Netizen Criticise Hong Kong New Monday Magazine’s Anti Locust Cover

Hong Kong entertainment magazine 新Monday (New Monday) released two anti-locust covers, one is red and another is green, for issue no. 502 on Feb 3rd 2012. I mentioned this magazine on my very first blog post almost a year ago since they are among the first to explain this term in traditional media.

Watch out for locusts

Action upgraded
Distribute stickers. Sell tote bags. Release trendy tees.
Netizen fight against strong country locust trendily

We take a look of these anti locust sticker, tote bag and tee first.

Reactions from Hong Kong Netizen

牛奶栗米片: What the f*** is “fight against locust trendily”. Now, this is serious, f*** you New Monday. Don’t make this serious event sounds like a childish and happy opposition. Retard.

姜有容: If adding the word “trendy” can make more people to anti locust, I absolutely support!

牛奶栗米片: (*He replied 姜有容) Protecting us Hongkonger from the plague of locusts isn’t a silly trend. Today, anti locust is popular and tomorrow it is going to be a passing fad. This (Anti-locust) should be stated in serious fashion and childish won’t work. These are the main points.

金公鐵馬: (They) make  (anti-locust) childish. F***

置換: (I) don’t wish that anti-locust would be described like a funny trend for Hongkonger. This is just childish

湯馬斯梅拿姆: F***, what’s so fun about this? (We are) talking about anti colonialism. F*** you New Monday. Trendy, trendy, trendy, f*** trendy.

讀者已死: Childish? Ha! Why do comments (members) above regard this as childish? If New Monday wanted to make the whole thing childish, they would not use “watch out for locusts”. On the contrary, I think this is a step to popularise (anti-locust). Most Hongkonger are unhappy with the puppet government,  businessmen who are running amok and mainlander who rob social welfare. If you think wearing a tee is childish, why was someone arrested for wearing Tiananmen Massacre tee? You wear it, let people know the anger of Hongkonger against Mainlander, encourage more people to pay attention to it. If the government or the Communist Party relieved China-Hong Kong conflict by portraying (the voice of dissatisfaction) as childish, it would only deepen the conflict, I dare to say. New Monday just want to get publicity and undermine the seriousness. The anger grows more furious and only those who are benefiting still want to remain the status quo.

PZG: “Anti locust trendily”. New Monday is retard. It is not funny. Hongkonger are now being bullied and you still (talk about) trendy. trendy my a**.

軒轅劍斬港奸: (*His reply to PZG) You should think about the reader of New Monday. They are young people who only care about fashion trend and ignore news. (This cover) will only make people know the issue. Besides, the result of  putting (these covers) in 7-11 is very good.

New Monday's Anti Locust Cover Among Other Entertainment Magazines

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