Mainland Chinese Mothers Abandon Sick Babies in Hong Kong and Blood Bank is in Emergency

According to Headline Daily

Gate crashing Pregnant Women Abandon Sick Babies, Double Negative Children Occupy Hospital Bedrooms, Blood Bank is in Emergency

In order to get Hong Kong birth certificates, double negative pregnant women (*both the women and her husbands are Mainlander) rush to emergency wards to give birth at the last minute risking their lives, stressing out emergency wards and obstetrics services. The perils are surfacing gradually. Doctors of public hospital spoke out frankly that most of these gate crashing pregnant women (*mainland Chinese pregnant women who gave birth in emergency wards) didn’t have prenatal checkups and the chance of having complications and hereditary diseases increased. A six year-old has lived in the hospital since his birth. Even blood bank is in emergency. By estimation, these double negative babies (*whose parents are both Mainlanders) cost taxpayers 120 millions annually.

“East-Week Magazine” reveals that just inside United Christian Hospital there are three double negative children who have stayed in there for a long time. Among them, a six-year old boy who has spinal muscular atrophy has stayed in the hospital since his birth. His parents live in Shenzhen and seldom visit him. The other two double negative children, one has problem in digestive system and the other one has brain development problem, all require intensive cares. They have their complicated surgeries done in Hong Kong. One of the double negative parents have already signed papers to give up custody and the sick child is now under the care of social welfare department.

The director of pediatrics department in United Christian Hospital Chan Hin-Biu said, “in order to escape one child policy, Mainland Chinese women did not have prenatal checkups and some even covered up that they have hereditary diseases. These lead to the births of babies who have serious illness and innate deformation in Hong Kong. However, since they are Hong Kong citizen, hospitals have responsibilities to take care of them.

According to the survey by Hospital Authority, “double negative” children make up of 10% of all the pediatric wards in Hong Kong and cost 120 million annually. These exclude the medical cost of serious illness such as heart disease, kidney disease and cancer.

The number of double negative is increasing, and even the number of hereditary diseases, which was extinct originally, resurface again and this includes serious Mediterranean disease. In the last decade, there were 13 diagnoses in Kowloon West hospital network, all from Mainland Chinese woman, who had no prenatal checkups.

Consultant doctor of Red Cross blood donation centres, Lee Cheuk-Kwong, confirmed that the blood consumption by obstetrics & gynecology department increased by 23%. Its consumption is ranked no.2 and no.1 is surgical department. Even the number of Mediterranean disease patients who require long term blood transfusion increases. He estimated that all of these new cases are babies who were given birth by Mainland Chinese women and they consume 8% of blood.

Reactions from Netizen

莫財: I have gave up donating blood.

賣花生的男孩: When will there be riot?

貓汁姬: F*** you Cina animal

契爺: Leftist Saints should donate blood as soon as possible.

非洲土著: I have f**king told you not to donate blood anymore. Then I was f**ked by those rational bastards and they called me animal. Those compassionate bastards are indirectly helping locusts to suck up all the resources of the society. I don’t know who is doing bad deeds right now. However, they think they have high moral.

靜宜i瘋不熄: It seems we reach the stage that we have to oppose blood donation.

Rubber: I wish that I could design who would receive it when I donated blood.

腹部半臟: Culture, infant formula, hospital beds, jail…Now they take away blood from Hong Kong. That’s f**king awesome.

油溝地: (*He posted the screen capture of this video)If Hong Kong were not supported by Beijing, you would be doomed already.

3321: Embrace and be rational (*He copied and pasted many times. And then he wrote another message in the tone of Mainlander.) If Beijing did not give you sick children, your nurses would be out or work.

全文皆冰: Locusts are really low. (These sick children) are from them. I feel really sorry for those children.

Psyche: Hong Kong = Port of sick children. Beijing have assigned the route of development for Hong Kong.

世界終結時: Don’t f**king depend on me for blood donation. Embrace? No!

One thought on “Mainland Chinese Mothers Abandon Sick Babies in Hong Kong and Blood Bank is in Emergency

  1. Wow. Everything the world believes about Chinese people is true. No morals. No value for human life. Astonishing. If you were a baby in need of medical care and your parents cared enough to take you all the way to Hong Kong you would be very thankful for the blood donation.

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