TVB’s Tuesday Report on Double Negative Provokes Netizen

According to Oriental Daily

Broadcasting Authority stated on yesterday that they received 56 complaints for TVB’s Tuesday report, which was aired on this Tuesday (*Feb 28). All of them complain that the report gives inaccurate information and misleads the public.

From 2009, Netizen started calling TVB as CCTVB, which is the combination of CCTV and TVB, as its pro-Beijing stance and censorship became too obvious.

Now, return to the report itself. (*Since it’s a long report, I posted the report part by part and it is not in the order of the original.)

The Tuesday Report on Feb 28th 2012 is titled with “Double Negative” and is from the perspective of the first generation double negative Siu-san, who was born in 1989 and is now a year 3 university student in Chinese University of Hong Kong. (*I cut out parts that have her and merged them all together in one clip.)

Top comment from the original video’s Youtube

cpchan1310: How big is America? How big is Canada? How big is Hong Kong? Which one has a higher number, Hongkonger who gave birth in foreign countries or Mainland Chinese who gave birth in Hong Kong? (50% of babies born in HK are double negatives in year 2011). She doesn’t even know about their systems. In the past, many were investment and skilled immigrations. Under the current law of Canada, Canada-born children, whose parents are non-citizen, are granted Canadian citizenship, however, before the age of 18, they are not treated as Canadian citizen and can’t enjoy welfare. Spokesperson from Canada Immigration department responded to the media on Sunday (16/2/2012) that they have noticed the phenomenon of “birth tour” and are going to crack down on it. They will also amend their nationality law next year.

Comments from other netizen

The_islander: CCTVB successfully changed the focus. From the beginning to the end, the government is not mentioned at all. They just let Hongkonger and double negatives express their views.

等待男神出現: Have Hkgoldener ever think about this? Now, Hongkonger who condemn double negative have never immigrated and be other people’s “locusts”. Why can’t we condemn double negative? Don’t let fake moralists use immigrated Hongkonger as examples and argue whether if we are locusts.

HiddenTrack: I think Hongkonger don’t have voices in the society and media. Basically, Communist has taken over everything, which includes media.

Netizen also created an anti Siu-san’s Facebook group:

The following part is right after Siu-san’s piano performance and her self-introduction (*which I have skipped because it was mentioned again in the previous video, which is about the end of the report).

Comments from the original Youtube

golapkboy: The reason why this Thalassemia child is being looked look on is indeed because his parents are Mainlanders. The child is innocent. As Hongkonger with conscience, we should not discriminate him. Who we should really condemn is his parents. It’s your fault that you didn’t have prenatal checkup. The discrimination your child get is all because of your selfish behavior. I feel sorry for the boy for having such parents. I wish he could get well soon and f**ing go back to China. Bye f***ing bye.

pigpig0828: In fact, he is using blood from the Red Cross to which we always donate blood. 1 in 10 pack of blood is given to him…I understand that he doesn’t want to be like that…As parents, they don’t want to see the death of their son…However, his need for Hong Kong free medical care is endless.

zxcasd200: Retard CCTVB. This station betrays Hong Kong. We should bomb the Broadcasting Authority with complaints that the double negative supporting stance of CCTVB makes Hongkonger uncomfortable.

fushing2012: F***! I get angrier as I watch!!! I won’t donate blood anymore, f***!

ben8882002: I would rather feed mosquitoes with my blood. What’s the point of donation? Hong Kong government will gift your blood to “people in need”.

laichakyin: F*** You. I am so angry after watching this. TVB is the mouthpiece of Beijing.

Comments from other netizen

風傷膠紙: I just donated blood yesterday. Today I watched this programme and I feel really frustrated. I just want to donate to Hongkonger. However, the little locust got blood transfusion. It isn’t right if I don’t donate blood.

膠幾錢: Mandarin class (side-eye icon). (*The government) forces medical staffs (*of public health system) to yield to these locusts. F***.  They aren’t selling Louis Vuitton!

The following video, in which a Hunan man whose daughter is studying in a primary school in the Northern part of Hong Kong (Sheung Shui) threatens Hongkonger the consequence of not accepting double negative, appears right after the discussion of Hong Kong aging population problem.

“Hong Kong aging problem becomes more and more serious.”

“Originally, double negative children are expected to be the new blood that replenishes population.”

Netizen Comments

Alex_Song posted the screen capture of this video.

假日本妹: I am an international studies major in an overseas university. There is a chapter discussing the aging problem in Hong Kong. It says that Hong Kong is more optimistic than Japan on this issue because she can attract Mainland Chinese to immigrate to and give birth in there. In the eyes of foreigners, it is a good thing. (ridiculous icon)

邊個淫蕩: (*his reply to 假日本妹) Many Western countries also have aging population problem. If they ask, Mainland China can ship billions (of people) to them with no problem. Why don’t they ask?

裏.en: It’s frightening. When Hongkonger get old and live in nursing homes, double negative staffs will probably feed them feces, and they will say, “If we didn’t came to Hong Kong, you Hongkonger would have no feces to eat. “

皮爾修: F***! I would rather be on the street than receive your care. You are a locust, how dare you say (your daughter) can take care of (us)! When your child was born, you already thought about how to apply for welfare and book and transportation subsidies. F*** Mainland China!

傳膠士: (To solve) low birth rate in Hong Kong, the first step should be raised it, for instance, give birth subsidy, extend maternity leave, increase tax allowance, solve housing problem, solve developer hegemony (it bars the livelihood of the middle class), instead of doing nothing and allowing (Mainland) Chinese to give birth in Hong Kong. When their (double negative) percentage in population increases continually, problems explode. (Hong Kong government) only tell Hongkonger double negative is the future. This (failed) government should stop.

發達喇: (I’ve) always say that Basic Law article 24 is problematic. The lack of rights for Hong Kong to amend Basic Law, which is placed over common law, is a plan of Beijing to wipe out Hongkonger. Making Tibetan as an unimportant ethnic minority in their own land is a policy permanently destroys the power of Tibetan’s independent movement…(*paragraph 3,4 and 5 are facts about Tibet.) Donald Tsang once said, “The population of Hong Kong should be increased to 10 millions and number of immigrant should be increased.” A Hong Kong official whose last name is Li also said, “Mainland Chinese women giving birth in Hong Kong is a long-term policy.” The colonisation of Hong Kong by China is the same strategy as colonisation of Tibet.

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