Under “China-Hong Kong integration”, people would rather believe in rumours

The followings are important cases that lead to the mistrust of the police.

Ever since the digitalisation of the police communication system in 2004, reporters can no longer eavesdrop on police radio to get first-hand news and have to depend on info released by police. However, according to a survey of Hong Kong Journalists Association, many serious cases were not made known to the public after the digitalisation.

Case 1: Covering up of Tsang Kwan O’s Stabbings

October 9th 2011 Apple Daily,

A man with an 1-inch long knife loitered around Tsang Kwan O on the day before yesterday and stabbed 4 male pedestrians in 11 hours. The police have yet revealed details of these cases. After being acknowledged the serial stabbings, residents of Tsang Kwan O were in panic. There were rumours circulating on the internet that schools in the region reminded students of the cases in order to prevent them from becoming the next victim. It was said that Kwun Tong Police District’s Regional Crime Unit is investigating it.

(*The nature of these stabbings. The details of the attacks are not translated.) 4 victims of the stabbings are males. 3 are middle-aged and 1 is a teenager. All of them don’t know each other and the stabber. The reason of attacks is unknown. All of them are not in life-threatening situations but are scared.

Even though the crazy criminal stabbed 4 people in two days, police have yet revealed the incident to the public. Rumours are being circulated among Tsang Kwan O’s residents.

Another female netizen whose last name is Hung left a message in a forum claiming that her 19-year-old girl friend whose last name is Wong was attacked near the bike lane opposite to King Lam Estate on the night of October 6th. The police can’t verify the authenticity of Hung’s case.

The headmaster of TWGHS Lui Yun Choy Memorial College in Po Lam Estate said he had not received notification from the police and never heard of such cases himself and from other schools in the region. However, he will remind student to increase awareness of personal safety if he decides that the stabbings maybe true. Residents of Tsang Kwan O also expressed that the police should not cover up because of face and info should be released immediately to allow them to defend themselves.

Right after the report, 4 members from Tsang Kwan O’s District Board protested in front of Po Lam Station.

2 days after the report, police arrested the stabber. According to Apple Daily, one of the victims even called a radio station to describe the whole course of the attack.

Case 2: Fire Department said the fire was suspicious while the police said it was a suicide.

January 6th 2011 Apple Daily,

A building that is being acquired by Richfield Realty Ltd was on fire
A man who slept in a ground-floor hardware store was burnt to become charcoal

Since there were 3 origins of fire and the rate of fire spread was abnormal, Fire Department determined that it was suspicious and transferred to the police. Mong Kok Police Station believed that the fire was not of criminal nature and suspected that the victim burned himself or the fire was caused by accident. The corpse is arranged to be examined by forensic medical expert.

Most of the residents of Hoi On Building have moved away and only several owners of roof houses remain. Richfield Realty Ltd has posted notices that the eviction deadline is by 31st of last month. A resident claims that the reason of not moving away is because of unsatisfactory compensation. She said, since 2009, this is the third times that fire happened.

Richfield Realty Ltd, which is acquiring the building, said they have acquired 97%, including the hardware store. However, the lease of the store has not ended yet. Several roof houses’ residents are still negotiating with the company because they don’t have ownerships.

Richfield Realty Ltd set up a big red banner on top of the building on fire to “congratulate” residents there for getting acquisition compensation.

In recent years, there are many fires happened in old buildings in areas that are under acquisitions and many lives were lost. Netizen think these fires are related to the developer and blame the police for siding with developer hegemony.

Netizen even rewrote the lyrics of a famous Minnan song “愛拚才會贏” to mock the developer and the police. (*I won’t add subtitles to and upload the video.)

(*The euphemisms of developers are bracketed.)

我來自甜心 “I am from [Sweetheart]”

唔願信命 甜心早註定
Refuses to believe in fate. [Sweetheart] has already decided.

[Sacred cow] causes old buildings to be on fire.

要將劏房收併, 夜半迫遷不會停
Have to acquire “subdivided rooms”. Evictions at midnight won’t stop.

就算火燒通頂, 手尾唔會長
Even the fire burns to the roof. The consequence won’t be serious.

豪宅 哪怕是再起萬二幢
Luxury property. No worry to build 12 thousands more.

發展商 上門夾硬搶
Developers. Rob at home.

敢放敢做, 鎖閘點火膽粗氣壯
Dare to arson, dare to do. Lock gate, set fire, fearless.

Being poor has to lose life. [Bastard] is really happy.

Murder, Golden belt. (*Bad people have good lives.)

無奈怨命 甜心很老定,
Helpless. Accept fate. [Sweetheart] is very clam.

[Sacred cow] starts fire in one’s homeland when one’s in dream.

為了收樓改建, 焗你七級火裡眠
To acquire for rebuilding, forcing you to sleep in level-7 fire

住客竟敢反抗 的確嫌命長
Residents dare to resist. They really don’t afraid to die.

門閘 哪怕是再裝二十道
Door gate, no worry to install 20 more.


They set fire, no one dares to on their way.

警界倚傍,倒油倒火水 癲夾喪
Police by their sides. Pour oil pour gasoline. Crazy and mad.

Don’t look around if you are poor. Sell your room immediately. Beware of eviction thugs

Depend on the command of forced sale. Asserts are all cleared.

Indulging the barbarity of the (bastard).

An essay on March 16th 2012 Apple Daily analysed the reason why people would rather believe in rumours.

Under “China-Hong Kong integration”, people would rather believe in rumours

In prosperous and stable days , urban myth was just novelty seeking for the public in leisure time. It served like ghost stores. However, government officials and tycoons all advocate China-Hong Kong integration, which gives rise to the conflict between China and Hong Kong. Under the period that both HKSAR government and the police are facing the unprecedented creditability crisis, citizen have nothing but their own hands to defend their own rights. Therefore, a small rumour can make everyone scares and firmly believes that the clarification by the authority is unreliable. There’s no smoke without fire. Hearing and witnessing all the ridiculousness in Mainland China, everyone holds the self-defending mindset “It is better to believe” and spread rumours and warnings among each other.

The less transparent the system is, the more doubts one raises . Why was Mainland China the origin of panic-buying of salt? It is because of the black-box operation under this one party dictatorship – disclosing facts can be charged with “leaking national security.” Citizen become victims of blockade of free flow of information and government-business collusion. Therefore, they would rather believe in rumours than statements of the authority. These days, “one country, two systems” is turning into “one country, one system,” scandals of the government and cover-ups of the police ruin the trust from the public.

“Hearing and witnessing all the ridiculousness in Mainland China, everyone holds the self-defending mindset ‘It is better to believe'”

3 thoughts on “Under “China-Hong Kong integration”, people would rather believe in rumours

    1. Don’t believe so.. At least not for Hong Kong Police. Maybe for American, and Western law enforcement groups/governments. But, not in the East, I don’t think so… Plus, HKPF is known for being Asia’s Finest (Police), and that alone doesn’t give any reason for anyone to make one, there isn’t an suspicions. But clearly, it is all Beijing’s doing, by masking a broken down, democracy-stripped Hong Kong with a “democratic” and “successful” Hong Kong.

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