Dinner with Foreigners in Hong Kong: Ladies Pay $4800 and Free for Foreign Gentlemen

Last night, Facebook user Kamy Yeung uploaded a poster “Dinner with Foreigners” by a dating agency (backup screenshot) and immediately sparked controversy among netizens.

Kamy’s comment

Other netizens’ comments

Tsui: Her eyes are totally worshipping!

Carina: Only foreigner can be potential sweetheart @_@?

John: This is blindly worshipping the West. Is this a parodied picture? Hong Kong girls need to pay 4800 HKD to meet Westerners, but foreign men can enjoy free meals and girls? It is unbelievable.

Matthew: Because of a meal of western sausage (*”western sausage” is a slang for European man), they are willing to eat less and defer the date of purchasing LV.

Kiu: This Hong Kong is problematic.

Nelson: Interesting! It seems the main point is not on foreign men get free meals and women pay $4800…The real main point is that only single women are eligible while the same rule doesn’t apply to men!

Birchwood: Actually, worshipping the West is not a problem. However, one should worship the right Western stuffs. For instance, you can worship London Saint Martins Art College, Lord Denning, City Hall of London “Big Testicle”, the architecture of Austrian spa hotel, collect the post card which Great Britain sent to Ireland Queenstown, or even idiolise Baroness Dunn…
If one wants to worship the West, one should become “high class ethnic Chinese” instead of acting like prostitutes of Lockhart Road – when American navy go ashore, they will ask, “do you want a blow job?”

Arson: Prostitutes of Lockhart Road, American navy…Basically, they are all Orientalism: “The World of Suzie Wong”, Eileen Chang’s “Aloeswood Incense: The First Brazier”…

Fiona: This advertisement is not speed dating at all. This is human flesh trading, humiliating Asian women. The website doesn’t have traditional Chinese, and it is only in simplified Chinese. Basically, it targets Mainland Chinese women, helping them to use an alternative way to get foreign residencies and passports legally. It profits from Mainland Chinese longing desire to leave Strong Country (*China).

Netizen mod83 talked about his experience in a speed date by the same company that organises this dinner.

According to SCMP, the fully booked dinner was forced to switch to “an alternative location” as Mandarin Oriental Hotel cancelled the booking after receiving “a flood of calls… just hours before” it started.

Blogger Diamond Chan‘s reaction to the news,

Diamond Chan: This “Dinner with foreigners” certainly humiliates Hong Kong. Even if many “Kong gals” were willing to give money and throw themselves to foreigners, this could not represent that Hongkongers would love to see this phenomenon, “Westerners can have free meals and free Chinese girls”, to become mainstream core value. It is a problem that foreigners can participate for free while Chinese women have to pay fee to meet them. Besides, what is the definition of “foreigners”? Are Indian, Pakistani, Filipino, Thai, Vietnamese and Black included? Certainly not (*in this dinner). Even if they were included, both men and women should pay fee. Then this is a fair deal. Both sides pay money – foreigners can meet Hong Kong girls and vice versa.

If “White men can enjoy free meals” became mainstream, this would paint a picture that Hong Kong men were worthless as “Kong gals” were willing to pay foreigners to “enjoy” them. This would be a very great humiliation to Hong Kong image and status.

Some stupid “Kong gals” who think they are ahead of time don’t regard this as a problem, and they will even comfort themselves, “Awesome! Look at me, I am with a white guy so I am powerful.” Enjoying western sausage is not a problem. Just pay Westerners in private and don’t promote it. You will have consequences if you resist to do so.

Author of Hong Kong City-State Autonomy, Wan Chin

Wan Chin: Hong Kong men are not the sick men of East Asia. We angry men were in action and therefore this Hong Kong humiliating dinner was cancelled. On Friday night, I called for everyone to protest against this dating event: Kong gal pay $4800 and Westerners are free of charge. Later, HKAM called for everyone to fight against it.

Everyone, when the dignity and interest of Hongkonger is under treat, we should be brave and express our anger. Then no one would dare to challenge – D&G, simplified Chinese signs and Hong Kong humiliating date were all like that because “This is Hong Kong! This is our home field!”

This dinner was promoted publicly and hold in a hotel. Therefore, it is a Hong Kong humiliating event. If it were hold inside a private club and promoted through private network, me Wan Chin would not call for protests. This Hong Kong women humiliating advertisement has already been widely spread around the world. All Hong Kong women, you should understand that even if you don’t go to these dates you should continue to protest. Because this is related to your safety. After these promotions, if you need to go overseas, you might be sexually harassed by Westerners and they may say, “Hey, Hong Kong chick, this time is for free. I don’t even ask you to pay me $5000. ” If these events became common, the image of Hong Kong women would be greatly degraded. The chance of being sexually harassed in office by Westerner bosses will also increase. Don’t think that this is none of your business. You will be in trouble one day if you ignore it.

Netizens found the Facebook of Rachael Chan who is the founder of the dating agency and reposted photos of speed dates from her album.

Comment from a satisfied Mainland Chinese customer,

Interview of Rachael Chan on 2011.4.25 the Pearl Report


44 thoughts on “Dinner with Foreigners in Hong Kong: Ladies Pay $4800 and Free for Foreign Gentlemen

  1. This is just sick and humiliating. No wonder some white guys have the messed up idea that Asian girls are easy and are just out for white guys, no matter how fugly they are. Women should not forsake their pride. Is being with a white guy really such a trophy?

  2. THIS IS SO DISGUSTING…..and this is coming from an half white boy myself ( dad is Hong Kong Chinese and mom is British of Scottish descent). I’m happy to see there were many angry Hong Kong women protesting against this sickening advert. This is indeed humiliating and pathetic especially women like this Rachel Chan who has no freaking shame whatsoever, ugly women who sucks western sausage but at the same time targeting rich HK girls and Mainland girls into his agency to earn money. I will never support interracial relationship, even though I’m the result of one myself because such things only create jealousy and anger. I think some HK gals are brainwashed with these stupid Hollywood bs movies, being an half white boy I’ve gotten many attention from females. I think in China is worst though, like in Shanghai for example, I’ve gotten many female attention only because I was half white.

  3. ONE MORE THING ( sorry for the multiple posts, I always forget to mention the important parts). While the advertisement says HK speed dating, the great majority of the women are actually rich mainland Chinese women and not local Hong Kong women. The founder of the agency however is an disgusting Hong Kong women trying to earn fast money with mainland Chinese female clients speaking Mandarin. This is also the reason why the advertisement was in simplified Chinese,

  4. In China, you can hire white men to pose as actors in a company to give the company an international image boost, White privilege is very real in the Far East.

    The fact remains, most Hong Kongers are in no position to criticise western loving mainlanders because too many HK Chinese are westernised hypocrites themselves. Its about conspicuous consumption and breeding, high class culture that Chinese aspire to copy is western.

    Its ironic that ‘Birchwood’ in the article says there’s nothing wrong with worshipping Baroness Dunn (the archetypical high class seeking inter racially married tax dodger. Birchwood even thinks high class ethnic Chinese white worshipping Chinese is OK!

    The commenter above PeterFai who is self hating mixed race is actually another reason why there are high rates of inter racial marriages, many Chinese want western features, marrying westerners will produce a child with western features. Two Chinese cannot produce a child with western features.

    Go visit private western schools in Hong Kong and you’ll see lots of mixed race kids, mixed race kids in the far east largely come from privilege backgrounds and don’t attend normal state schools, look at the TVB and the HK celebritiy high society world, there are many mixed race Eurasians. Why do you think there are so many Learning Centers in the Hong Kong offering Piano and English lessons? Knowing English language and playing the piano are both western and considered high culture.

    Are you going to be brave and argue that inter racial marriage is wrong? You don’t have the guts to say it do you? However, I do on my blog and I get accused of racism frequently. http://www.bbczeitgeist.blogspot.com/view/classic?z=

  5. I don’t get the criticism. Since the Chinese women are clearly mainland women not native Hongkongers. Don’t you always say Hongkongers are not Chinese? So why does it concern you if Mainland Chjnese women are seeking white men?

    It seems to me there’s only 2 issues here
    1) They are dating them in a Hong Kong hotel
    2) The women have to pay and the White men don’t have to pay.

    So if the event was held in mainland China and the men paid instead of the women, would that be okay then? If so, doesn’t show how petty and stupid the reasons for protesting are?

    IF however, the answer is still no, then bottomline is that you believe inter racial marriage between Chinese and white should be discouraged in general, if that’s the case, just SAY IT, stop skirting around the bush.

    I have to repeat over and over, the HK netizens are hypocrites, look at their names, they have western first names (Stephanie etc) and then criticise neo-colonialism? That’s hilarious.

    1. I don’t think there is anything wrong with intercultural marriage. It’s just that I object to the way these women are actively seeking white Caucasian men and are willing to spend so much money on it, because they think it’s a status symbol (=having a white husband). I grew up in Europe and have never lived in China before, but I do occasionally go back to Hong Kong and I do notice not only just in China or Hong Kong, but everywhere in Asia a lot of Asian girls are head over heels for white guys. Just cause they are white. There is nothing wrong with 2 people falling in love and them being of different cultural backgrounds should not be an issue in a globalised world like this. But this whole event is based on the wrong reasons.

      And at PeterFai, since you are of mixed cultural background and you seem to have a negative attitude towards Asian girls chasing after you, cause you’re partially white… Which culture do you feel you’re from? You’re against intercultural marriage, cause it creates jealousy according to you. How does that create jealousy?

      1. If you believe anyone is free to marry anyone regardless of race, class etc and they’re free to find love anyway they like, then why do you object to these women seeking white men in the way they do? If you are objecting because you think the white man is a trophy, then it IS about RACE. So why deny you don’t have issues with inter racial marriage?

        Still haven’t answered this question…

        “If the dating event was held in mainland China and the men paid instead of the women, would that be okay then? Yes or No?

        Nobody falls in love purely for love itself- NO ONE. Many people wont marry someone because they’re in a wrong job, they’re poor, uneducated, didn’t go to the right university, wrong class, wrong religion, they’re ugly or because they’re old, not tall enough or too fat, wrong race, disfigured, wrong nationality etc etc, The only difference is that these types of mainland women are unashamedly open about their requirements.

      2. @BBCZeitgeist Anyone IS free to marry anyone, regardless of race, class and etc. The person objects to that idea, as do many people, is because they are targetting a certain race, or ethnic people to be their love. Anyone is free to marry anyone, but to be free to marry anyone is to walk out in the open world, and accept anyone that comes your way, be it Caucasian, Asian, or African. Accepting and looking for White men only, is not ‘free to marry anyone’. yes, it is part of it, but you bastardize the idea, when you narrow it down to simply one race. I do not discriminate, but this idea is discrimination, racial discrimination, and even racist, because these women believe one race to be better than another – that is racism.

        “Nobody falls in love purely for love itself.” 1.) If you didn’t fall in love, then you didn’t fall in love. There is no ‘falling in love purely for love, or impurely for love.’ It’s just simply, falling or not falling in love. 2.) You don’t choose who you call in love with. You just fall in love with the person. It’s a ‘fall’ for a reason. A leap of faith to be exact. You just fall in love with that person. 3.) People can have expectations, but even with expectations, one should know that finding someone, is all but random. You could, for whatever it means, fall in love with features, traits, personalities, etc. that you do not like, or never thought you would have liked. It’s random. Simple as that. Requirements or standards or expectations are just your preference, but to be honest.. You fall in love with someone at random, that match or do not match your expectations.

      3. Why are you shooting the messenger? There’s nothing wrong with entrepreneurs trying to capitalize on a trend. The problem is not that this event exists, but that there is enough demand to make it a success.

        There is obviously something deeply wrong with mainland Chinese society, since there are far more men than women and the dating market should be unbelievably favorable to the women. If women nonetheless want to get out and date foreigners, this means their society has failed them horribly.

        The real problem is that for some reason, the men of China are failing the ladies. I suggest the mainland Chinese apply their considerable talents to ask why and how, or their society is doomed.


    2. EVERYONE has a racial preference. Are Chinese queuing up to marry Blacks? F*** No. Thats why Chinese males and Black females form the lowest IR couples you dont get1billion+ Chinese globally without Chinese having a racial preference for another Chinese do you?

      Yes, racial preference is a form of racism and everyone has a racial preference. Your denial of racism is very amusing. Do you want me to remind you of your racist anti-mainland comments that you’ve posted on this blog? Theres quite a selection to choose to from! Haha, oh yeah you have no racial preference and ‘don’t’ discriminate on the basis of race then, do you?! Hilarious.

      1. No, you need to pull yourself together and listen up. Falling in love, and finding someone through your preference, are TWO different things.

        Falling in love is random. You can be attracted to someone with preferences you may or may not have. That is love. Random at its best.

        Preference itself, is just preference, racism is the belief that one race is superior to another. So let’s re-cap. The mainland Chinese women, believe that the white man is superior. That is racism and preference, both. I never denied racism. And I am no racist.

        That’s my personal dislike towards of hating Chinese mainlanders. I have reasons to justify my dislike towards them, and those reasons are what made me dislike them. Every single one? No… but those who do piss me off, I dislike; regardless of race, ethnicity, nationality, etc. I will hate a Chinese person equally as much as I could hate another Hong Konger, Canadian, American, European, African, Australian, Japanese, Korean, and etc.

  6. @BBCZeitgeist, I believe you are too cynnical and probably too jaded…

    everyone is entitled to find their love…some do and live happily, some don’t while settling who can best support them and their future family. I got no problem with inter-racial marriages as long as the parties (the couple and their in-laws) can communicate openly. Better to marry someone compatible personalities-wise and learn to compromise periodically…

    this type of dating event should be paid by both sexes.

    I have seen my share of BS between the in-laws and the spouse in question despite both of them being Chinese and speaks Manadrin. That results in power struggle for the person stuck in the middle.

  7. I saw it and as a westerner was disgusted, it is exploitative. One thing for netizens to consider, such behaviour is created not by westerners but by an Asian woman, who should really know better.

  8. I was wondering if you were available to talk to us on BBC World Service about the HK dating ad? If so would you send me a number asap so I can call? It would be great if we could do it on Skype. Thanks a lot, n

  9. The women should have the freedom to attend; the men should have the freedom to attend; the host should have the freedom to organize the event; the Mandarin should have the freedom to cancel it if they believe it tarnishes their image; and you should have the freedom to complain about it.

    Also, it is a medical fact that inter racial kids of almost any combination are stronger than purebred ones in the sense that they are less at risk of genetic disease; typically the weaker genes from their inbred parents get wiped out by a corresponding stronger gene from the other parent.

  10. Its interesting Kamy Yeung the original poster that complained about the advert is herself in an inter racial partnership.

    So it begs the Q, why would a Chinese woman who has an inter racial partner complain about an advert that promotes Inter racial relationships?

    I think the answer lies behind the fact the reasons why most X male/chinese female relationships happen is because of the exact negative reasons that are outlined in the article (money, class, racial fetish, racial self-hatred, status). These people in IR relationships who are complaining are basically snobs who feel ashamed that their own IR relationship has been exposed for what it is…. by mainland women in the advert who are so blatant and open about their preferences.

  11. The problem with discussions about race is that they easily get inflamed, and soon move to blanket statements.There have been a lot of comments about Chinese women going after white men just because they think they’re superior. While that’s certainly true in some – probably many – cases, in other cases it’s just down to simple preference, not racism or an inferiority complex.

    One of the posts above says that inter-racial relationships are fine, so long as a person doesn’t only target one race. As a blanket statement, I don’t get that. Sure, falling in love is random, but people often have a ‘type’ that they tend to fall for. Some people don’t, and fall in love with people of all races, but most people I know tend to have a type. Does it matter if that type is based on race or height or weight or any other physical or non-physical attribute?

    Of course, some people have a ‘type’ that includes racial characteristics because they’re racist or because it’s a status symbol. But it’s not always so sinister. Some people are simply just attracted to the physical characteristics of one race over another. And if that’s the case, then of course they’ll target that race. Just as if they like tall people they’ll target tall people. That’s why dating sites often allow people to select the attributes they’re looking for. Should that be banned? It’s a slippery slope if we start saying that it’s somehow wrong for someone to like, and target, certain characteristics.

    I can understand why people are upset by the ad. I think it would create controversy even if race weren’t involved, for the mere fact that women pay a not insubstantial fee and men don’t. And events that exclude people based on physical characteristics will always rub people the wrong way. But it saddens me that the controversy has moved from that particular context toward all-encompassing statements about inter-racial relationships. The controversy has obscured the fact that at the end of the day, people are free to be attracted to a particular type of person if they choose.

  12. I am open minded…and when I see people jumping to conclusions without evidence..I am reminded of how closed minded people are. I heard in the news other singles events are being planned with foreign men being charged $$ and the women not charged..I am sure this will be spun into something else also…by those same closed minded people….

  13. Paying 4,800 to meet gwai lou , F this shit……!!!
    Either this chicks are loser or the event is encouraging HK gals getting knocked up by Gwai Lou parasite who think is having superiority complex!!

  14. The advert is hilarious. You guys are pure mean and racist. For the first time in his life a white brother gets a free lunch from a girl co mon. What happened to equality. If memory serves me there are still ladies nights at bars here right, where the girls get in for free but the guys have to pay. When a guy takes a girl on a date he ends up paying most of the time unless the girl come over all suffragette that night.

    What of course is pissing everyone off here is the fact that it is a) mixed race (though those complaining make a point it is not ) and b) women paying, which pushes the keep your hands of our women button for a few of our less confident Chinese brothers. Stuff it, some Chinese girls like white men full stop, and some would not touch them with a barge poll let along fork out hard cash to meet one. If you look at the stats, there are less than 1/4 of a percent of white males of marriageable age in HK, so that make it hard to meet Mr. right who happens to be white.


  15. Oh what the heck, further I have noticed a number of posters have been having a go at professional mainland women – grasping, western worshiping, only think about money and blah blah. I know a quite a few of these girls and in many ways they have my sympathy. Professionally yes they tend to be very successful having got an MBA from a top business school and work for a large bank and so on, but and here is the big but, most local and Chinese guys with the same education level are not much interested in them, because they are considered as some sort of ego threat and of course they tend not be young nor beautiful. Western guy’s on the other hand are more relaxed when it comes to dating someone on the same professional level, are in their 30’s and to them they look cute anyway.

    1. the people who speak out loudest are the one’s whose views are most extreme, most hateful and most ignorant.

      Racism and bigotry is the evil here, not a particular race or sex.

      This event is disgusting. Only homeless foreign guys looking for a meal and those with a superiority complex will be in attendance. On the women’s side only those who are desperate, rich and racist will be in attendance.

      let them meet and fall in love… and spawn some more kids like peter fai

  16. This kind of event is no difference to Compensated Dating a.k.a “Enjo Kosai”.
    I understand in HK, such arrangement is prohibited and against the law.
    However, it was meant to protect the younger ladies/ underage gals.
    Heck !!! Probably not applicable to this event, age wise…….

    But on the other hand, the local hongkies should be thankful to such arrangment, sharing our expired HK women to the foreigners.

  17. Wow! Who came up with such a brilliant money-making idea??!!!

    This is a great business model!!! The Law of Supply and Demand in action!!!

    Maybe they should charge $6,000…..and see how many HK girls are willing to pay!!!

    Don’t be too upset by this……you have customers who are willing and able to pay the price.

    That’s how businesses in the real world set the price.

    This is like Men who are willing to pay $$$thousands for Prostitutes…..same thing, only reversed.

  18. Time and time again we heard that many women from Mainland China (I didn’t say “all”) will do anything for a green card thinking the shit doesn’t stink overseas. These are not “normal” ladies. They have an agenda. What a shame these chicks have this inferiority issues about their own country. Funny thing is that China is now actually an economically stronger country than the U.S. & many countries in Europe & I think it’s about time these women should get a reality check. Also, if they can afford to pay the fees (for this event) to try to hook up with a foreign man, maybe they are really desperate to get a green card – so they think it’s a short-cut to “relocation”. What’s ironic is that the western men (coming to this event) have to come to Asia to work – so these chicks still get “stuck” in Asia for a while. Do we see the irony there? Real love should be found spontaneously and for free – and smart men would be able to figure that out too.

  19. These Caucasian men might not of had to pay the first time but if they ever get involved with these “High Class” Chinese women they will pay over and over again. These women are gold diggers, poseurs and love lots of bling. These men will need to be prepared to constantly spend money on them if they want to keep them. No loss to Chinese men.

  20. No wonder she has so much makeup.. Without it, any man would run away- after all these years of dating consulting, she can’t even get herself a boyfriend.. My friend told me she tried to chase after her fiancée..
    Thumbs up Rachael.. You are a joke..

  21. 鬼佬 have a few advantages over HK (or TW) guys. Once the girls get used to the smell, all that body hair, the poor manners, touching food with hands, wearing shoes in the house, sloppy clothes, etc. Firstly, a normal straight 鬼佬 has two things in the shower: Soap and shampoo. Otherwise, just shaving implements and a comb or something. The girl doesn’t have to share valuable space with a million hair and face products that a HK guy uses. A 鬼佬 will never, EVER use a facial mask. 鬼佬 don’t preen themselves for hours and fret if their hair gets wet. And girls love the stubble. 鬼佬 don’t waste money on expensive clothes or “Labels–” you’ll never see the straight 鬼佬 prancing around in Gucci or Prada, or even know what the fuck a Birkin bag is (until his GF points it out to him). All that saved money goes towards the girl or, for the guy, a really hot car. The only equivalent is in America where there are ABCs, who, for the most part, act a lot like 鬼佬. Western guys are raised to treat the girl as the prize (or a trophy). If you don’t believe me, go check out the train station and look at all those young guys fixing their hair and faces using their cell phone cameras as mirrors–as well as the reflection of the glass separating them from the tracks, puddles of water, etc. And, most importantly, look around the three million malls in Hong Kong. All you see are pre-adolescent and teenage boys going shopping with their mommies. That NEVER happens with a 鬼佬. You’d be made fun of in school and beat up. Also, a straight 鬼佬 has no interest in shopping with mom–unless he drove her to the mall.

  22. Im black and the only thing i know since i have been in many asian countries with work is that Asians worship white people and im not surprise if they kneel down and close there eyes and pray them.In malaysia there surgeons for asians to change there eyes to look like white ladies.self hate and real colonisation is what asians have.They hate blacks for not doing anything to them then pray white people who colonize and bomb them during WW2

  23. I’m chinese and my wife is white so I’m certainly not against interracial dating. Came across this and found it amusing. I think all involved understand that this is some post colonial fantasy/fetish that the women have. women (chinese or western) are perhaps even more susceptible to cultural programming than men, all their lives these ladies are made to believe that white men are better looking, more loving and wealthier than chinese men. So the company is selling that fantasy.

    I think that honesty goes a long way. Marlboro man and James Bond are fictional. So is white superiority.

    1. You are such a hypocrite yourself, degrading Chinese women dating Caucasian men while excusing yourself from having a white wife. You should be ashamed of yourself. Look at the local media trying to depict Chinese men with white women as a good thing but in fact it’s so bizarre and rare in reality where most of the IR couples are Caucasian men with Chinese women. It all boils down to Chinese men feeling insecure having their women chasing Caucasian men who are more macho, intelligent and much much more. Get real all the white bashers!!!!!

      1. Is not that rare for Chinese American and Chinese British men to marry white women.

        In 2003,
        8.9% Chinese American men married to White American women
        15.3% Chinese American women married to White American men

        However in 2006, Chinese women/White men increased significantly from new migrant women ( mostly Mandarin and Hokkien speakers).There was 7x more migrant female than men and as result.

        In 2006

        36764 Chinese American men married white women.
        112665 Chinese american women married white men

        Depending in what part of America, you can find areas where Chinese men and White women are almost non-existant while in other parts Chinese men/White women are almost even in ratio 2:3 with White men/Chinese women

  24. This reminds me of the old story of Chinese families that will buy a foreign husband for their spinster daughter (30-40 yo) so they could have a gwailo in the family, AND get the girl married off.

  25. Its quite understandable why Chinese women want a Anglo-Saxon husband. Have you seen many of the Chinese males lately? Just hop over to Macau and you can see single Chinese males in true form, heavy smokers, gamblers, spit openly in public and generally down right disgusting in all social habits for the modern world.

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