Half-Billion “Big House of the Tsangs”

The headline of today Oriental Daily

Corrupt all over Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macau
Enjoy on the Sea, land and in the air
The Care of a tycoon
Half-Billion “Big House of the Tsangs”

The headline to today Apple Daily

The New Home of the Chief Executive
The Care of the Tycoon
Move to Donghai Huayuan After Retirement
The House Owner is the Boss of a Digital Radio Station

Content from Apple Daily

Not only did the sunset Chief Executive Donald Tsang have fun on the yacht and private jet of tycoons, but he also received “care” that allows him to move to Shenzhen Donghai Huayuan after his retirement. The duplex Tsang rents is built by East Pacific Group, which is owned by Huang Chu-biao, a member of the national committee of The Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference and a supporter of Henry Tang. Tsang was allowed to rent by exception and the rent is much lower than the rate of return. Huang Chu-biao is also the major shareholder of Digital Broadcasting Corporation Hong Kong Limited. Tsang gave out license to DBC HK and exercised discretionary power to approve Arthur Li Kwok-cheung (former Secretary for Education and Manpower) to be the chairman of it. It is obvious that there is a conflict of interest

Oriental Daily disclosed photos of “Big House of the Tsangs”.

Apple Daily created a relationship map “The Blessing Foundation of the Tsang’s Circle”. The man on top is Huang Chu-biao, who leases his luxury duplex to Tsang. The man on the left is Cheung Chung Kiu, who has 50% stake of Western Harbour Tunnel and 39.5% stake of Tate’s Cairn Tunnel, and he picked up Tsang to Bangkok with his private jet. Thomas Lau Luen-hung, on the lower left-hand corner, the boss of Sogo Hong Kong, provided Tsang his private yacht for enjoyment in Macao. Lau also nominates Tang to be the Chief Executive.

"The Blessing Foundation of the Tsang's Circle"

Apple Daily today revealed that Donghai Huayuan was manged by DTZ Debenham Tie Leung Limited, whose Asia-Pacific chairman was CY Leung,  until the end of 2010.

Netizen Reactions

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Spoof Movie Posters

Greedy Tsang
"The Storm of Macau - Donald Tsang is the Big Boss"

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Abuses Power for personal gains
Everybody knows
Incorruptible ICAC?
The king should be punished like commoners when he committed crime.

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5 thoughts on “Half-Billion “Big House of the Tsangs”

  1. did you translate the apple article about the HK celebrities who lost his baby due to the locusts seven yrs ago? That would be a great article~

  2. Seems like all CEs, and politicians only do their ‘jobs’ not for their love for Hong Kong, but to manipulate the system and get $$$……

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