Another Conflict between Mainland Chinese and Singaporean in Singapore

The Temasek Times: Another PRC man after Sun Xu insults Singaporeans: You are not worth even a ‘fart’!

After getting into a brawl with a Singaporean at Chinatown over a staring incident, PRC man Aries Lin vented his anger on the Lion City Forum by hurling all kinds of insults at Singaporeans.

In the title of the thread, Aries described Singaporeans as ‘sb’ , which stands for Sha Bi”– meaning stupid c*** in mainland Chinese slang.

Aries also try to remind Singaporeans of their ‘place’ in the world:

“Please be reminded Singaporeans, you are all descendants of Chinese and the Chinese blood flow in you. Don’t think you have been transformed to ‘Singaporeans’ from ‘Chinese you can be arrogant. Actually you are not even worth a fart!”

When asked by fellow PRC netizens to cool down, Aries retorted:

“If all the mainland Chinese return home, you Singaporeans will have to eat porridge at home everyday.”

I copied the first two replies from the Temasek Times.

Christina Lim: Our SG govt just love to see us being insulted…

Clive: please be reminded that yes although still a Chinese, we are of Chinese descend, not a China Chinese. Learn the difference. No wonder Hong Kongers see themselves as Hong Kongers instead of people of the same nation. I havent seen our dear courtesy lion for so many years until recently. And not to mention no littering campaigns. Back to the days huh?

4 thoughts on “Another Conflict between Mainland Chinese and Singaporean in Singapore

  1. I have yet to hear the mainland Chinese complain about their compatriots who choose to emigrate to other countries.

    1. That is the outlook of the Chinese Communist Party too. China considers all (Chinese) people in Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan, Singapore, and basically anywhere, and everywhere, to be ‘Chinese Nationals’. They stated clearly to HKers and Macau people that regardless if you were born before or after handover (HK and Macau), you are/were a Chinese National. Chinese government also does not recognize ‘dual citizenship’. They are crazy…

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