Notorious Acts by Hong Kong Chief Executive Candidate Henry Tang

It’s about time to review his notorious acts.

1: On Nov 18th 2009, Henry Tang, who was the Chief Executive for Administration, attended Legco’s discussion on political reform and answered yes disrespectfully to the question whether the new proposal of election system would strengthen the worsening social problems like widening gap between rich and poor in Hong Kong

2.  Tang mocked citizens during his “election campaign”

I am extremely happy that Tang has f**ked up. I still remember he mocked my mother on TV. I live in an old building with no lift. My mother has pain in her feet. I really want to buy a home that has lift so that she does not need to walk up stairs. However, housing price is too high in recent years. It is impossible to buy one.
One day, my neighbour said Henry Tang would visit my building for his election campaign. My mother spent the whole afternoon to wait for him especially, and she wanted to tell him the (*unaffordable housing price) problem. When he finally came, my mother told him, “It’s hard for us to walk up stairs daily,” and Tang replied with a smile, “I don’t think so.”

F*** HIM!!!!!
Today I saw your underground palace. My home is really worse than a mouse’s hole. I am glad that Heaven gives him a just dessert. Thank you Heaven.

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