Latest SARS Rumour in China

It was rumoured that a department of Baoding No. 252 Hospital of PLA in Hebei province was isolated because of mutated SARS.

From the Weibo of 糖鍋子

讀80後: There is a rumour in Baoding that 252 Hospital had isolated a SARS patient. I wish that it was just a rumour. Everyone should treat it rationally and the rumour stops. Go China! Go Baoding! Go 80’s

糖鍋子: I really wish that it was just a rumour. However, a floor of Baoding 252 Hospital is isolated, and there is even armed police guarding. Just go there and see. Whether it is serious or not, I hope that related department would make annoucement

From the Weibo of 米朵麻麻,

Today I wanted to have vaccine injection. However, a doctor said 252 Hospital is closed because of a mutated SARS virus. That is really frightening.

From Weibo User 卡哥

There is a case of mutated SARS in Baoding. The patient was a soldier in Baoding Hospital and he is dead. And the hospital has stopped receiving patients.

From Baidu

1. I heard the rumour half a month ago. It is not SARS. It is stronger than SARS.
2. I heard that Baoding 252 Hospital didn’t accept patients anymore. It was said that there were soldiers and the contagiousness was very great. However, it wasn’t SARS. The fever could be brought down but was uncontrollable. The fever could be brought down in the morning and it would come back on the afternoon or evening. That’s what I heard. Please confirm. Thank you.
3. It wasn’t happened in 252 hospital. It was happened in the school of PLA. A group of soldier ate bad things and their fevers couldn’t be brought down. 252 Hospital suspects that it is SARS. Those solders have already been isolated. The hospital has blocked info exchange. Everybody please don’t go there. I have relatives in there. They told me today.

A conversation was posted on Baidu

XXOO:Hebei Baoding No. 252 Hospital of PLA. Now they have received more than 100 patients.
■■■■■: There is rumour about Baoding No.252 Hospital. However, it is not very detailed.
XXOO: Mutated SARS. The first patient is from the PLA school in Qingyuan, Baoding. Most of the patients in the hospital are young soldiers. Because this is a PLA hospital.
■■■■■: What about the symptons? Are they same as SARS? Fever?
XXOO: It was said that Baidu News and Baoding News would release info. However, I don’t know the reason for not releasing news. It was transmitted through upper respiratory tract

Update: All the above messages are deleted.

Update: Reporters of Apple Daily found the west wing of No. 252 hospital is closed.

2 thoughts on “Latest SARS Rumour in China

  1. lollllllll… trust mainland China to censor even the ‘bad’ health aspects of their country – even when it is life threatening towards all the other nations and may easily spread and then no other countries will be aware of it.

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