Netizens are horrified as CY Leung is set to win the CE “Election”/3.23 Civil Referendum Hacked and Resutls

Cartoonist Cuson Lo was banned from accessing his Facebook account for a day after posting this work.

As CY Leung is set to win the CE “Election” with 700 votes, netizens are in great horror and pessimistic about the future of Hong Kong.

交叉咁染: [Disappointed] I have never been that pessimistic about Hong Kong. I have never felt that scared.

Yes, Henry Tang is useless, stammers when he speaks and has no ability. However, at least he is tolerant. He has never been angry even we photoshopped his pictures crazily. Scandals of his affairs are juicy – the palace of Tang, sex on sofa, infidelity etc. There are so many gossips. Wow, it is really good; Wow, it is really entertaining; Wow, everyone can laugh at him and has great fun.
On the other hand, CY Leung? Implementing Article 23 forcibly, cracking down on protesters and removing his political platforms. He has been tricky for so many years. He evades all the responsibilities by saying “I don’t know”, “I can’t recall” and “it’s not my business.”
On TV debates, he only avoided answering questions. His biggest political achievement is leading locusts into Hong Kong.
He attempted to shorten the license of CRHK. Everyone has no freedom of speech. He is able, therefore he doesn’t need to hear your voice; He is able, therefore you have to be managed by him.

az-687: Really f**king agree. Once freedom is lost, it will be hard to reclaim it. Choosing a lesser of the two evils, it is that simple.

中島小小姐: I have never been so scared and worried so much for the land in which I was raised. I have never seen such a tension from other members. The atmosphere is so scary.

藍白紅: In fact, all people with good sense know that “no change in 50 years” is just a candy cajoling Hongkonger. China will fully control Hong Kong sooner or later. However, I don’t expect that Hong Kong has already been under the management of the Communist member in just less than 15 years. Hongkongers had always been dreaming all these years and avoided the fact. They thought that there would be 50 years. Suddenly, we are awake and recognised that Hong Kong is doom after March 25th.

Henry Tang was photoshopped into the photo of Zhao Ziyang before Tiananmen Massacre.

Sorry, I am late! No matter how you say about me, criticise me, it is all right. However, CY Leung will really f**king run over you with tanks!

CY Leung: The Liaison Office of the Central People’s Government works for Hong Kong (from Hong Kong Economic Journal)

(*The last paragraph) Anti-reclamation activists need to “pay the price” (from Hong Kong Economic Journal)

It was said that during the period that Harbour Protection was very active in opposing the reclamation of Victoria Harbour years ago, CY Leung openly expressed in the Executive Council that the core of Harbour Protection including Winston Ka Sun Chu (a laywer) will have to “pay the price” and this horrified those who were in the meeting.

Winston Ka Sun Chu

Message 1: I wonder how environment activists who are anti developer hegemony think.  (*The writer supposed that people who oppose developer hegemony support CY Leung.)

Message 2: Second and third rated development companies and red capitalist building companies will share the profits of reclamation.

Message 3: Developer hegemony will still be here. However, the fates of dissidents are worse than now.

Message 4: If dog is used as an analogy, the hegemony of the first rated development companies is like rich and fierce dogs that eat steaks every meal. Second and third rated development companies and red capitalist building companies are like hungry dogs that have never tasted the smell of meat for a long time. When those bony and hungry dogs smell the reeking of blood (benefit), they will tear the prey apart to enjoy it.

“3.23 Civil Referendum”

Today, HKU holds a mock referendum called “3.23 Civil Referendum” online (website, android and apple apps) and in polling stations.

3.23 Civil Referendum's App

According to March 22th Apple Daily,

It was said that the Liaison Office of the Central People’s Government asked DAB and other pro-Beijing political organisations to mobolise people to vote CY Leung. Local elderly are arranged to vote CY Lueng in polling stations. On the other hand, DAB and other pro-Beijing political parties got hold of many voters’ information such as ID numbers. They have already ordered large amounts of phone cards to “help” Hong Kong citizen who live in Mainland China to vote CY Leung. All in all, they want to create the illusion that CY Leung gets lots of supports and wish members of the voting committee will be submitted to vote this wolf.

Bloggers’ reactions

Blogger Kay Lam: Focus to cast blank vote. The number of blank vote must be more than that of CY Leung. Don’t waste any vote on Albert Ho! If you vote for Albert Ho, the number of blank vote will be reduced and the result will be exploited by the Wolf to say that the Wolf gets the most support.

However, blogger Diamond Chan doesn’t agree with the mock referendum.

Blogger Diamond Chan: I heard that there is a game called “Online Election of the Chief Executive”. The candidates are still Tang, Leung and Ho. It was said that the public can express their opinions by voting the Chief Executive. Many people online are so enthusiastic about it. Some people even got irritated when they could not cast votes online (*hacked). I only want to ask a very basic question.

What’s the f**king point of voting? What an earth is “Online Election of the Chief Executive”? If voting online were equal to real voting, could it be called “online democracy”? Besides, were Tang, Leung and Ho the candidates that the public would have been approved?

Why are people these days so funny? This is a “small circle” and fake election. Only 1200 rich and powerful and beneficiaries of this system can vote. Candidates are chosen by Beijing. Is this the so-called democracy that Hongkonger are glad to see? If this is, then don’t say there is no democracy.

The funniest thing is that if these three candidates don’t represent Hongkonger, why do people put so many efforts to vote for them, and what’s more funnier is that it is an “online voting”. F**king crazy. Those who played in this game, have you ever thought about what have you done? Do you find yourself laughable?

3.23 Civil Referendum is under systematic attacks.

"3.23 Civic Referendum" is hacked.

軒轅劍斬港奸: Yesterday the Liaison Office said that opinion polls should be regulated by law. On the same day, the website of 3.23 Civil Referendum is hacked. What does it reveal?

令孤小翠: Today the Communist Party attack the referendum. If CY becomes CE, it won’t be possible to have universal suffrage in 2017?

Civic Party members protested the hacking in Polytechnic University’s polling station.

Source: HKSpeak UP

In front of Polling stations

Queue of Polytechnic University's polling station
Queue of Pak Tin Estate's polling station
Source: 龍耳社
Queue of Y-Square's polling station
Sham Shui Po's Polling Station
Queue of Tuen Mun's polling station
Queue of Tai Wai's polling station

“3.23 Civil Referendum” was extended one more day due to the hacking. The following are pictures taken on March 24th.

Sheung Wan's Polling Station.
Cheung Sha Wan's Polling Station
Central's Polling Station
Queue of Tai Wai's Polling Station

Inside a polling station

A "ballot" in a polling station. Source: Now TV

Suspected Frauds Even in the Mock Election

A netizen who tried to vote online complained that his ID number (*of Hong Kong Identity Card) was stolen and had been used to vote.

金鐘站: F**k you the Liaison Office. They are really fabricating public opinion. I swear on my life that I have not yet voted, and not with my own ID number. (*The following is his screen capture.)

You ID number has already been used to vote. (*in red bracket)

I strongly request that professor Robert Chung should separate results of online and polling stations.

Another netizen said his friend overheard a conversation of a suspected election fraud.

Bench_Warmer: My friend is in the queue of Tuen Mun’s polling station. The elderly behind him was on the phone calling more people to vote because a bowl of BBQ pork rice will be provided for voting (*He implies that DAB and other pro-Beijing organisations are manipulating the mock election. Gifting food is a major strategy for pro-Beijing political parties to gain voter support.)

A box of Chinese New Year cake printed with the picture of a DAB politician.

In the end,

大本彩乃: Hong Kong only lives one more day. Tomorrow (March 25th) is the end of the World.

Results of Civic Referendum

Top to bottom: CY Leung, Albert Ho, Henry Tang, Abstention

According to Now TV,

Over 220,000 people voted and about 54% cast protested votes. None of the candidates got over 20% votes.

Results of 3.23/3.24 Civil Referendum

Henry Tang got more votes than CY Leung from polling stations!

A sign from yesterday anti “small circle” election protest

Our ascendants came here to flee from the Communist Party. Please don’t let our descendants back to the evil claws again.

A Mock Chief Executive’s Election in a Primary School

Pentecostal Gin Mao Sheng Primary School (*The school is in Fanling. I suppose it has many “double negative” students because it is located near Mainland China.)

“I want to choose the Chief Executive!”

Total: 785 votes

CY Leung: 190 votes

Albert Ho: 48 votes

Henry Tang: 185 votes

Abstention: 335 votes

Voting Date: March 23th 2012 (Friday)

5 thoughts on “Netizens are horrified as CY Leung is set to win the CE “Election”/3.23 Civil Referendum Hacked and Resutls

  1. Popvote has been attacked by hackers.

    The forces of darkness, my children.

    Go vote at one of the centres instead:

    POP has confirmed initially that there will be 10 polling stations in different districts of Hong Kong on the day of the “3.23 Civil Referendum Project”:

    1 .The Hong Kong Polytechnic University
    2.The exhibition gallery of the Tuen Mun Town Hal
    3.Y-Square (Y2) in Chai Wa
    4.Assembly Hall, 6 Sassoon Road, Pokfulam, Hong Kong (HKU)
    5. Ho Tim Hall of The University of Hong Kong
    6. Main Campus of The University of Hong Kong
    7. City University of Hong Kong
    8. Hong Kong Federation of the Blind (Shun Chi Street, Kwun Tong)
    9. Silence Association (Pak Tin Estate, Shek Kip Mei)
    10. Hong Kong Association of the Deaf (Ap Lei Chau Estate, Aberdeen)

  2. So now that CY has announced to completely deny mainland mothers entry in HK and therefore do a good thing for HK people how come this site does conveniently not post about it? I guess you prefer to keep up the hysteria about CY Leung “destroying” HK. Your site is so biased, it’s sad. There are a lot of things wrong with HK today, mainland influence etc. but you should post about the positive things too.

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