Beijing may decide the fate of Henry Tang within 72 hours

According to Apple Daily (1 & 2),

After the revelation of “underground palace”, Henry Tang, who was set to be the Chief Executive, bankrupted his credibility and disrupted the plan of Beijing. It was said that Beijing has sent many secret envoys to collect information in Hong Kong and determine the response of Hongkonger if Tang becomes CE. Beijing may decide the fate of Henry Tang within 72 hours.

Jasper Tsang Yok-sing had never thought that he would become the most popular choice. His DAB background makes him a “honey” for the business circle instantly.  Some heavyweights in the business circle persuaded him to join the battle after Henry Tang’s “underground palace” scandal. He also prepared himself as the “super reserve” after Beijing’s decision on the political fate of Tang. Tsang has high probability of becoming the new CE under the support of Tang camp.

Netizen Reactions

Comments from an Anti-Tang Facebook group

Leung: If these two (Jasper Tsang Yok-sing  and Regina Ip) become the CE, Hong Kong will die.

Yeung: Oh! No! They are sh*tier than Henry Tang and Leung Chun-ying!

Lam: It is happening!

Yeung: Things can only get worser.

Li: Dislike Jasper Tang Yok-sing

Ip: I faint…

Tat: It would be safer to collect “black materials” of all the potential candidates.

Yau: Don’t join the election please

Wong: I think these two are better than Henry Tang.

Dai: Everybody is the same – they only need to face the election committee and Beijing, not the people of Hong Kong.

Lai: Useless CE (Tang) is better than evil CE (Leung). I don’t like all the candidates.

Cheung: Andy Lau should be the replacement because he is popular.

Tsui: What a disaster!

Ram: Time to find Eddie Kwan Immigration

小洗: These two are better than the wolf (Leung)? Regina Ip was only an employee of Beijing and therefore she was forced to promote Article 23. CY Leung the wolf worked so hard in decolonisation. If he comes to power, he will play national anthem everyday.

Lai: Under the rule of commies, Hong Kong is all Mainlandised in less than 50 years.

Mageo: These two are worse than Tang Tang.

Netizen Richard Billyham, who is notorious for singing vulgar songs in both Cantonese and Mandarin, wrote Jasper Tsang Yok-sing a song called “mouse eyes on the cliff” after Tsang refused to admit he is a member of the Communist Party a few years ago. (*mouse eyes is the nickname for Tsang by netizen”)

Part of the Lyrics

Come here, quick, the Communist Party feeds you milk
Beijing dog, nod its head

Being a Communist, doesn’t dare to admit it
Becomes the chairman of Legco, byebye to democracy

For the greatest leader Chairman Mao
We were on the street
A bomb on the left hand
A bomb on the right hand
British Hong Kong government was bombed to become open chest

The anal of the Communist Party is wide open
Mouse eyes love licking it
Left breast, Right breast, I love breasts of the Communist Party
Guard dog, nod its head, swing its tail

On that day younger brother distributed leaflets
British Hong Kong government sentenced him to jail

Some netizen believe Tang will win no matter what while many believe Tang is finished.

站係港女立場: Everybody thinks Tang Tang is finished. I think Hongkonger is really naive. Now, it is the decision of Beijng, not Hongkonger. Which one will those 1200 people who can vote listen, Beijng or Hongkonger? I still believe Tang Tang will win.

愛燒才會贏: If Tang wins, Shanghai clique win. If there is riot in Tang’s reign, Tuanpai win. Both Shanghai clique and Tuanpai are the Communist Party. In conclusion, the Communist Party win no matter what.

派膠皇后: You are really naive. Beijing won’t select the least popular to be the Cheif Executive. Now Regina Ip and Tsang Yok-Sing want to join the race. Do you think they are retard?

站係港女立場: They (Regina Ip and Tsang Yok-Sing) just want to show loyalty. I tell you these two commie dogs won’t participate. You are really naive. Communist Party care about popularity? Do people really believe?

塞入快落: It is obvious that Regina Ip and Tsang Yok-Sing work under Beijng’s command. Tang may not want to be the Chief Executive. However, he is from Jiang Zemin side. Besides, he is a brainless spoiled brat. He is the most suitable choice for businessmen and business-government collusion will only become greater under him. It is a fact that Shanghai clique is benefiting from Hong Kong.
On the contrary, Leung is Tuanpai. He will suppress nowadays crazy business-government collusion if he gets the seat. He will cut Shanghai clique’s income source. There is no justice. There is no right or wrong. Only interest problem matters. No one knows if Tuanpai will be as shi*ty as Shanghai clique if they get hold of China. Now I only know that Tuanpai is the openest and has some humanity. They are scholars in the end.
The evilness of Leung is not a problem. Article 23 is going to be implemented anyway. We can’t resist. Even if the retard (Tang) is in power, the result is going to be the same. The difference is just between whether we can survive or not. Shanghai clique has no humanity because of powers and military background. They ignore the common people and squeeze money out of everyone. China is like this. Hong Kong is like this too.
Businessmen have no humanity. It is normal. If one has humanity, one won’t be a businessman. I don’t see common people in Hong Kong can survive under the leadership of the retard(Tang). If the wolf (Leung) is in power, let him be wicked to everything in Hong Kong. At least there is hope.

Peter_Chu: Who tells you that Beijing don’t care about public opinion? Anti locust ad shows you that they care. In a few days, there were people (*pro-Beijng politicians) saying double negatives don’t have residency. Public opinion is not just for Beijing. It is also for other countries to see. Beijing fear this.

心腸比黑鮑黑: Organs of the Communist Party report more news about election and universities of the Communist Party do more surveys so that Hongkonger think the election is their businesses.

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