A British citizen was harassed by a Chinese diplomat in the UK after asking Tong Blair’s view on increasing tension between China and Hong Kong


[Kidnapped in London] (*A book about Sun Yat-sen was kidnapped by Chinese Embassy in London)

I was sick. Therefore my wife went to the conference of the former British Prime Minister Tony Blair and former foreign minister David Miliband, which was organised by the Labour Party, by herself and she asked about Hong Kong democratic progress (*His wife later replied that she did not ask.) and tension between Hongkonger and Mainlander. After the conference, she was scolded by a man who claimed to be an official from “the Chinese Embassy in London” and asked “Are you a local?” (We don’t understand the reason.) He said she was “politically immature”, meaning that she asked inappropriate questions. My wife refuted him and said Mainland Chinese media also widely reported Peking University professor Kong Qingdong’s “Hongkongers are dogs” speech. If it were not a conflict, what is it?

My wife is a British citizen. Under the protection of her Majesty, she uses her freedom of speech to question the former primer minister and foreign minister for Hongkongers that Britain evades the responsibility towards Hong Kong as another signer of “Sino-British Joint Declaration”. Her braveness is admirable. However, this PRC representative, staying in a democratic country, still thinks he is superior and harassed a person whom he thinks that she is his countryman. He even meddled in the freedom of questioning. This incident and the kidnap of Sun Yet-sun by Qing officials in the UK hundred years ago, what is the difference in nature?

His wife emphasised that the man was really from the Chinese Embassy and is a diplomat.

Mr Wong later posted his wife’s version.


Daphne’s version: After asking Mr Tony Blair about his view on the increasing tension between mainland Chinese citizens and Hong Kong residents, a Chinese diplomat from the Chinese embassy approached me and gave me a lecture on my incorrect political view. He asked me to be more politically mature because there was no tension between Hong Kong and the mainland. He admitted there were conflicts caused by some tourists due to cultural differences between the mainland and Hong Kong but you could see similar conflicts in Japan and other places. He emphasized that the conflicts were not significant and commonly seen and I should never used the word “tension” to describe the relationship between Hong Kong the mainland China. Having told him that the tension was widely reported by UK media and other media. He still denied the “tension” and said that the media exaggerated the situation.

Well…well… As a guest at the conference, I decided not to cause any troubles to the event organisers and faded out gradually. But I wondered where was I at the conference? Was I in the mainland China and or in the democratic UK? How come I, as a British citizen, could be lectured by someone from the Chinese government for my freedom of expression?


Leung: They can even pressure others like that in foreign countries. You can imagine how helpless for us in Hong Kong, watching the Liaison Office and other people with (*red) background running amok.

Joe: Even though the woman in the article is of Chinese origin. However, she is a citizen of Great Britain and should enjoy the protection of Her Majesty and her country. Chinese diplomats in foreign territory treated citizens of that place rudely, are they thinking they are really the Celestial Empire that everyone depends on your breath? Don’t be mistaken. You are only receiving curses from thousands countries.

陳: Actually, it is an ironic comparison.

Britain rented Hong Kong for hundred years. Hundred years later, Hongkonger sent British back unwillingly. Japan colonised Taiwan for 50 years. 50 years later, some Taiwanese listened to announcements of Emperor Hiroshito in tears.

On the contrary, China, wearing the grand crown of the Celestial Empire, has suppressed Vietnam, India, Korea, Japan, Laos, Xinjiang (Uyghur), Tibet for thousand years. It has always been battles and riots. To this day, both sides are not in good terms. Not to mention a group of unlucky countries that were destroyed during the western expansion in Han Dynasty.

The attitude of the Celestial Empire has harmed nearby countries deeply, the blood stains can still be seen. It is unfortunate that China still does not repent, brains are not so different from the past.

Other ethnic groups and countries love your clothing, cultural relics, manner, law and literature, it should have created friendly relationships. However, the Celestial Empire attitude ruins many good relationships and turns them into ambivalence ones.


5 thoughts on “A British citizen was harassed by a Chinese diplomat in the UK after asking Tong Blair’s view on increasing tension between China and Hong Kong

  1. I don’t understand. Maybe I missed something, but it seems a representative of China promoted the government’s official position at a public gathering. Did he place somebody under “diplomat’s arrest” or something? What’s the story here? Why shouldn’t the chinese representative be allowed to speak, even if he’s peddling BS?

    TL;DR: not sure whose rights were disrespected

    • hi, i was the “wife”. u r right, in the UK, he is always entitled to exercise his freedom of speech to say whatever he wants. but, i took part in the event as a law student and bumped into the representative in the corridor at the end of event. This stranger suddenly lectured me by asking “why did u use the word ‘tension’, there is no tension between……” I tried to explain my view to him and he asked me to be “more politically mature” as the conversation went along. i am sorry, is this right manner for a chinese official? he could raise his view on the open forum after me rather than giving me a “lecture” in the corridor, right? also, as an ex reporter, i had a similar experience when an official from the chinese embassy called me to ask me not to report something negative raised by some British Chinese in a semi-open forum held at the embassy that I had just covered. I wondered if the Chinese Government should really insist to carry on doing things in such manner should they wish to become a true superpower in the world or they just simply want to buy respects from other countries by money? as some of chinese origin who was born in china and raised in hong kong, i love china and want it to be very powerful in the world. sadly, what i have experienced seems suggesting that there is still a long way to go.

      • It’s the official position of the PRC. Yes it’s wrong, he’s trying to suppress opinions but like you said he’s got the right to lecture you, and you’ve got the right to rebuke as well. He can’t stop you from talking about the situation other than asking you not to.
        As Voltaire said, “I don’t agree with you but I will fight for your right to say it.”

  2. 首先,天朝命官喝令其子民习惯了,别怪他们,那个外交官估计觉得你是中国公民所以对你加以教育,他们觉得应该的,你若当时就说你是英国公民,他给擦鞋都有可能,他们应该不懂什么叫freedom of speech,即便知道他可能觉得,这东西只配洋大人所有,我朝屁民怎配享有,看我天朝内乱况便可知一二,遍地只可州官放火不许百姓点灯。

    港人陆客的矛盾,据说陆客修养不够,以至于港人开始厌烦,而根源有人想过没有, 民不教化谁之过?孔庆东教授,此人乃北大教授,在媒体上骂人的时候,深深让人提这个国度感到悲哀啊,做为屁民的我骂也就骂了,您是教授啊,应该知道什么是教养啊。 不过陆客毕竟也给香港的经济作出了贡献,港人骂他们是蝗虫的时候,作为生在大陆的我,心里也是不好受的,看着在D&G门口港人大骂 蝗虫 而且用普通话骂道操你妈的时候,真想问问他们,车上那个人真的冒犯过你,要你这么愤怒?

    额脑子乱没逻辑,您见谅,其实我也想知道tony blair 对这事的看法,有机会再问问他

    呵呵 天朝屁民还要回国,所以不留名了

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