Birth Agent in Weibo: Future Chinese American President Depends on You

From the Weibo of “美国辣妈” (America Hot Mother),

The ship tickets of 2012 American baby are grandly released — for just 158.8 thousand RMB, visa, air ticket, prepartum care, postpartum care, hospital (natural labour), doctor and passport fees are all included. With this full package, who needs to give birth in Hong Kong? Get on board as soon as possible. 88 economy class tickets, first come first serve. This promotion is valid until the end of February (2012). Please spread this message, especially fans with v-sign. Future Chinese American president depends on you

Netizen Reactions

zhima981001: Hmm…We should organise. Many years later, America will be the colony of China. How fierce the Chinese is!

Connie-美国房地产: America needs the strong manpower and money support from China. Please Come to help America. Hong Kong is too small. (You) can’t even squeeze into there. America has enough space.

美女博士养生经: If (my child) became the Chinese American president, I would become Empress Dowager of America!!

悠悠H: If my child were the Chinese American President, I would be the mother of the country!!

天蝎晓晨投机客: Find more people to group buy it. Overcrowd American hospital

玛丽瓦纳: The whole world is full of Chinese. The whole China is full of foreigners.

易水瀚: Compared with this, Hong Kong is really a fart.

wo_DanielleOu: In Shenzhen, the fine (for breaking one-child policy) is said to be 200 thousand RMB. If (I) had this amount of money, (I would) rather go to this all evil capitalism (America).

想卖的iPad下不了手胖胖: I feel puzzled. America doesn’t have national health care. Prenatal checkup is even included in this 150 thousand RMB? This amount isn’t enough to pay for the medical fee. You people deceive them to America and then charge them as much as you want? Or you have the intention of not paying the medical bill?

美国辣妈: Please pay attention to the way you speak. This discount price is due to the partnership with hospital. This is a full package. If any sister is cheated, you are welcomed to comment in here. I don’t understand the mind of some people.

hydk0814: Have you ever think about this? If we work hard for our motherland, based on the current growth rate of Chinese economy, China will catch up with America in 20 or 30 years. 60 years later, American may have to line up to give birth in China. At that time, your America-born children would have to switch back to Chinese national.
Giving birth in Hong Kong or America is simply for the citizenship. Studying and working in foreign places and enjoying their good welfare after retirement are no different from “Hanjian” (the traitor of Han Chinese) in the past. You betray your country because of self-indulgent, you even dump your nationality.

琦末研: I feel like I want to laugh. I don’t know how to comment. I can understand parents want to give the best welfare and treatment to their children. However, I can also understand why Hongkonger call those who gave birth in there locusts. I predict that countries with good welfare are going to be taken over by Chinese pregnant women. Then, the name “locust” will replace the original “Cina” as the new derogatory name for China.

The following is a report from World Journal.

Chinese Pregnant Women Give Birth in America for Free?

(*I only translate the third paragraph)
Senior figures from insurance industry point out that pregnant women held B1/B2 business and tourist visas to give birth in the U.S and paid a few dozen thousand USD to maternity centres. Pregnant women and their relatives think that this amount includes hospital, doctor, anesthetist, nurse etc. In fact, some maternity centres and a few insurance agents use false information to apply for maternal and child healthcare benefit (California Access for Infants and Mothers Program, AIM), which is for the middle to low income uninsured mothers, for these pregnant women, and earn profits by transferring the cost of labour to the American government. However, pregnant women don’t know that they may have crossed the line.

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