Hong Kong Netizens’ Reactions to Singaporean Anti-Mainland Chinese Sentiment

From 2012-5-15 Apple Daily,

Drunk Driving, Ferrari Ran Red Light, Collided with a Taxi, Killed Three.
Mainland Chinese Tycoon Killed People (*The tycoon died as well), Stirs Up Anti-Chinese Sentiment.

In the video, there are some comments from Singaporean.

online_singaporean3: These Mainland Chinese pigs drove while being drunk , not only killing themselves, even killed others.

Singaporean source: http://temasektimes.wordpress.com/2012/05/15/clearer-video-of-bugis-accident-speeding-ferrari-rammed-into-sonata-taxi-like-a-bullet/

Strong Country Rises and Becomes Bossy, Anti-China Sentiment Accumulates.

Singapore and China shared the same opinion: hold the Asian value together, push the rise of Asia, cause the West to deteriorate, and even have the thought “Asia must win”. However, today, threatening by the rise of Strong Country, Singapore no longer cheers for China and takes careful and equivocal stance.

Lee Kuan Yew, the founding father of Singapore, blatantly said that the more successful China is, the more arrogant she is. China thinks that the world should respect her.

Lee Kuan Yew: American dominance is the best.

Lee Kuan Yew changes his “the rise of Asia” belief and stated clearly last year, “American dominance of the world is good for Singapore.” He thinks America is a hegemony, yet it has soft sides. On the contrary, China doesn’t speak about hegemony. However, everyone can see her determination.

The flooding of Chinese investment makes housing price in Singapore rises and the influx of cheap labour lowers local worker’s salary, encroaching on the labour market. Combined with the bossiness of rising China, anti-Chinese sentiment among Singaporeans accumulates.

However, Singapore lacks population and prime minister Lee Hsien Loong expressed many times that Singapore should accept a large number of foreign talents, especially Chinese, to ensure the long term growth of the country and people should not regard these talents as “competing for rice bowl”.

Unfortunately, two months ago, Mainland Chinese student Sun Xu, the talent Singapore would like to accept, humiliated Singaporean online and said Singapore had more dogs than humans. This makes Singaporean furious and flames anti-Chinese sentiment.

“Singapore has more dogs than humans”, said Mainland Chinese student Sun Xu

Apple Daily posted more comments from Singaporean netizens at the end of the report.

karen1360: These tycoon locusts really think that they can do whatever they want as long as they are rich, ignoring traffic safety.

revelator: The death rate of Chinese car accident has been no. 1 for 10 years consecutively. China owns 3% of cars in the world but attributes to 16% of the world death toll.

Rich second generation Singaporean: Ban Chinese citizens and dogs from polluting the environment of Singapore, the place where animals are more than humans.

wombat: In China, if a random Ferrari hits and runs, Chinese will only notice, “Wow, you see! China has many Ferrari. our country is prosperous! ” instead of “the owner of Ferrari is rich but has no moral!”

野鳥啼時: There are many Singaporean who can afford to buy Ferrari. However, they are not as low self-esteem as Mainland Chinese, who will let everyone knows whenever they have money.

Hong Kong netizens’ reactions

東方蜘蛛: Apple Daily should not use anti-Chinese because most of the population in Singapore is ethnic Chinese. How to anti-Chinese? They should use anti-locusts.
Declare interest: (I am a) Singaporean boy

仔傻正睇轉倒: Since January, Hong Kong has been f**ked by the world crazily (because of anti-locusts). Good, towards April and May, many places in the World started to anti-locusts. Essentially, anti-locusts is a world trend.

反蝗遊擊隊: (*He replied to 仔傻正睇轉倒) It is Hongkonger’s first-hand experience. Foreign countries didn’t understand. Now, they are starting to get it. Therefore, experience is the most important. Anti-locusts is more suitable for the news. Anti-Chinese these two words are used because the quality of the reporter is bad. Singaporean aren’t anti Chinese.

寂寞城市: (*He replied to 仔傻正睇轉倒) Hong Kong were criticised crazily. These days, many Westerners think we hate China for her backwardness and poorness and want to back to the glory of Britain (Their Europe). Besides, they are doing business with China. They don’t care about Hong Kong’s core value. In their eyes, Cantonese is a despicable language. They think anti-locust is just two groups of monkeys fighting.
I spoke with an European girl before, she only told me to tolerate. They don’t care what we are thinking.

大夾爽: (*He highlighted “think the world should respect China.”) Not only do Cina people (*derogatory, Japanese version of “chi*k”) want respect, they want to dominate every country like they did in ancient times, like offering Cina tributes.

Ng: I support Singaporean “anti-China movement”! I strongly wish that Hong Kong would have an “anti-China movement”. My stance towards China and her citizens: anti colonisation, refuse integration, don’t tolerate!

金: I don’t know why, many Mainland Chinese have this attitude – “In the past, you bullied us, I was poor and I tolerated you. Now I am rich, I will revenge on you as much as possible.”

Chan: Mainland Chinese locusts always think that the world has always been bullying China. However, they don’t know that they themselves are the sole reason for the hate. I support banning locusts from invading any parts of the world! Forever, there is no tolerance. Try to ask them to eat sh*t, let’s see if locusts would be willing to do so. The so-called “cultural tolerance” is just a twisted logic and a lie. Everyone one in the world won’t tolerate bad attitudes.

Phoebe: If they are allowed to drive in HK, the same tragedy will happen.

Lam: Next life, don’t want to be reincarnated as Chinese. This life, refuse to call myself Chinese.

Kong: Today, Hong Kong is occupied by locusts. One day, Singapore will be the same! One will not understand other people’s pain unless they suffer the same thing. Now, they understand why Hongkonger hate locusts. In the future, I believe more people in other countries will understand the anger of Hongkonger and Singaporean.

Rico: Kong, many Hongkonger still blindly tell others to “tolerate”, even though they are victims themselves. This is the worst thing.

Winnie: Rico, ever since Handover, Hongkongers have always tolerated, in the end, it makes Mainland Chinese run amok and refuse to repent.

福泰桔子: Besides anti locusts, it is in fact a hidden move to anti Singapore government. Importing locusts is the sole decision of Lee Hsien Loong, the second of Lee’s Empire. Last year, when retired emperor Lee Kuan Yew heard the decision, his face turned black. Old king is loyal to Britain and America. The near-hundred-year-old still has heavy slave attitude. Of course he is not happy with the locusts importing policy.

This locust importation wakes up some Singaporean who have been living under oppressive rule for long time and they use this incident to strongly criticise the Lee’s Kingdom. In fact, in recent years, inflation is serious and the living quality becomes bad. If retired emperor dies, the Lee’s Kingdom will probably be overthrown.

Clarks_TKD: Locusts running amok in Singapore is not a problem of recent days…Sadly, like Hongkonger, Singaporean only complains a few times and then no further actions will be taken. Singapore government turns a blind eye on the issue. The reason why local against foreigners is mainly because of locusts.

A brother (*Netizens call each other “brother” and “sister”.) said that locusts push up the living cost. This is really a fact, as you can see from the expensive housing price of Singapore. There was a traffic accident last year in which a Mainland Chinese driver killed people. There were complaints but then it faded away…Rich locusts and children of rich Singaporean create many problems and this leads to the rich hating attitude.

A Hongkonger’s advice for Singaporean

夜蘭靜: In here, I want to remind Singaporean, in order to reject locusts, please don’t use Simplified Chinese, don’t speak Mandarin. Because these acts will make lots of locusts feel warm.

8 thoughts on “Hong Kong Netizens’ Reactions to Singaporean Anti-Mainland Chinese Sentiment

  1. Singapore should stop speaking Mandarin, and stop using Simplified Chinese to cut all ties from China. Then, follow Hong Kong, and speak Hong Kong Cantonese, as well as write written HK Cantonese and/or Traditional Chinese!

    1. Why? its in their culture, it’s a beautiful language-and it happens to be shared by Mainlanders. Cantonese is not in their culture, so why use it? Singapore has no political ties, and speaking a different language won’t deter Chinese nationals and tourists (look at Africa). Yes it would be great to cut ALL ties, but it wont happen, and it’s like saying ‘let’s stop speaking American English because the CIA commits atrocities.’

      1. Singapore adopted Mandarin…. Their ‘culture’ was the Hokkien language, and other languages like Teochow, Cantonese, Hakka, and Hainanese, not Mandarin. Mandarin and Simplified Chinese was introduced and adopted So Mandarin itself was never part of Singapore’s culture. In addition, your example is off-topic, because the CIA itself is an organization that is part of the government of USA. Singapore is its own independent country. I am speaking of Country Vs Country, not Organization/Government vs Populace.

      1. Once again, Singaporean identity was not Mandarin. It was other languages other than Mandarin. Mandarin was adopted and so was Simplified Chinese. (IDIOT)

      2. But yes, it is out of my place to suggest them to follow Hong Kong, so I will say that they should revert to their old languages and script, and choose one from there, instead of Mandarin.

  2. after being under the west and taught western manners the hkers can now see themselves with “western eyes”, and they do not like what they see – a reflection of themselves a century ago before the hkers adopted western culture and manners. elsewhere in te region if you have bad manners they tell you to “stop being like the intsik (chinese) “…

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