Hong Kong Chief Secretary Said Children of Mainland Chinese Women Are the “New Blood” of the Land

The “new blood” speech, which was made by Lam Sui-Lung, the Chief Secretary for Administration of Hong Kong, in early January of 2012, sparked anger among Hong Kong netizen. The following are this “new blood” speech and reactions from Hong Kong netizens.

"Changing Blood" - A Mosaic of Hong Kong Map with Maps of China

Picture Credit: RTHK

According to Hong Kong Daily News,

Lam Sui-Lun Asks the Public to View Positively. The Children of Mainland Chinese Women Are the New Blood of Hong Kong.

Yesterday, a proposal of Hong Kong population was discussed in Legislative Council. Many members of Legislative Council concern the problems that are brought by the influx of Mainland Chinese pregnant women. The Chief Secretary for Administration, Lam Sui-Lun pointed out that the children of these Mainland Chinese women would probably become the new blood of Hong Kong population and therefore the public should view this positively. The government will pay close attention when these children return to Hong Kong for living and schooling so that they will be raised to became useful human resource for Hong Kong.

Reactions from beautyexchange.com.hk

ET Babe: New blood? The problem is that there is a distinction between good and bad blood. A wrong transfusion will damage all the other organs.

史迪仔fans^3^: Why do we need replenishment from those double negatives? The birth rate of us Hongkonger is increasing! There is not enough resources and no more people should be invited.

肉丁: Can someone kill him?

brandyalexander: Lam the male dog is creating chaos again. This is really shi**y.

Kelly_stitch: Lam the dog, are you making sarcasm? You made this speech because you have eaten  sh** from Beijing?

熱香餅: The brain of eunuch Lam is really full of sh**. Hong Kong is going to be f**king finished before the replenishment of the double negatives. Why don’t Hongkonger have more children? Why can’t Mainlander stop giving birth? Has he ever think about the real cause? View them positively? Is he f**king crazy?

Little whale: Previously, scholars have made estimation that Hong Kong could only support 4 millions population based on the resource of nowadays Hong Kong. If there are more people, the quality of living will be lowered for everyone. The aging of population is a problem. However, the use of resources is another problem. It is impossible to have infinity growth in population. For example, the aging problem in Japan is very serious. However, that doesn’t mean they have to lower their immigration requirements stupidly. Donald Tsang said previously that he wanted Hong Kong to have 10 millions population. I really want to ask him how can he accommodate these 10 millions people. “New blood” must be his idea!

JiHoon: Blood my a**! Can I transfuse AIDS blood into your body? Lam Sui-Lung is a f**king bastard. Hong Kong traitor!

Tiamo: Of course they need new blood! Oppose more, Hongkonger! Everyone is opposing. If we are all replaced by new blood, no one will oppose them! Hong Kong will be just a city in Guangdong province. Someone should kill this retard.

Comments from Yahoo Hong Kong

BforBOY: Children of  Mainland Chinese women maybe become the new blood of Hong Kong? Then the children of Hong Kong women will become a rare species! Because there is no hospital beds.

Coffee: The descendant of locusts will become new blood?  What does the brain of eunuch Lam make up of?

木齊: Eunuch Lam, not even Red Cross want it.

Henry: Hong Kong do need new blood. However, it should be made in Hong Kong, not Chinese counterfeit.

Sze: Is Hong Kong dead already? Communist Party is totally in charge of the Hong Kong government. We common people have no choices at all. When Tang the pig (*Henry Tang) becomes the head of Hong Kong, we can official say bye to Hong Kong.

Hoi Ching: Before they become new blood, Hong Kong is now bleeding.

明白: New blood to Hong Kong…Before new blood is transfused back to Hong Kong, these leeches suck all the resources of Hong Kong.

惹愚: Obviously, Beijing have been controlling all these years, watching the common people of Hong Kong butchering each other. Of course, Pan-democratic party exploded the landmine. However, the government just want to shut the door. Pan-democratic parties ignore the welfare of the local and try to change China.  There is no need to mention pro-Beijing political parties. All the politicians are afraid of speaking up. The big wheel that uses population to change Hong Kong is still spinning.

Wai Ki: No wonder this bastard government do nothing. They just want double negative babies to be the owners of Hong Kong. Another Chinese colonialist policy. Ask all of these people to live in the home of eunuch Lam.

2 thoughts on “Hong Kong Chief Secretary Said Children of Mainland Chinese Women Are the “New Blood” of the Land

  1. And the true colours of Beijing and HKSAR governments are revealed! But the question still stands: Will Hong Kongers do anything about it? …

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