“White Terror Againt Double Negative Children”

A Shenzhen double negative’s mother, yuki妈, posted pictures of Hong Kong political banners asking to stop double negative problem on bbs.szhome.com and criticises that it is a white terror against them. A Hongkonger posted the discussion thread back to Hong Kong and the speech stirs anger among Hong Kong netizen.

“White Terror Againt Double Negative Children”

White Terror Against “Double Negative”

These banners can be seen everywhere in Hong Kong.
(*1st banner) “Don’t want Double Negative. Increase Enforcement”
(*2nd banner) “Immediately stop giving permanent residency to double negative babies.”
Upper one is from the Civic Party and the lower is from the Liberal Party

A comment from bbs.szhome.com

梅沙闲人: (I will) keep these photo well. Some 10 to 15 years later, hundred thousands of double negative children will have grown up and voted these people down.

According to TVB’s Tuesday Report

In last 10 years, there were 174,979 double negative babies born in Hong Kong

Hong Kong netizen comments on the previous statement

特務硬J: The intention of cultural cleansing of Hong Kong is very obvious.

發達啦: The policy of Tibetan population dilution makes Tibetan become minority in Tibet. Finally, most people on the land of Tibet support China and policy that harms Tibet.

Comments from bbs.szhome.com

绝代名豬: “Village speaker” (*puns with the “Hongkonger), they are bad at everything. They have no technology; Their democracy is just kiddy game; They have no?agriculture; Their economy needs the support of China. They bite the hands that feed you. It seems that “village speaker” only suit to be the second class citizen of a colony. It isn’t wrong to disagree with double negative children. However, discriminating China is an act of “envy, jealousy and hatred”.

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