The Victory of CY Leung: The Death of Hong Kong

The devastated pig
The wolf won with 689 votes.

Protest Votes from this small-circle election

“Against small circle election”

Unfortunate Coincidences

飛鳥盡涼宮藏: Taiwan’s Ma Ying-jeou was elected with 6.89 million votes. Hong Kong’s CY Leung was elected with 689 votes! (Ridiculous icon)

Taiwan: 6.89 millions votes; Hong Kong; 689 votes

CY Leung to Ma Ying-jeou: Join “one country two systems”, you are guaranteed to be elected!

的士怒漢: CY Leung, 689 votes, 6+8+9=?
Sad_Pistols: 23 (*The unlucky number for Hong Kong is 23 – Article 23  , the ultimate goal that Beijing wants CY Leung to achieve. In 2003, he attempted to crack down on protesters who were against it. (*I saw people asking what is Article 23. I give my simplest answer in here. Essentially, if you say or do something the authority don’t like, you will be thrown in jail. Article 23 will mark the end of “one country two systems”.)


The wolf CY Leung mentions Article 23 immediately after his victory. According to RTHK,

CY Leung: HKSAR has the responsibility to legislate Article 23

Netizens mourn the victory of CY Leung by changing their profile pictures to 香港RIP (Hong Kong RIP) in Facebook.


Lam: Observe a moment of silence for Hong Kong. Today, it is a day that ought to feel heartbroken and shed tears. R.I.P.

A netizen replaces 5 petals with 5 wolves.

Another mourning profile pic on Facebook.

Hong Kong is f**king done.

Netizens’ Mourning

Chan: To Mr Tang and Public Opinion Unresponsive Hong Kong. RIP.
BTW, Mr Tang, drink your sorrow away!

This city is dying, you know?

Blogger Kay Lam posted the following photo, “Hong Kong  lights go off”, to mourn the death of Hong Kong.

“The Death of Hong Kong 1841-2012”

However, the photo he posted “violates the Facebook terms.”

Kay Lam said in his blog,

CY Leung becomes the future CE for just 3 hours, the (FB) account of Lam Kay (*Now it was revived after complaints.) was banned and the reason is that the photo “Hong Kong lights go off” is violent and hatred-flaming…I would like to ask how it violates Facebook terms? After CY Leung was elected for a few hours, I posted it on my Facebook and said, “The last light of Hong Kong is extinguished. The Death of Hong Kong 1841-2012.”
I’ve written blog posts on Facebook for 5 to 6 years and had never encountered something like this. What’s the meaning of this action? It’s like HKU Civic Referendum was attacked by the Communist Party. They want to use this method to stop me from using Facebook and talking.
Can you imagine what will happen after he takes up the post?

A pepper-sprayed demonstrator

Comrade Leung

Grandpa (a satirical slang for Beijing) decides. HK R.I.P.

Netizens found that he was called “Camrade Leung Chun-ying” on (人民網) while the Chief Executive of Macao, Chui Sai On, and the former Hong Kong Chief Executive Tung Chee Hwa were not called “Comrade”. “Comrade Leung Chun-ying” was immediately deleted and now is a censored keyword on Weibo.

“Comrade Leung Chun-ying” on

“Comrade Leung Chun-ying” is now a censored term in Weibo.

CY Mao

According to March 21st 2012 Apple Daily.

The Survey of City University’s Faculty Members Exposed: The Ethics of CY Leung is Almost Zero.

How brutal is the Chief Executive candidate CY Leung? City University of Hong Kong Teachers’ Union carried out a survey that graded the performance of Leung as City University’s Council Chairman. In the end, his performance was widely criticised. On a 10-point maximum scale, Leung scores near 0 point in all the characters’ categories. His leading ability only scores an extremely low 1.25 point. Some faculty members describe that Leung is dictatorial like Mao Zedong and worry that today City University is the future of Hong Kong.

Even though City University was under the strong leadership of CY Leung, faculty members only gave 1.25 point to his leading ability and an extremely low 0.86 point to his overall performance. Faculty members criticised harshly that Leung is dictatorial. A senior faculty member who has worked for City University for 25 years castigated that Leung is the worst Council Chairman ever. Some faculty members said that the management of Leung was like Nazi creating white terrors and suppressing freedom of speech inside the school recklessly. Some staffs even compared his 3-year realm as the dark age that Hong Kong was under the siege of the Japanese for 3 years and 8 months. City University was like China that was under the dictatorship of Mao Zedong.

Some staffs accused Leung of using City University as his political stage. In order to build up his own achievements, he set up the College of Veterinary dogmatically without consulting staffs and under the opposition of the government. He then squeezed hard-earned money from staffs by reforming salary system to fund the costly vet school project.

Netizen parallels the situation of Hong Kong right now with 1949 China.

堂前燕: Human make the same mistake, from Mao Zedong to CY Leung

Mao Zedong

Before 1949: He promised to equalise lands’ rights, implement land reform, give a better life.
After 1949: Due to Great Leap Forward and retard policies etc, tens of millions in China died in famine. The most prosperous city in Asia, Shanghai, regressed. Commerce and economy were in state of collapse.

Before 1949: He criticised the dictatorship of Chiang Kai-shek and KMT. However, other political parties including the Communist Party could still survive.
After 1949: One party dictatorship. All the other parties are either just decorations or defined as illegal.

Before 1949: He criticised that KMT suppressed freedom of speech.
After 1949: “Sensitive word” “Sensitive word” “Sensitive word” “Blocked” “Blocked” “Blocked”

Before 1949: He respected scholars.
After 1949: Many scholars were oppressed to commit suicide or become insane.

Before 1949: He promised to give democratic choices.
After 1949: Vote my a**

CY Leung

Before election: He promised that he would not participate in election for n terms.
After election: He expects that he will participate in election 5 years later.

Before election: I am not the material of politician.
After election: I have the ability to be the Chief Executive.

Before election: Beijing Incident (*Tiananmen Massacre) made Hongkonger lost all the trust in the Chinese government.
After election: Tiananmen Massacre certainly is a tragedy for the Chinese people. However, the truth is still unclear.

I wonder why people were that stupid to believe Mao Zedong. Now, I am facing the same situation and recognise that human make the same mistake inevitably.

堂前燕 (*he continues): Shen Xuhui (a Hong Kong scholar) was forced to stop his column. Lam Kay’s facebook was complained because of the picture “Hong Kong lights go off”. Robert Chung’s opinion poll was hacked. Political commentator Lau Yui-siu’s commentary was altered (*to support CY Leung) without his permission. Don’t tell me that these are not coincidences.

Sai Wan (*where the headquarter of the Liaison Office is located) rules Hong Kong. Legislate Article 23

We must liberate Hong Kong

Hong Kong’s Hitler

Against me? You guys don’t act foolishly!

League of Dictators

How to swallow? I was very naive, very stupid. I thought that there was “one country two systems”.  Who knows it is a piece of sh*t? 5 years, 5 years and another 5 years (*It was said that there would be universal suffrage in 2007 . Later, it was delayed to 2012. Now, it was promised that there would be one in 2017…)  We are in our home field. Why have we become idiots? You tell lies. F***….I can’t really swallow….

“The Communist rules Hong Kong” on the wall inside Lingnan University

The Conclusion from March 25th 2012 episode of RTHK’s “Hong Kong Connection”  (*English version of Hong Kong Connection is not provided after CY Leung won!)

In the next 5 years, the governance of HKSAR will be worse than the eras of Tung Chee Hwa and Donald Tsang. It won’t be a bit worse but will be much worse. The government that is leaded by interest groups will only be more closed.

Nin Yuet Cheng (*a scholar and a political commentator)
23rd March 2012

***I just added a CY Leung’s category. Go through posts about him. ***

10 thoughts on “The Victory of CY Leung: The Death of Hong Kong

  1. Remember that FB policies are written by lawyers in the United States, where the thing they are most worried about is terrorism. So, my guess is that the photo caption was somehow [wrongly] assumed to be a kind of extreme statement *calling for*, rather than *describing*, the death of HK.

      1. It’s likely that someone flagged the picture as offensive. The picture will be taken down while it’s under review from staffers. And that could who knows how long before the photo is determined that it doesn’t violate the terms of use.

  2. well, after 35 years, Hong Kong will totally be China’s,and no one can change the fact.
    the choice left for us to take is to accept, or immigrate.
    but im so going to the July 1st march this year!!!

  3. I’ve heard that CY is a vengeful person, ie, that’s where his wolf name came from. Can anyone highlight incidents in the past which showed his ruthless character?

  4. The Dance with Wolf will be played every day in Hong Kong from July 1st. Watch that movie and weep.

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