Donald Tsang cried in his misconduct hearing

Donald Tsang is also critised for using his wife as his human shield when he made excuse that the Shenzhen palace is for his wife’s clothing storage.

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The Whole City Wanted

Henry Tang – Unauthorised building works. Breaking the law knowingly.

Donald Tsang – Power abuse. Advantages transfer.

CY Leung – Cover benefit up. False statement.

The Saviors of Douchebags

Left: Tang’s Girl. Husband Protecting Product (*puns with skin protection cream). Treatment especially for: Infidelity. Intoxication. Digging hole.

Right: The latest product from the office of the Chief Executive. The suffering of women: Love Husband Firmly (*puns with the name of a product that treats athletic foot). Treatment especially for: Corrupted Hongkonger.

Joyce: I cry too. Hong Kong has became this state.

阿: Why do people say he is fake crying? In fact, he cries for his own stupidity.

Geoffery: He has to give up renting (his) Shenzhen (palace). It would be surprising if he didn’t cry.

Ty: Look at you poor commoner, you make Sir Tsang homeless at old age. It would be surprising if he didn’t cry.

Lok: Cry my a**

Candy: We have this kind of Chief Executive, as a Hong Kong citizen, I want to cry too.

Samson: It’s too late to regret.

陳: It’s so fake.

Kiyo: Oscar best actor

Cheuk: Cry my a**. Cry when you are in Stanley (prison)! Crocodile tears

Mini: Why didn’t he blow his nose as well?

Daphane: It’s just an impeachment show. (He) won’t be in trouble. Don’t need to cry.

Eyes: It’s too late to regret.

Patrick: no more big house to live in so he cried.

Tom: You can’t live in your big house therefore you cry. Have you ever think about Hongkonger who live in cage home? They are so sad and so helpless. Compared their situation with yours, are you telling them cheap commoner to die! You can answer and I am dumb. Cheap leader!

Netizen also mock the sudden appearances of members from functional constituencies  who absent from Legco’s meetings all the time.

On an invisible day, there were invisible men asking questions.

One thought on “Donald Tsang cried in his misconduct hearing

  1. I heard that Tsang also said that after his term is over, he is leaving Hong Kong with his family. I don’t know whether it is true or not, and if it is temporary or permanent.

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