CY Leung’s luxury brands loving Mainland Chinese assitant Chen Ran Praises Communism

The following article is taken from Next Magazine issue 1156, which was published on May 3rd 2012. Only the first two paragraphs, summary of the article, and the core part are translated.

Cover Story

Investigation in Shanghai
CY Leung’s closest Communist Youth League
Chen Ran’s road to success

CY Leung ignores rules and is determined to employ non-Hong Kong resident and member of the Communist Youth League, Chen Ran, as Hong Kong government official. He even explains that recruitment should be based on talent instead of political background. How not to look at one’s political background? We went to Shanghai to investigate Chen Ran’s background. Also, from her blog and Facebook, we discovered that she still has Fengqing attitude after 6 years in Hong Kong and does not agree with Hongkonger’s protest for universal suffrage. On the other hand, the Liaison Office helped her to become the Chief Secretary of Hua Jing Society, “Club for Children of Mainalnd Chinese Officials”. Later she was arranged to be the assistant of CY, going up in the world rapidly.

The Liaison Office said in 2008 that it advocated for “second power centre” to control Hong Kong. Today, Chen Ran, who is incompatible with Hongkonger, becomes official, “second power” is building its army.

“The Prada bag…is worth about 14,000 HKD.”
“Can’t take off Prada even at work”

The Best in the World – Communism

Chen Ran went to Tsing Hua University for a year, then she transferred to Hong Kong University journalism in 2005 through an exchange programme. In a blog post written on March 1st 2006, she mentioned that when her father came to Hong Kong to visit her, he got his permit just two hours before his flight took off. She lamented that “It’s hard to go to Hong Kong even for a Communist Party member. It would even be harder for them to visit me in America. ”

Even though Chen Ran was revealed that she was a member of the Communist Youth League, she emphasised serveral times that she has never joined the Communist Party and not paid the fee for the Communist Youth League for many years and therefore is no longer a member. Rereading her blog and Facebook, we found that her heart is closely tied to the Communist Youth League and her belief contradicts with the core value of Hong Kong, which is freedom and democracy.

In 2005, when she began her life in Hong Kong, she introduced her favourite food, idol etc on her blog…When she wrote “the best in the World”, the four characters “Communism” was written.

“The Best in the World: Communism”

During 2006 to 2007, she joined exchange programmes to Malaysia and America.

In the blog post written in December 2006, she wrote, “I hate America for pushing their democracy policy on others,” and mentioned how American refuse to learn foreign languages and do not love their own country etc.

As for the protest habit of Hongkonger, after three years in Hong Kong, she still didn’t understand. On the New Year’s day of 2008, she queried on her blog, “Why do people still plan to go the streets on Jan 13 to call for the 2012 universal suffarage [sic] when they understand that there’s almost no chance to alter NPC’s decision?”

Netizens’ Comments

紅A膠桶: “Beijing has rejected 2012 universal suffrage, why do people still plan to protest on Jan 13th?”
Since the rapist has already inserted it, why don’t you spread your legs and enjoy? It’s the same logic.

膠人: This illustrates what is Chinese. Delusional. They talk America down and brag about greatness of China. They are two-faced. Look at what Chinese high officials are doing. They send their families and transfer assets to the evil America. What a bitc*. If you were given American residency, would you stay in China? Boastful talk.

號●東邪: Why does Communism worship luxury brands?

~AlexV~: (*He replied to 號●東邪) Without dictatorship of the Chinese Communist Party, she wouldn’t be able to afford luxury brands.

藍田多膠魚: What I feel so disgusted about Chen Ran is that she comes to Hong Kong to enjoy fruits of capitalism such as wearing luxury brands, having worked in SCMP (freedom of speech) and talking about economics and finance. However, she praises Communism. Why doesn’t she go to North Korea?

問馬會拎錢: When one equates Communism with the Chinese Communist Party, one is hopeless. Now, I don’t need to see whether she is a member of the Communist Youth League. I am certain that she is not suitable to be Hong Kong government official. Her concepts about political and social systems have already been brainwashed. No matter how open-minded she is, her values in her bones are unchangeable.

另一層次:These days, which country is afraid of Communism the most? Probably China! Compared with China, European countries, which are operating under socialism, are more Communism than “Chinese style socialism”. However, European countries have precious freedom, rule of law and free thinking. This is what peasants (*Chinese commoners who support dictatorship and think like dictators.)/local commies can’t understand even before they die.

bog: Share your asset to become part of mine. This is Chinese style Communism.

Netizen R-Steven posted a picture of “Animal Farm” which has “all animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than others” written on the background.

9 thoughts on “CY Leung’s luxury brands loving Mainland Chinese assitant Chen Ran Praises Communism

  1. I hope when HK becomes independent has a true leader that is elected by HKers, that cares about HK, and works towards the true betterment of HK, they weed out every single pro-communist officials, non-HK officials that have links to China, and also any official that opposes Hong Kong’s independence, and either:

    A.) deport them back to where they came from, usually China.
    B.) charge them for treason against HK and put them on trial.

  2. Her comments make me so angry. Fucking dumb bitch!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Typical brainwashed mainland pro-commie mentality: “Why are they protesting when the decision is already made by your commie master government?” FUCK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!

    死大陸洗腦八婆!!!!! 冚家剷 ,共剷!!!!!!!

  3. Far from there being nothing wrong with the Chinese Communist Party, is there anything right with the Chinese Communist Party? Even the US should never have conceded that CCP was legitimate.

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