Hong Kong Netizens Rewrote Songs to Mourn the End of “One Country Two Systems”/The Daughter of CY Leung is the New Goddess for Geeks/Rumours of Youtube is Accessible in China

Hong Kong Netizens Rewrote Songs to Mourn the End of “One Country Two Systems”. (*There are many songs.I will post more later.)

The first song is rewritten from Candy Lo’s “Please Breakup” 好心分手.

共產黨掌管 香港遭惡禍
Under the rule of the Communist Party, Hong Kong is in disaster.
六百八十票 振英登基啦
680 votes, CY is crowned.
狼心已浮現了 立例巡邏
The heart of wolf surfaces, legislates laws to patrol

狼心態的確太可怕 我很怕
The attitude of wolf is really terrifying. I scare.
回頭望 共喝酒 橫蠻極權怒斥過
Look back, drank wine together, condemned the barbaric dictatorship
背國歌 頌國黨 如無力捱沒協助
Memorise national anthem, praise the party. Feeling powerless, no assistance.
下半生 留在這 重提到六四悲歌
The rest of my life, stay in here, reminds me of the tragedy of Tiananmen Massacre
又教唆 又煞科
(It was said that students of Tiananmen Protest were) instigated. (It is time to) end.

「Twenty three」將要通過 和諧歲月太坎坷
“Twenty three” will soon be passed. The period of “harmony” will be tough.
今天他接管我 人權救治再三拖
Today he takes the seat. The rescue of human rights is delayed again.
被侮辱和冷落 沒有反抗如別國
Being humiliated and ignored. Can’t resist like other countries.
就似沒法抵擋閃躲 只能用普通話上課
It is like there is no way to resist; It is like there is no place to hide. Can only use Mandarin in class.

是否想當初 想返英國吧
Do you want the old days? Want to return to Britain!
望向對面那 澳門多好啊
Looking at the opposite side of the sea, Macao is so good!
如今我麻木到 極度祟洋
Now I am so numb that I worship the West crazily
何解這港鐵國產化 有支那
Why do MTR buy “made in China” trains? Have Cina (*derogatory name for China)

回頭望  望最初 懷念舊時候的我
Look back, look at the beginning, yearn for the old self
示過威  撞過板 言論自由沒寄望
protested, got in trouble, freedom of speech is still no hope.
下半生 牢獄裡 餘暇歲月也不多
The rest of life, in jail, leisure time no more
共抗爭 沒結果
Resist together, no results

普選一早要給我 為何惡例這麼多
Universal suffrage should be given to me. Why are there so many evil laws?
偏左想約束我 人民再沒法囉嗦
Pro-Beijing parties want to restrict me. The citizen can’t speak up.
是界別常惹禍 導致反派埋沒我
It is the fault of the functional constituency. It leads to the control of pro-Beijing parties that cover my voice up.
若教訓已汲取得多 今年什麼也超錯
Learned many lessons. Everything in this year is so wrong.

It is hard to flee from anti-riot cannons

CY當選搏不過 「何唐」上任也很錯
It is bad that CY is elected. Even if “Ho and Tang” took the seat, it would still be wrong.
選邊位至好過 原來欠實幹一哥
Which selections will lead to good life? In the end, lacks a pragmatic boss
是註定還折墮 沒有保障還是我
Is it fate or karma? I still have no protection.
直到鬧到一七普選 將狼特首炒魷救我

"Feeling Powerless. No Assistance"

The second song is “C瓜”.


The Daughter of CY Leung is the New Goddess for Geeks
The 25th March issue of Oriental Sunday calls the daughter of CY Leung, the lady in orange, “the New Goddess for Geeks” and many netizens vent their anger towards CY Leung by humiliating her.

A doctored magazine cover

A pork chop (*a slang for ugly or fat woman) is still a piece of meat. It is better than masturbation.

Netizens’ Harsh Comments

Message 1: A netizen posted a screen capture that reads “You must answer me, fu*k or don’t fu*k?”

Message 2: I would rather stick my penis into sand.

Message 3: I would rather feed shark with my penis.

奮戰到底: It is too mean. His wife and children are innocent.

沒袋高考生: (*he posted the picture of Miss Piggy.)

濕膠王: (*he quoted 奮戰到底) After Article 23, his crime hurts everyone’s wife and children.

bbjai: After the legislation of Article 23, you will be sentenced (*to jail). RIP

Netizens even compare her with daughters of Chris Patten

A netizen’s comment

Hudson: This is the proof that the society of Hong Kong is in downward spiral as time goes by.

Rumours of China Lifting the Ban of Youtube
A netizen from Xiamen, Fujian posted a screen capture of him assessing to Youtube (add https) without any VPNs or proxies. I heard that the rumour also applies to Facebook.

Special! Special! Special! Youtube is accessible without any VPNs or proxies and videos can be watched normally.

Some netizens said they could access to YouTube directly but they couldn’t view videos.

According to Mingpao

The ban of Youtube is lifted in some parts of Mainland China
Youtube was open to parts of Mainland China yesterday. Users can sign up and log in, however, not every video can be loaded and only info and comments can be viewed.
Some users said they could watch videos of public welfare and sports. Users of China Telecom claimed that they could open Youtube after adding https.

(Hong Kong) Netizens Comments

屙屎屙出血: I don’t know why people are so happy? If you have studied the history of power struggles of the Chinese Communist Party, you will know what is happening. In order to get rid of Liu Shaoqi, Mao Zedong created the mess of Cultural Revolution. Now, Hu Jintao and Wen Jiabao can rehabilitate victims of Tiananmen Massacre just to get rid of Jiang Zemin. Next time, Xi Jinping can get rid of Hu and Wen with other terrible strategies. It will never end.

Wong: Mainland China is opening up while Hong Kong is tightening up. Complementing one another. “One country one system” is officially implemented.

As  rumours of rehabilitating victims of Tiananmen Massacre, lifting bans of Youtube and Facebook heighten,

溫珠寶_623: Chinese say they will kick Hongkonger out if China has democracy. I saw many people said this in Tianya (*a popular forum in China)

劉鑾鴻: (Like) Malaysia expelled Singapore? If it is so, I don’t mind.

James_LaBrie: How to kick us out? Slaughtering Hongkongers like Nanjing Massacre?

武裝戰線: Deploy tanks again

James_LaBrie: It’s normal. Telling them to use tanks to protect their home is hard. Using tanks to handle citizen without weapons is their specialty. Long live the democratic new China

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  1. I don’t know why you haven’t covered the story of the Filipina residency rights, Court of Appeal overturned 2 days ago. Surely the HK netizens would have something to say about that?

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