We can import nurses from Guangdong, says CY Leung

As the rumour that Xi Jinping supports CY leung spreads, netizen repost his interview about industrialisation of Hong Kong health care in 2009, in which he said Hong Kong should let Mainlander come more easily in order to boost health care business and could import nurse from Guangdong to relieve nurse shortage. The interview caused public outrage in 2009.

CY Leung says, "We can import nurses from Guangdong."

Facebook comments from yesterday

馬: The century-old foundation of Hong Kong medicine is going to be ruined by this bastard.

Wai: After 7 years, (*these nurses) can apply for Hong Kong residency? More election frauds.

Dragons: CY Leung eats sh*t. He has already wanted to take away Hongkonger’s jobs before he gets the throne. Just set up student nurse system like the past, the (*shortage problem) can be solved. F***, local commie.

Alex: Comrade Leung also plans to import government officials and police from China.

Artioli: Why do we have to import nurses from a country that excels in killing their patients?

Bob: Wolf Leung, GET OUT!

WI: Disturbing! Is it a satirical act to reduce pregnant locusts from rushing to hospitals?

Berry: Mr Leung wants to have his anus stitched? (*he refers to the incident that a female patient from Shenzhen found her anus being stitched after refusing to pay the amount of red pocket money her midwive wants.)

Kenneth: f**king stupid

Catherine: Awesome! The first patient (*of Guangdong’s nurses) should be Mr Leung, a serious mental patient.

Chung: He’s really a commie.

Victor: After nibbling away at your social welfare, (Mainlander) even take away your job. This di*khead.

Yuki: F***…It is so f**king stupid.

Kai: (He’s) creating the illusion that “Hong Kong depends on Mainland China for everything.” Why can’t we train our own talents? Why do we have to depend on Mainland China? Indirectly introducing the “healthcare culture” of Mainland China, does he think the Hospital Authority isn’t bad enough?

Jacky: I want the quickest way to immigrate to Vanuatu desperately…I don’t have qualifications to immigrate to North America. Hong Kong is uninhabitable. I can even accept Vanuatu. (*He refers to the notorious immigration agency’s advertisement in which a little boy said, “Vanuatu, the place I want to live in.”)

Gary: What! Introducing Guangdong nurses to Hong Kong? Hong Kong will immediately back to the pre-ICAC period.
Patient: Nurrrseeeeee…please help me…add more water please!
Nurse: 30 dollars, thank you!
Patient: I have no money…
Nurse: It seems you aren’t that thirsty. Then you have to wait!

Amy: If CY Leung becomes the Chief Executive, there will be more medical errors. Medical staffs will fall down one by one like the period of SARS. Then it will be covered up like West Kowloon scandal. (He) will hold press conferences and say, “There is no evidence that people have died.” He is scarier than Bin Laden.

7 thoughts on “We can import nurses from Guangdong, says CY Leung

  1. THEY will find every way to kill the ppl of HK, and let the mainland chinanese populate.

    The idea of 自駕遊 is WTF?!

  2. BTW @ badcanto, I like the new look of the website,. It looks more organized.. maybe it’s the font 🙂 But it looks really nice. Good job!

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