Inside the Facebook Event Page of Hong Kong Youth Against Racism

Hong Kong Youth Against Racism is going to protest on this Saturday in Causeway Bay Times Square. The followings are some translated messages from the Facebook event page of Hong Kong Youth Against Racism, ” Fight together, Protect the rights of the grassroots, Anti racism!”.

Mike Chan: The fact is that this government is shameless. Hong Kong mothers have been dissatisfied with the government for some years and they protested several times, however, nobody cared until that insect advertisement.

Henry Chan: Why do the government have to increase the budgets of medical care, education and housing to raise double negative babies (*anchor baby) You think that they will really contribute to the future of Hong Kong? (Most of the Mainland Chinese women) just don’t want to pay the fine for having more than one child. After they get welfare, they will just leave. Embrace minority. No problem. Mainlander give birth in here, defecate all over street and probably will drive their left-hand cars recklessly. Do we really have to embrace them? Can Hongkonger really inspire Mainlanders to change their bad sides and culture differences? Against the supremacy of real estate tycoons? I have always opposed to it.

Kingtong Chow: I don’t know what is “embrace”. Embracing the past mistakes of a person so that it will be the biggest encouragement for him to change; Embracing the hate of others towards yourself is the highest moral one can archive. When others continually hurt you either intentionally or unintentionally, you still embrace before you know they will hurt you, it is cruel to them and the public. Kindness is embracing the mistake after it was made.

AnnA Lam: Use the name of anti racism to support double negative. It’s ridiculous. Why don’t you use your money to help them? Why do you have to sacrifice the whole city to archive the aims of you bastards. F***.

Race Sung: What you are doing is helping the colonists to suppress Hong Kong.

The following is an arguement between Hong Kong Youth Against Racism and netizen.

Youth Against Racism: Today, someone called us not to condemn the racism within the (anti locust) ad of Apple daily because the organiser of the ad just wants to protect his own resources. We should reveal the cheating of the government and racists. Those who are robbing our resources are HKSAR government and big cooperation. The government sacrifice the resource of public hospitals to promote private hospitals which only serve the rich 10% and create shortage of doctors in public health system and therefore doctors in there have to work overtime. However, racists and government fabricate that Mainlander rob resources. They use double negative and foreign maids to cover the fact that government are hurting the grassroots and protecting big cooperations. We should point out that the racist government of Hong Kong is expelling Mainlander and foreign maids. And this Saturday demonstration will be hold without any changes. We should point out the importance of fighting together to anti racism and protect the right of grassroots.

Kingtong Chow: Please don’t accuse the victims as racists. Otherwise, you are on the government side to suppress citizen. You discriminate the victims and therefore you are fascist yourself .

Jackie Hung: According to the United Nations, the definition of racism includes racism based on race, skin colour, heritage, ethnic group and human race. It also includes prejudices based on languages, cultures and history. Even though Mainlander are Chinese, their accent, appearance, habits and social identity are different from the mainstream.

Kingtong Chow: Locust only targets behavior. If condemning mistake is racism, then those who do bad deeds can’t be condemned, since those who condemn are crazy.

Edmond Chui: Hong Kong government have been controlled by Beijing and many big cooperations are red capitalists. Those children of the government officials and the rich are profiting from Hongkonger. Now, they come to Hong Kong to have their second child. That means those who rob our resources are in fact privileged class of Mainland China. You can’t ignore the fact that many of those double negative are either rich or powerful. If people ask you, is supporting double negative equivalent to supporting the privileged Mainland Chinese and big cooperations to exploit the grassroots of Hong Kong, you should prepare to answer this question.

Ash Lai: Racism? Are you crazy? Now they forcefully Maninlandise you, you still talk about embrace on these issues?

Extra info About Anti Foreign Maid Movement.

The following is an anti Foreign maid poster by DAB, a pro-Beijing political party.

***I will write more about pro-Beijing party and anti foreign maid movement. The brief summary of the story is that the anti locust movement is by netizen while anti foreign maid movement is by pro-Beijing organisation.***

2 thoughts on “Inside the Facebook Event Page of Hong Kong Youth Against Racism

  1. The DAB is against giving residence to foreign maids … that means Philippines / Indonesia / Thailand ? Are they also against the possibility of having maids from Mainland China? (Maids from the mainland would be a very effective way to get Hong Kongers to speak Putonghua I think, at least to teach the children.)

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