Rumours of Children Abduction by Mainland Chinese Heighten in Hong Kong (Updated)

Recently, rumours of children abduction by Mainland Chinese human trafficking business heighten. Yesterday, a victim’s mother appeared on an interview of Apply Daily/Sharp Daily to confirm the rumour that her daughter was nearly abducted by two Mandarin speaking men in Tsim Sha Tsui Harbour City, the same place where D&G photo-taking incident happened. Many netizen regard children abduction problem as the adverse effect of Individual Visit Scheme. (*I use Individual Visit Scheme with Mainland Chinese tourists interchangeably.)

Summary of recent children abduction rumours

According to Fed 2nd 2012 Singtao Daily,

A witness stated that the abductor is a bald head man in his 50s and about 1.8m tall. He was seen wearing dark green down jacket and carrying a shoulder bag.
The crime scene is in (*Tsim Sha Shui) Ocean Terminal’s Toy”R”US. Around 5pm this Sunday, the Chiu’s couple and their two toddler sons were shopping  toys. There were lots of customers. However, it was not too overcrowding. The Chiu’s were looking for toy at about 100m from the entrance. Mother Chiu stood in front of a shelf with her one-year-old son on the baby stroller. Both parents didn’t notice when their two-year-old son ran away.

At that time, a bald head man walked towards the boy and shoved him down. The man carried the boy in his arms and left. The little boy scared and cried loudly. Father Chiu shouted and chased after the man upon hearing his son’s crying,  and he managed to snatch his boy back.

Toy”R”US has many security cameras to anti-theft. However, the crime could not be recorded since the scene is in the “blind spot”. Only the fleeing of the suspect was recorded as he walked pass the cashier.

From March 2nd 2012 Singtao Daily,

Mainland Chinese Child Abductors in MTR
A witness revealed on the internet that around 5:30 yesterday, while taking Tsuen Wan to Central line, saw a 2-to-3- year-old girl running into the compartment with tears when the train stopped at Sham Shui Po Station, and she was followed by a Mainland Chinese couple who are in their 50s and a teenage boy. All three people were emotionless and the woman later hold the little girl in her arms. However, the girl couldn’t stop hiding and crying “mama” with tears all over her face.

None of them carried necessities that a child needs when going out such as handkerchief and infant formula, and passengers felt suspicious. A brave middle-aged woman questioned their relationship with the girl. The couple ignored it and just told the woman they would get off at the next station. The girl was still crying during the course.

Another male passenger claimed that he had called the police and other passengers were blocking the door. While the train stopped at Prince Edward (*which is the next station of Sham Shui Po), the “Children Abduction Party” wanted to flee with the girl. The witness and other passengers followed. Surprisingly, the woman put the girl down. The three escaped. And a woman with a baby stroller appeared, said in tears, “She is my daughter!”

The following is the latest abduction news, in which the victim’s mother was interviewed.

Recently, rumours of Mainland Chinese abductors are being shared crazily online. While mothers were discussing the authenticity of these stories, another abduction happened in Tsim Sha Shui Harbour City’s Jumping Gym USA (*a children’s playground). Fortunately, the mother stepped in immediately and the abductors went away. The mother who almost lost her daughter is Ms Yau, and she is pregnant. At 4pm yesterday, she and her 3 year-old daughter Ching-ching played inside Jumping Gym USA. While her daughter was sitting on a gaming car, with Ms. Yau stood nearby, two 30 year-old men walked near and touched her. Ms Yau didn’t notice.

Suddenly, a man tried to put the girl in his arms. Ms Yau was alarmed and shouted loudly, “What are you doing?” The two men retreated and ran away as if nothing had happened. They even asked a staff questions about token money in Mandarin. Ms Yau came up to them with her daughter in her arms and attempted to question their intention. The two men mumbled in Mandarin and pretended that they didn’t understand a thing. Later, the two fled, and she chased after them and managed to snap a picture of them.

Netizen heard the rumour that baby boy was worth 50,000 while baby girl was worth 20,000.

The two suspected abductors

From today Apple Daily,

Around 11 am yesterday, police from Yau Tsim Mong district went to Harbour City, questioned staffs and watched the security camera footage from Jumping Gym USA. It was reported that a tall and a short suspects indeed appeared and looked around in the footage. Since the crime scene is in the blind spot, the whole course of the incident could not be all recorded.

Ms Yau also posted her statement on

Please allow me to clear myself up. I am the mother of this incident. First of all, I was staring at my daughter while she was riding in the car, and there was another kid ridding in the car next to her. When the white shirt man walked between two cars, I thought he was the family member of the kid and therefore did not pay attention to him. He even stretched his arm to touch my daughter’s face, and then he turned away. I thought that he might think my daughter is cute. Within a minute, he stretched both arms and wanted to put her in his arms. I of course shouted at him and immediately went back to my daughter. There was no one nearby at that time. Nobody helped me. The kid from the next car had left. For those who have been to Harbour City’s Jumping Gym USA, the car which my daughter rode is in the dead corner. As he was walking away, I chased him to the counter and saw him meeting with the blue shirt man and speaking something that I don’t understand. I immediately told a staff the abduction but he only answered, “What? It isn’t that serious. We will pay more attention,” and pretended nothing had happened.

I refused to let this go unsolved. I chased after them with my daughter. Fortunately, I saw them walking towards me in front of the door of Pizza Hut. (Police told me at last that the two men had already finished walking one round.) I took their photo instantly, then looked for help from security guards in there and called the police. I haven’t blurred their faces. It was the job of Apple Daily. Why do I have to blur them? I think the photo is not even clear enough. When I found shopping centre security guards, they prevented me from calling the police. I feel angry that they had never thought of helping me to get these two men. They even told me it was hard to control tourist. Even if they were arrested, they would deny the abduction claim. Therefore, it is useless to call the police.

I was so angry that I called Apple Daily. The report of Apple Daily has some differences with the fact. I have already filed a police report. At last, I want to say that the police is still capable. They had reviewed all the footage and found the two men “made a living” in there. From the footage, the blue shirt man could be seen following behind a target for a long time. After they entered Jumping Gym USA, they carried out their plan separately until I discovered them. They originally wanted to return to Jumping Gym. However, I found them and took a picture of them. The police said they were walking to the direction of Toy”R”US (*the crime scene of the first rumour) later. Whether the white shirt man wanted to abduct my daughter, it needs investigation. It was found initially that they “made a living” inside Harbour City. Now the police have set these two men as targets. I hope their criminal evidences could be found. These days, many crimes happened inside Harbour City.

From this incident, I hope everyone will aware of the impact of Mainland Chinese in Hong Kong. All the things above are real. If not, I would not dare to be on the newspaper and report to the police. I only want to alarm Hong Kong mothers and Hongkonger. To be honest, Apple Daily took bad pictures of me and I am not happy that I was called “middle-aged housewife”. Besides, my last name is Yau and it is illogical to call me “Yau the middle-aged housewife”. Damn, also, from the beginning to the end, I told them I wanted to have my face blurred or partially in dark. In the end, my ugly face is all over the report. Is there anyone can understand my feeling? I got the support of my husband and therefore I got the power to come forward. Finally, I thank everyone for your concern.

Latest: Police said it was just a mistake!

The police followed the news of the suspected children abduction in Tsim Sha Tsui, sent Region Crime Unit from Yau Tsim District to get information from the victim, and invited the two man to help investigation. It is confirmed that it is a mistake and not of criminal nature. Police will tell the investigation result to the victim.

Comments from Baby Kingdom, a popular forum for Hong Kong mothers and members there donated to the controversial anti locust advertisement in this February.

kwhyfung: If the child is not successfully abducted, then it is called misunderstanding? “Picking up a child is just a misunderstanding. “

virgkay: Police is unbelievable sometimes.

dumbobabe: Thank you! It is because of your braveness, we know the seriousness of the incident. I trust you! I won’t go to Harbour City! Tsim Sha Tsui Canton Road is no longer a place for Hongkonger. Harbour City should be renamed and called “Mainland Chinese City”.

fattykitty: The consequence of Individual Visit Scheme, pushing up commodity and housing prices, affects the living quality of local. It is nothing but harm, except for developers.

boobeckey: After reading the statement from that mother. I worry more. I think that Individual Visit Scheme hurts safety of Hongkonger. Retard government. Can they wake up? Give me back old Hong Kong…

The abductions spark pessimistic view on the future of Hong Kong.

ac917: I think Hong Kong had disappeared. Only us, a group of  poor, powerless and inferior nobody, remain. We are like the poor and peasants in China. There is only ignored grievance because the government is useless and Beijing doesn’t care.

siujanjan: In the past, they said no change in 50 years. Now, everything has changed. I think Hong Kong these days is like Shenzhen, an economic special district in China.

secretrose: I don’t care how other places are like. I only know Hong Kong was very good in the past. Ever since Hong Kong was handed back to China in 1997, Hong Kong is going downhill.  In spite of all, I will protest on July 1st. I am against Individual Visit Scheme, self-drive tour, double negative, everything that allows Mainlander to go to Hong Kong. The last time I went to protest is during Tung Chee Hua’s period.

Mothers in there also discussed an article “Scholar said Individual Visit Scheme hurts Hong Kong”, which was published in today Apple Daily.

Seeing that Individual Visit Scheme’s tourists caused social problems, free market advocate and economist Francis T. Lui also agrees that government should change the present policy.

He said Hong Kong not only is not the biggest gainer but also pays the price for welcoming them to shop in here, which includes the rises of rent and commodity price and the decrease of local’s living quality. In order to prevent Hong Kong from sinking from an international city to a Chinese city, government needs to change policy. Francis Lui addressed tourism only makes up of 3 to 5% of Hong Kong GDP. Even though Mainland Chinese tourist spend generously in Hong Kong, designer bags and infant formula etc are not made in Hong Kong. The portion of income Hong Kong can get is limited.

He believes Individual Visit Scheme scares tourists from the West and other Asian countries. It leads to the monopolisation of tourist source. “The streets are so crowded. They don’t have the interest to come again. The hotel rates are so expensive. They also don’t come.” He also questions the saying that Individual Visit Scheme revives post-SARS Hong Kong, “Their spending only made up of 1% Hong Kong GDP, how could they save Hong Kong?” He suggests that the government should allocate lands for malls that are specifically for Mainland Chinese tourists. It can earn money and doesn’t affect the daily life of Hong Kong people.

Comments from Baby Kingdom’s mothers

溋溋: This contemptible government won’t wake up until we riot.

blue2012: Agree! The benefits of Individual Visit Scheme are always mentioned. However, no one cares how much we suffer. Even if  Hong Kong became  poor without Mainland Chinese tourists, being poor would be better than in constant fears. Also, Mainland tourists always bully. They are so arrogant.

麥兜媽: Profit, big brands earn it all; Harm, people of Hong Kong suffer it all.

haehaemama: Individual Visit Scheme helped SASA (*a cosmetics store), Bonjour (*a cosmetic store), Chow Sang Sang (*a jewelery store), Chow Tai Fook (*a jewelery store) and hotels. However, it is hard to cancel this policy as Taiwan is also welcoming Mainland tourist. Individual Visit Scheme is no longer just the business of Hong Kong.

Magi: Individual Visit Scheme only benefits big companies. Yes, it’s right that the sales of retail industry are better. People open new stores and they employ people. However, small business are being driven away, even shopping centres of public housing have became all the same (*shops from big chains), driving away the grassroots and widening the gap between the rich and the poor.

chanbebe: Agree! Mainland tourists make me don’t want to be on the urban streets and the two theme parks (*Ocean Park and Disney)!  It is because this is a suffering, not an enjoyment! Hong Kong is going to sink! Mainland tourists don’t go to country parks and only squeeze into a several streets in the urban area. It is useless to have land reclamation! Self-drive cars are coming. Self-drive ships are coming too. The release (*of Mainland Chinese, their cars and ships) is everlasting, how big is Hong Kong?

Ednice: Finally, there is a normal scholar!

Netizen Ladykylie created a poster in hope of raising the awareness of children abduction in Hong Kong.

"Not One Less"

On the night of 11th March 2012, a La Salle Primary School’s notice warning parents of children abduction was posted on Baby Kingdom.

To parents,

We received notifications from parents that on 7th March, while three lower grade students were walking to Maryknoll Convent School to take school private light bus by themselves, a middle-aged stranger tried to lure them to other places. Fortunately, these several students rejected him and an unlucky incident was avoided.

I now call on parents to patiently remind students who go to and leave the school by themselves to raise awareness of strangers and not to start conversations with them to avoid dangers.

From the headmaster of La Salle Primary School

Some members doubted the authenticity of the notice.

phoenixM: I think it doesn’t look like a normal school’s notice because the closing doesn’t have the name of the headmaster and isn’t dated. The thread opener said it was being circulated on Facebook. Do you think it’s a fraud?

luvbobo: Everyone, my son goes to La Salle Primary School. I can clear doubts about the notice.

  1. All notices from La Salle Primary School are in Chinese basically. (Except for the notice of anniversary dinner)
  2. This notice was sent through the schools’ intranet (not distributed). Therefore, it doesn’t have school’s logo and the signature from the headmaster.
  3. Today I asked my son. He said on last Friday (9th March), the headmaster had told all students about this on the morning assembly and said the stranger told several students he would bring them to an interesting place.

I hope everyone won’t regard this notice as a fraud again. Of course, you have the right not to believe…

luvbobo later posted the full letter.

This incident is on the headline of Oriental Daily today (12th March)

Invaded Prestigious School Area, Parents are in Great Panic
Children Abductors Prey on Children in La Salle

A criminologist accounts for reasons why Mainland Chinese children trafficking business would prey on Hong Kong children.

Mainlanders’ awareness is high. Criminals prey on children in the South.

It is hard to understand that Mainland Chinese abductors choose to commit crimes in Hong Kong. A criminologist analysed that Mainland Chinese parents have higher awareness of suspected children abduction since the details of such crimes were shared all over Chinese cyberspace in recent years and one-child policy makes parents treasure their children to the utmost degree. On the contrary, Hong Kong parents let their children play in parks and shopping centres. Therefore, it gives children abductors chances. As for the functions of children abduction, he said that children are mostly sold to Mainland Chinese families or even foreign countries for profits. Depending on the network of the human trafficking business, the abducted child could also be sold to the illegal organ trading market.

Netizen set up a petition, “This group sent co-signed letter to Security Bureau and urge them to pay attention to children abductions (by Mainland Chinese) so that the safety of local children will be guaranteed,” on Facebook and now it has more than 8600 people.

A netizen links children abduction rumour to tainted milk scandal.

真是好多水: Before 2008, there were several millions babies in China consumed melamine tainted infant formula and developed kidney stone and chronic renal failure. Those who are still alive should be in need of kidney transplants this year. Therefore, Mainland China need over hundred thousands of fresh kidneys to treat melamine babies!

The kidneys of Hong Kong children should be the most healthy since they have never consumed melamine tainted milk. I think abducting Hong Kong children to Mainland China is not that hard since there are thousands vehicles related to Mainland Chinese government and military vehicles crossing border daily. Most importantly, they are exempted from inspection! Therefore, if children of Mainland Chinese government officials and PLA were victims of tainted milk, they could be the buyers of high quality children kidneys.

According to Apple Daily, La Salle Primary School officially filed a police report for children abduction.

From today Sharp Daily (13th March 2012),

La Salle Primary School confirmed that on last Wednesday a stranger loitered around in front of the school and attempted to lure three students, who are in P1 to P3, with “I bring you to a restaurant”. Fortunately, these students didn’t follow. The case is being handled by Kowloon City Regional Crime Unit. The security of the school district is immediately increased.

Baby Kingdom’s mothers on the trustworthiness of Hong Kong Police Force

IFC: The police said they had never received reports of suspected children abduction. Now, suddenly, they said they have received four reports. I am really worry.

If the government were trustworthy, a sow could climb a tree.

hohobma: Hong Kong has been Mainlandised. Police force is Gong-an-ised.

28 thoughts on “Rumours of Children Abduction by Mainland Chinese Heighten in Hong Kong (Updated)

  1. Means HK is getting worse and worse. Democratically, politically, socially, and maybe soon even economically. HK is falling apart…

    1. HK is still one of the world richest place. You know during the cultural revolution the CCP killed 70 million Chinese in 1949-1976. The ancient China had 5000 years of history and was richest nation for 2000 years. But the communist rule made China today the most disgusted HATED country and people in the world. And absolutely downgrading the quality of being a Chinese.

      CHINA TODAY = No freedom, No democracy, No laws, No justice, No autonomy. Neither the freedom of speech of view. Selling fake baby milk which poisoned 300,000 in northern China. Mass producing fake products, poison and fake food & drinks. A people with low morality, who had millions of their own people abused and imprisoned by the government.


      1. HK and Macau are the only area which preserved traditional Chinese culture and writing. While China destroyed Chinese traditional culture and replaced traditional writing with simplified. If you look at history almost all Chinese in HK and Macau were result of migrants fron 1890’s who went to escape starvation, fanime, corruption from China.

  2. I remember hearing stories about HK children being kidnapped and brought to Mainland China. That was forty odd years ago; now it’s back with a vengeance. They are more savvy and well organized. And I assume, yet again, the HK govt will do ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to safeguard its residents’ rights since their priority is to kow tow to Beijing.
    I felt HK was a safe place for children when I visited 2 years ago, compared to the brazen child abduction cases by pedophiles in the West. So sad and angry to read about this news.

  3. oh jeezzz…

    the mainland’s assimilation is getting exacerbated in hk…i really hope that this site can become more popular to let more western reporters understand whats going on in hk!!!

    shame on chinese & hk government!!!

  4. Hi Webmaster,
    This is LadyKylie here, the last picture (poster) I’ve create has a direct link here so that you can see the comments too – just in case if you may not know.


  5. Take our democracy, Take our resources, Take our baby formulas, Take our real products away, Take our apartments, Take out clean streets away from us, now, you take our children?

    You’ve taken enough. Over-stayed your welcome. I think HK needs to call for Independence.

  6. The CEO of HongKong is totally useless. It started from donald tsang, he allow the Flats to rise, he allow Mainlanders and rich property tycoons to do anything in HongKong, he allowed food to rise, he allowed us HongKong to rot in caged and sub-divided flat.. He gave HongKong to Mainlanders.. Wake up HongKong.. take to the street…Let us vote for our own CEO. Look at Tong Tong.. so what if he has so many Govt years of experience, did he follow the law.. he knows its wrong to dug a hole under his home. He is so rich why dont he buy a bigger place.. look at those living in mini-flats and paying 7K a month.. he doesnt want to spend….HongKong people is nothing now in HongKong.. Continue…

      1. There is only so much one can take from another until they say NO! And it’s time Hong Kong said NO! It’s different if Hong Kong was bigger, because Hong Kong can actually (at the very least) sustain such ‘sapping’ from China, but reality is Hong Kong is a very small place! Coupled with 7 million people along with the polluting factories in the Kwangtung (Guangdong) province, it just makes things worse.

  7. One question that no one seems to be interested in asking or answering: Has anyone actually been kidnapped?

    And if so, is there any actual evidence that the kidnapper is Mainland Chinese?

    As it stands today, where is the actual threat? One child was almost abducted? This would mean that out of seven+ million people, one person was almost abducted. And the abductors are believed to be from Mainland China, meaning no one is even sure of that. But let’s say that they were. Then you have two people out of over a billion people, that are suspected of a criminal activity that didn’t even take place.

    These are just rumors, so far. And you are all acting like babies.

  8. the lesson here is there is no safe place in this world for our children. all parents should be vigilant and never trust anybody, any place. this could happen in any part of the world. child/human trafficking has been an age-old issue. we are only alarmed now because it is happening in Hong Kong. my point is, since, there is no secure place to leave our children, it will always be the parents who are at fault. always keep your eyes on your children. as parents, they are our most-priced possession, so treat them as such.

    1. It is not alarming. Get a grip.

      This is not about children being taken by strangers. This is about Hong Kong being scared of Beijing and the Mainland. The child is simply a metaphor for Hong Kong and the stranger from the Mainland represent a seemingly unstoppable force that is taking away the freedom, the old customs and the Hong Kong that we know – our child.

      What more we learnt from this piece of news:
      a) If someone tries to kidnap a child, they will not succeed and there will be a huge fuss about it
      b) No one has actually succeeded in kidnapping a child, which should make you more relaxed – not more upset.

  9. I heard today from someone that a teenage girl was almost kidnapped from China Harbour City in TST a couple of months ago. She went to the bathroom and was injected with something from some strangers to subdue her and dragged into the bathroom by 2 woman. She was then dressed in Muslim black dress covering her in full except for her eyes. Her mother was waiting outside and was very concerned her daugher was in the bathroom for a long time, when her daugter came out with the 2 woman who were also dressed all in muslim black dress the mother noticed the shoes on the girls feet and grabbed her. The 2 kidnappers escaped. I heard this from someone (an expat) who is a senior manager working in the same building. Possible attempted kidnapping for organs

    I seems the HK Police and Govt want to keep all is this quiet. The mother must have told the police about this and made a report or else my friend would not have heard about it

  10. A rumor that has not been proven…. yet the amount of useful & Willful idiots in HK is shocking. Its laughable when you hear Hong Kongies bitching and crying that the mainlanders, filipino maids, etc are killing this city. TRY A FUCKING A MIRROR you morons, perhaps then you will know WHY this city is degrading so seriously,

  11. Whilst, I think it great people are suspicious and question suspicious behavior there is a flip side. My wife who is was born in Hong Kong, but grew up in the UK and a native English speaker was questioned by a young man, I say my wife, but he spoke to my 4 year old who does not speak chinese, my wife questioned him in both in Cantonese and English, he ignored her and contiued to speak to child, my wife is obviously not from the mainland, she had the stuff a mother would have and children cry its normal, she wanted an ice cream and my wife said no, she throw a tantrum and made a dash for mcdonalds my wife caught her and was surrounded by these 3 hong kong guys be careful great but please also be careful who you accuse of kidnapping

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