Legislative Council Memebers Criticise the Expansion of Hong Kong People’s Liberation Army’s Privileges

According to NTD Cantonese News,

Legislative Council passed “Adaptation of Laws (Military References) Bill 2010” after its third reading. Many members from the pan-democratic side voted nay and criticised that the bill increases the privileges of Beijing and Hong Kong PLA, which include making the purchase of lands by Hong Kong PLA more convenient, expanding zone where large military vehicles are exempted from inspection. Also, unreasonable parts of the law are preserved with noun changes (*from “Armed forces of Her Majesty” to “Chinese People’s Liberation Army”) . This robotic word play harms citizen and wastes money.

Hong Kong Legislative Council member Margaret Ng asked, “Why do our government officials intentionally retain privileges and exemptions of the past British army for Hong Kong PLA? Another serious mistake is that the exemptions for the Queen and royal family of the United Kingdom now become the exemptions for Beijing. The application of the law will create big problems. ”

Other members expressed worry since the content the garrison is under the sanction of local law is deleted from the draft of the law. The bill was finally passed in pro-Beijing parties dominated Legislative Council.

The Voting Record

Reactions from Netizen

無敵神駒2: The secretary of Hong Kong Alliance in Support of Patriotic Democratic Movements in China, Albert Ho, surprisingly supports the expansion of Hong Kong PLA’s privileges. F***! Don’t play with wax in Tiananmen Massacre memorial again. (He is) a di*k that cheated the world.

有無相生: The whole document mainly changes “British army” with “PLA” and the Queen of the United Kingdom with “Beijing”. However, the ship of the Queen was all powerful. You just don’t retain the same law and allow Beijing to be all powerful too.

爛橙黨: You are f**king stupid. British were all powerful because Hong Kong was a British colony. These days, whose colony is Hong Kong?

發達啦: Today Hong Kong is a Colony of China.

表面的香港人: I don’t f**king want to laugh at you. Everybody knows Hong Kong is a transferred colony.

水上耕吉: No change in 50 years and everything has changed in 15 years. Mainland Chinese are untrustworthy.

幸福小魚兒: Push! Anti double negatives? Hold Tiananmen Massacre memorial? Anti Basic Law’s article 23? Universal Suffrage? PLA will f**king run over you with tanks

我係講女: I think we should protest in front of British Embassy. HKSAR government is totally useless.

~In_Bloom~:There is no rule at all. Hong Kong = Mainland China. One country two systems ended after 15 years.

江城子: I am going to renew my BNO on Monday.

膠洲灣: F***! PLA self-drive tour and they can hit-and-run legally.

183461: Hong Kong have became more and more chaotic recently. Things are getting more serious. Beijing is diffusing our concentration so that they can do things quickly. Is 2012 the end of Hong Kong? The lie of no change in 50 years comes to an end?

****I will post more netizen reactions later****

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