More Fight between Hongkonger and Mainlander on Hong Kong MTR (Confirmed)

Kathy: Today, while I was taking MTR, I saw a Mainland Chinese family of three bullying a Hong Kong teenage girl. The compartment was so crowded. However, (they) could not stop shoving the girl. Then, the strong country (Mainland China) mother and father argued with her and they even called her “dog”. The Mainland Chinese mother even used violence and chocked the girl three times. Fortunately, there were good Hongkonger stopped them. I also pressed the emergency button to tell the driver. When the Mainland Chinese family knew police would come, they were afraid and tried to escape. I wounded my hand during the mess. Now I need to apply medicinal oil. Sigh, I am really angry.

Wong: Kathy, you are really brave, 10 likes!

Kathy: The girl was crying when she left the compartment. It was so heartbreaking. The strong country mother looked like she wanted to kill the girl and could not stop insulting. The faulty side sue first. I can’t really stand them. (To) Cheryl, we got in the MTR at Hong Kong station and stopped at Kowloon station, where we waited for the staffs to call police. Were you there as well?

Chan: Like! I am so afraid of people who don’t speak up for fear of consequences and only take care of themselves. Well done! Especially towards barbaric Mainlander.

Cherry (Yu): What a coincidence. I got in at Kowloon station and were two carts behind (you). I saw it.

Ho: Mainlander have no manner and moral. They have to compete with everything. They are so good at complaining even when they are at fault. They refuse to apologise. It’s just too bad that they beat the girl.

Chan: Another crime committed by locust. Kathy, well done! Don’t make them think that it is easy to bully Hongkonger.

Kong: When I got off work last night, I saw they were arguing on the platform. That Mainland Chinese man even wanted to push the police and beat the girl. Finally, two police took those Mainlanders away.


Netizen reactions:

反大陸自由行/立法限制大陸自由行數目!全港七百萬港人like俾政府睇!!! : Damn! No one has pictures or videos? Were they arrested? They (Mainalander) are really out of line! Who do they think they are?

Florence Liu: They regard themselves as kings and us as dogs. I would share if there were any pictures. Every battle companion please share their crime. Thanks!

こう さそりざ: No video! We don’t know if it is true or not. How to share!

Charlotte Wong: Heaven destroys locust!

李過客: Leftist Saint, “we should embrace their culture differences.”

Allan Wong: Arrest them all!

Rex Chan: Cina dog is like that (*Cina is a derogatory name for China)

Noche Lee: Cina pig

Ronny Chan: Cina locust! This is China! (*The Canadian tourist in the interview inside Shanghai Expo said “That’s part of China”. However, the Chinese subtitle is “This is China“, which is a popular picture reply for negative Chinese news in forums.)

Chun Cheong Dominic Yu: Had the girl done something (that made them angry)?

Mark Huen: Beat them! Why tolerate them?

Aqa Ah: Hong Kong is occupied (*by Mainland Chinese)

Dickson Cheung: F*** them! I can’t tolerate them. F***

Ronald Li: It is so magical that there is no video.

反大陸自由行/立法限制大陸自由行數目!全港七百萬港人like俾政府睇!!! : I think that, between helping people or taking video, I would choose the former. Look at the original post, I don’t believe they orchestrated the lie.

Johnson Chan: Push! It sounds so reasonable (for) Chinese.

蔡堯銘: I am a witness (of this). I was at that compartment during (that fight). However, there were too many people so I had not take a picture.


Police confirmed that there was such a fight. According to an article in Oriental Daily titled with “A Strong country woman hold the neck of a Hong Kong girl and insulted her dog“,

Police said that on February 3rd at 6:25pm, a 44-year old Chinese man whose last name is Ma, accidentally bumped into a 31 year-old woman whose last name is Yu and the two quarreled. Police listed this case as dispute. MTR stated that on that day a driver of Tung Chung line saw the passenger communication machine lighted up and therefore immediately arranged staffs to separate two groups of passengers. They were arranged to leave the compartment and the case was handled by police.

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