: Chinese have to speak Mandarin only?

jackyyip2002: Those useless government official make front line disciplined services suffer from the temper of Mainlander. Don’t need to give face to this government. It’s right to treat this kind of Mainlander harsher.

HKThomas2011: Speak Cantonese in Hong Kong area. Hongkonger speak Cantonese. Go back to country if don’t understand. Hongkonger is indeed nothing special. However, (we) are better than Mainland locust. They has no humanity, conscience…they don’t qualify to be human.

charles198964: Just don’t give a sh**. Not only Hong Kong is “nothing special”, according to the thinking of many Mainland Chinese, “America is nothing special since China own billions of treasury bond.  Hongkonger still want the backup of Britain. Britain is in decline now. China should just stop providing Hong Kong electricity and water and let Hongkonger find their English daddy. No matter how rich Macao is, it’s still a small island. Taiwan is nothing special. It’s part of China. Japan is just a lapdog of America. The economy of Korea is weak and Korea is divided into half. The north of Korea is not a country at all. Besides, ancient Korea gave money to China for protection. ” The conclusion for (Mainland Chinese) is they are the smartest, greatest, biggest a**hole. If they want, they can own the world.

kyubihihana: Mandarin is everything? In Shanghai, Shanghaiese have rights to speak Shanghaiese. Beijing (people) have rights to speak Beijing dialect Mandarin. Hakka people have rights to speak Hakka. Hongkonger have rights to speak Cantonese. Don’t like Hong Kong? Go back to China. Don’t stay and complain.

lau928 : The knowledge that Chinese look down on Hongkonger is a common sense. Everybody knows. Now, it has developed that every Chinese can insult Hong Kong civil servants crazily in public even when they are at fault. Do you want to be “blood is thicker than water” with these “cousins”?

The incident was reported in Hong Kong media and spread to Mainland Chinese Weibo via a Guangzhou Cantonese.

The first three lines are description of the incident and I am going to translate the last line, which is her opinion.

The quality of some Mainlander are low. However, the quality of this immigration officer isn’t high either. We are all Chinese. It doesn’t have to be like that.

Comments from Weibo

想念欢宝宝(*a Mainland Cantonese):Both side are wrong. I hope that this immigration officer remember Hong Kong is part of China. You can say that my mother tongue is Cantonese. That’s politically correct. And for that woman, she is 80% wrong. She had gone hysterical even though she didn’t have her application done. If I saw her, I would slap her in the face so that she would not shout with obscenity and speak in lower volume even if she still couldn’t back to rational. However, the quality of Northern women is this low. They think they have privileges. If they don’t get privileges, they will become crazy and make all Chinese losing face.

刘红武丶:(*a Mainland Cantonese): Don’t start career in China if you have guts. F***ing British lapdog.

刘红武丶:Everybody forgets who they are.

金黄色0-0尖毛A0A傻倏YOY在此(*a Mainland Cantonese):In here, I learned from this police. “I am Cantonese. If you can’t understand and speak Cantonese, don’t go to Guangzhou. I am not Mainlander.” I am a Cantonese inside Mainland China. Haha, those who promote Mandarin and ban Cantonese eat sh*t.

FresH徫: What’s so special about being a Hongkonger?

细o路(*Mainland Cantonese): (Poor Hongkonger who have to buy cheap products in Mainland China) don’t come.

游Y_Y(*a Mainland Cantonese):She got her just desserts. Even if you have money, don’t spend it on that rubbish port. Mainlander don’t shop in there. You Hongkong dog can’t even afford to eat sh*t.

CALL_ME_GXQ(*a Mainland Cantonese): That woman brought herself trouble. She indeed is of low quality. However, you (*Hongkonger) don’t generalise us. Are Mainlander all low quality? If you have time to sing (*refer to the incident that a group of Hongkonger teenager singing anti-Mainlander song in front of Mainlander), why don’t you do something meaningful? Besides, Hongkonger don’t go to China? If you Hongkonger were treated like this in China, what would you think? Think in our shoes.

KiMzzzzzZ: Immigration department, well done!

Zhiquan_Leung: The quality of Mainlander is questionable. However, the attitude of Hongkonger is also problematic. One country two systems spoiled Hongkonger. In these one hundred years (*refer to colonial time), they don’t know that they live like a soulless ghost.

心玲尔明(*a Mainland Cantonese): Northern woman is like that.

KAM_MI(*a Mainland Cantonese): One character: ugly. Two characters: face-losing. Three characters: no eye see. I don’t support this women this time because I encountered this kind of hysterical woman.

A Hong Kong netizen posted comments from Weibo back in a Hong Kong forum with a title “(Weibo) Hongkonger support Immigration Department. Cina people support locust woman” and he highlighted “f***king British lapdog”.

Hongkonger posted comments from Weibo back to Hong Kong

Replies from Hongkonger

高登會員A: They can’t tell right and wrong. This country is dead, you know?
大俠龍劍飛: (*He quoted that British lapdog line and gave a clown icon which means ridiculous.)

劉松仁:(*Another member asked if all Hong Kong owned companies moved out of China, how many Mainlander would be unemployed and the following is his answer): Hong Kong owned companies make up 40% of foreign investors in China. Most of these companies are low tech and profiting from low wages. Some Hong Kong companies have moved to Southeast Asia like Vietnam and Cambodia. I support the move of Hong Kong companies because cost in China is too high.

牛奶糖一號: Their master-slave mindset is so deep-rooted. Even when they escaped to Hong Kong, they would say this is the salvation to Hong Kong.

奇趣照片: (*He quoted a weibo comment “I suggest canceling individual visit scheme”) Why can’t they cancel it immediately?  What are they waiting for?

愛西覺羅: Barbarian is really barbarian.

15 thoughts on “Chinese Immigrant who Went the Wrong Way Insulted Hong Kong Immigration Officer (Updated)

  1. They don’t like Hong Kong, but they still become immigrants of Hong Kong in order to use Hong Kong as a stepping stone to go to Western Countries to live! bastards!

    1. I suggest that some of you HK folks take a look at the link below.
      Most of the posts are from foreigners & mainlanders living in HK. Most of the posts seem very anti-HK yet they live in your city and enjoy the benefits.

      Thank You for posting the video as it gives us Americans an insight on how bad things really are with the China people. Many of them have been visiting Seattle of late and don’t respect the local culture here either.

  2. If you go visit any other countries and go through their immigration, you would have to speak their language and not yours. Try going to UK immigration and demanding them to speak Mandarin and they would think you are crazy and would not tolerate this kind of yelling. There are signs over Heathrow airport stating that verbally abusing their officers is a criminal offense. Although Hong Kong is not a country per se in Mainland Chinese’ eyes, we have also had our own official language, government, currency, separation immigration system from Mainland China, and now even HK SAR passport, so technically they are dealing with a different country in terms of immigration point of view. Hence the woman had no right to demand the officer to speak in Mandarin, and if she’d yelled at an immigration officer in any other countries, she’d probably have been in custody +/- face charges and black-listed. Probably throw in a “drug search” or “cavity” in the US (rubber gloves and scope) to make her rethink about her attitude.

    1. LOL @ ‘cavity search’, for sure that’ll wake her up!
      Are there laws to protect HK immigration officers and HK police from verbal abuse? If so, are the authorities dealing with it as it should?

    2. I reckon! I was at the Australian customs a few months back entering into Sydney. There was this mainland couple who were in the Australian resident lane and were obviously in the wrong lane with their red passports. A customs officer came to question them and guess what language the mainlanders had to speak? ENGLISH. Why? Because they were in a different place which speaks a different language! And I didn’t see them shouting and screaming at the customs officer!

    3. actually this is not true , if you go to UK immigration and don’t speak English they will provide for a translator in just about any language

      UK is not a good example because they adapt themselves to any other race/ religion

  3. Chinese from China are despicable… Cantonese is a language. Older than Mandarin. This immigrations officer is a GOOD HONG KONG MAN! GOOD EXAMPLE! STAND UP TO THESE BULLIES!

  4. Why is no one (ordinary HK citizen) helping to support the officer? Last week, a mainland Chinese tried taking my table at McDonald’s even though my daughter was sitting there and told them it was taken. I asserted my rights, they argued, and unexpectedly, I received support from others around me. Eventually, these assholes realised they were out-numbered and out-argued and beat a hasty retreat. Come on people! Stand up for yourselves! Stand up for your fellow citizens!!!!

  5. The Immigration Officer deserves a Medal as he is a true HK Patriot. Please continue to post these videos with English subtitles so many of us can make them go viral on Twitter & have them published in the US media.

    I have lived in HK for a long time and it saddens me to see them disrespect the HK people and ruin HK.

  6. hahaha…Not all immigration officers in Hong Kong deserves a medal or any awards because as I have experienced before upon having my interview in their office, the immigration officer who was in charged of me interrogated me so much and even have a big doubts of all my documents I brought out on that day, and then I also answered him with pure heart and proved to them that I never lied to them but still, that officer in charged of me decided to send me back here in my country. And when the time I asked him what are the reasons why they had decided to sent me back, he just told me this statement, “FOR MANY REASONS” and then I asked him back, what are those reasons and give me a valid reasons why they want to send me back to my country, and he never answered me back and just walked away and leave me in the immigration office. That was very disgusting! After that conversation, they endorsed me to their custom’s office and check everything in me and they found nothing in me…All I can say they are really succckkkss though they did their job but they don’t even consider the expenses i have spent on me just to visit or take a look on their country…Unfortunately, I was sent back and till now I cannot accept why they did that to me without giving any valid reasons or am I lacked of documents…I DON”T REALLY KNOW THE REASONS, THAT’s for me Hong Kong is not that special to visit…There’s still lots of countries better than HONGKONG, hahaha…So sad, all I can say Hong KOng produced BAD IMMIGRATION OFFICERS, INJUSTICE OFFICERS!!!!!SUcckksssss….!

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