CY Leung wanted to crack down on protesters in 2003

Henry Tang revealed in the Chief Executive’s debate last night that CY Leung wanted to implement Article 23 by force and was ready to crack down on protesters with riot police and tear gas in 2003.

Today Headline

Apple Daily

Tang revealed the content of high-level government official’s meeting in 2003

Leung wanted to crack down on protesters

Hong Kong Economic Journal

Tang revealed Leung’s suppression of freedom and attempt to crack down on protesters

Oriental Daily

Revealed Confidential Info on Debate. Committed Capital Crime.

Beijing is Extremely Angry. Tang Tang’s Chief Executive Dream Falls Apart

According to Hong Kong Economic Journal, Regina Ip, who was the head of the Security Bureau and responsible for the promotion of Article 23 in 2003, was surprised that Henry Tang brought back the topic of Article 23 and criticised him for revealing the content of the Executive Council.

July 14th 2003 Apple Daily

Allen Lee thinks that if the Chairman of Liberal Party, James Tien, didn’t resign from the Executive Council, there would be “bloodshed in Central” on July 9th (2003).

James Tien left his opinion of the Chief Executive’s TV debate on his Facebook

Yesterday Tang-Leung’s debate was embarrassing! Candidates use every means in their powers to defame each other – One used extramarital affairs to smear his enemy, and another one even revealed confidential content of the Executive Council!  How will the future government operate?
Many friends told me recently that they would not eat neither the rotten orange nor the rotten apple. Casting blank vote is the most responsible choice!

"Neither the rotten orange nor the rotten apple"

Netizens’ Reactions

青山大碼: That means Tang Tang revealed the truth. This is the only good deed that Tang Tang has ever done to Hong Kong.

經營: Tang Tang’s act tonight will make him the biggest loser. He mentioned two topics that Beijing is afraid to hear – freedom of speech and Article 23. He makes a very serious mistake. Everybody knows Beijing wants Article 23 so bad. This will be worse than James Tien’s revelation of the Executive Council. He doesn’t want to win and only wants to be in the common ruin. Previously, Xi Jingping and Wen Jiabao (*He is called “the best actor”) said no more “black material”. This black material he revealed even relates to Beijing. He won’t get trust and even needs immigration. I am looking forward to see those who were in meeting said “I can’t recall”.

~蘇銘倫: The plan of massacre is so serious. It can’t be revealed because of the confidential rule of the Executive Council? That’s no difference from Tiananmen Massacre? It’s too late now. If it were revealed immediately, Hong Kong could have real election or might have been independent.

HK1398: After July 1st protest (in 2003), Lee Cheuk-yan said on TV that unless the government wanted to slaughter people, the implementation of Article 23 should be postponed.  The government is really that sh*tty and wanted to open fire. Now, I finally understand the reason why Mr Tung still had the guts to introduce the bill to the Legislative Council even though there were 1M people on the street and the government was in state of collapse. They really wanted to kill people. This is really crazy.

六粒栗米飯: Between cracking down on protesters (*CY Leung) and digging hole, having extramarital affairs and being stupid (*Henry Tang), which one is more terrible?

別有用心人士: Wait and see after the wolf (*Leung) gets the throne, human rights of China will surpass Hong Kong.

v_純正業: Why do we Hongkonger have to choose between Tang and Leung! Why isn’t there an option “none of the above”? Why can’t we stop Beijing from interfering? Why do the Chief Executive have to be chosen by Beijing?

閃電怪馬: One is stupid, another one’s intention is too obvious. The former doesn’t bring change to Hong Kong and the latter is unknown and fatal. I am scary for the future of Hong Kong.

A teenager’s impression on CY Leung after interviewing him in person.

First of all, I could go to his “tea meeting” because my post got lots of likes in his Facebook page “Discuss Hong Kong Together – CY’s tea meeting”. Originally, he said the “tea party” started at 7:30pm. However, his camp called me at 4pm that he suddenly got a notice from a forum and decided to go. Therefore, the “tea party” started one and half hour earlier…I felt that something wasn’t right. Later, I searched online to check the name of tonight Chief Executive’s forum. It was a forum by Alliance for Universal Suffrage. He said earlier that he would not go to that one because he had to prepare for his explanation in Legislative Council. Originally, I appreciated you for meeting those who are not with you. I wanted to praise your guts for seeing the opposition side. However, your petty actions reveal your wolf’s tail.

CY, if you wanted to go to that forum, why would you organise “Discuss Hong Kong Together – CY’s tea meeting”? You only go to places that allow you take verbal advantages. If you became the Chief Executive, you would not visit districts and listen to public voice. In fact, I could not feel your sincerity in our 1-hour meeting. You only want to keep your perfect image, therefore you met us like that. Others may not see what had gone wrong. However, don’t think we are stupid.

Second, in the meeting, he said in a very severe tone that the future government and Hongkonger had the “responsibility” to implement Article 23. He previously repeated that “Get consensus first. The society can discuss it in slow pace” and pretended to respect the public opinion. He is double-faced and his acting is really good. Donald Tsang is bad already. If CY got the throne, Hong Kong would be bad for 5 to 10 years.

Third, in the tea meeting, no other people were talking except him. I had never seen such a tea party that regulations were set. “Everyone only has 3 minutes to talk”, what kind of regulation is it? A debate? In fact, setting rules is more convenient for you to win and avoid questions you don’t want to answer. Tiananmen Massacre? I have never seen you answered it. You were not discussing problems. I have never seen such a shameless person.

In conclusion, if he became the Chief Executive, within this 5 or 10 years, besides implementing Article 23, freedoms of assembly and speech and even voting rights would be all stripped. I don’t know what would happen in Hong Kong. Maybe developer hegemony would be ended. However, in future, new hegemony would appear (Triad society? + second-rate developer + local communists) and their destroy to Hong Kong would be much more serious than that of developer hegemony nowadays. At that time, the headlines of Hong Kong newspapers would be scandals of Tang camp or pan-democratic. Maybe you think I am a bit exaggerated. However, this guy is so perfect that even pro-Beijing party (like the boss of Singtao) don’t understand him. “Anyone but CY” is not just misunderstandings of a short period of time. I can foresee that he will revenge on lots of people. From tonight, I hope everyone will follow me to anti CY. With him, Hong Kong will still be bad.

令狐小翠: Thinking back how the Communist Party cheated and controlled the country, in fact, CY Leung is using the same strategy. First, get the support of grassroots and low-income class. Then, disclose scandals of the current powers. Finally, seize power with force and rule dictatorially.

March 20th Apple Daily’s Headline

James Tien confirmed the crackdown speech in the Executive Council.
CY Lueng: Deploy Riot squad
Another: Deploy PLA

15 thoughts on “CY Leung wanted to crack down on protesters in 2003

  1. How can anyone believes what a person who has NO INTEGRITY WHATSOEVER said without him producing witnesses or evidence? He was lying in front of all 7 million people (and was not sweating) and the whole one when he said that it was only a couple of illegal structures in No. 7 York Road. He has been lying and been hiding behind his wife’s skirt. The illegal structure of a 2400 basement were done during the time he was a Senior Civil Servant! How many times has he been lying to us? Sorry I do not think that we can trust him or believe in a single word in what he said.

  2. Edwin, Pun, it’s really up to you. However since as any sensible man can expect many were present in that meeting, Henry Tang’s statement has been independently confirmed by Regina Ip (albeit somewhat indirectly) and other unnamed members as reported by Kay Hiu Fung from the media.

  3. Talk abt choosing between a rock and a hard place! Anyway, this is a ‘small circle election’ folks, so nothing to get upset abt.

  4. I don’t believe CY would announce to all and sundry at EXCO about the teargas – even if he really wanted it in his heart.

    It is widely known – even in the late Nineties – that CY was interested in the CE post. It would
    be out of character for someone like him to openly declare a widely unpopular proposal detrimental to his long term goals.

    On who is the proven liar, we all know don’t we, as Edwin Pun have eloquently put it.

    And, why doesn’t the Buildings Department get to meet any member of the family?

    Also, why is there no action from the Inland Revenue Department since when he transfered the half share to his wife in 2010, he would have lied to the Department about total footage of the house, thus paying much less stamp duty?

    Am also surprised that Beijing did not do a proper background check before they put forward such an embarassing specimen – shows their intelligensia is sorely lacking where Hong Kong is concerned. Which should be good news to all of us.

  5. Regarding the tea party: I have attended a “tea gathering” organized by one of the universities in Hong Kong which involved 100+ students and around a dozen professional people sitting at tables while we all listened to the university administrators make speeches for about 45 minutes. So I guess CY’s tea meeting was not unique.

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