Netizens: The Darkest Day of Hong Kong Legislative Council

From the Facebook of Hong Kong Economic Journal’s reporter 紀曉風,

5.17.2012 The Darkest Day of the Legislative Council

The filibuster that was attempted to delay the passages of Legislative Council (Amendment) Bill 2012, also known as Replacement Mechanism, and Copyright (Amendment) Bill 2011 (delayed indirectly) was halted by the President of Legco Tsang Yok-sing around 5am this morning. The halt of the filibuster violates rules of procedures of the Legislative Council.

Legislative Council (Amendment) Bill 2012 bans by-election in Hong Kong so that Five Constituencies Referendum (2010 by-election), aka turning a by-election into a faux referendum, will not happen again.

A picture of how the government promoted 2010 by-election.

Shameless government uses petty actions to interfere election.

You can’t see me…You can’t see me…(the speech bubble of the voting day promotion’s banner)

Chan Wai Yip wept during the filibuster.

Chan Wai Yip, one of the conductors of the filibuster, was exhausted after the cloture.

Reporter 紀曉風 commented that Tsang Yok-sing violated rules of procedures of the Legislature Council.

紀曉風: (*He quoted rules of procedures of the Legislative Council)
38. Occasions when a Member may Speak more than once
(1) A Member may not speak more than once on a question, except –
(a) in committee of the whole Council; or

(*His own comment) Legco member has the right to speak infinitely and it is protected by law. As President Tsang permitted 1,300 amendments, then there were no reasons to stop Legco members from speaking…Therefore, there is no need to apply procedure 92, setting the precedence that allows the President of Legco to stop members from speaking.

Netizens studied the video of 4am meeting, an hour before the filibuster was halted by Tsang Yok-sing, and noticed that Tsang said “返嚟就郁喇” (action upon returning) and then Wong Yu-hong, who sat in the left front row and wore in yellow shirt, received notes from Tsang and studied them hard. Later, Wong read from the notes and “advised” Tsang to end the filibuster and vote on the bill and amendments immediately.

(*I mistyped Wong Yu-hong as Wong Yu-hung in the subtitle)

Wong Yu-hong was filmed studying the note from the President of Legco, Tsang Yok-sing, moment before the filibuster was stopped by Tsang.

Wong Yu-hong is nicknamed as “Middle Finger Wang” (中指弘) after he flipped anti-Article 23 protesters the bird in 2003. (Video)

Many netizens view this as the collapse of the Legislative Council.

Mrs Ramsey: Once the precedence is set, if a motion doesn’t sound good (*to the Liaison Office), the president of Legco will skip to voting immediately. F**king game over. Legislative Council is just reduced to become a government department. Replacing Hong Kong police with PLA, changing government structure, legislating any laws and Article 23 can all be easily passed.

腐皮是我比的: Actually, for Hong Kong government, executive and judicial independence was all destroyed. Today, even legislative independence is ruined. Separation of powers is officially dead. From 1997 to 2012, it is just 15 years. We could not imagine that “one country two systems” would become this state…”No changes in 50 years”, what a good lie.

Democratic Party’s refusal to participate in the filibuster receives backlash.

PZG: Looking at the Democratic Party and the failure of the filibuster, I want to say something about it.

These bastards still want to use old tricks like “pan-democrats counterbalances pro-Beijing party”, “let pan-democrats get 23 seats so that they have veto power” and “pan-democratic is very united” in the hope that Hongkonger will vote for them. Piss off!

Legislative Council these days, having 23-vote-veto-power is no longer important. Legislative Council is reduced to become a rubber stamp. Whether Democratic Party exists or not, Article 23 will still be passed because of this unfair legislative assembly. Today, the passage of this evil replacement mechanism is an example that protest and condemnation of the pro-Beijing hegemony is totally useless. Li Wah-ming is very funny. He said that in the next election they would work harder to get more seats to counterbalance pro-Beijing party. Do you think that pan-democrats can win pro-Beijing party? Stop dreaming! Stop cheating Hongkongers’ votes. What Hong Kong needs the most today is getting more radical political parties to the Legislative Council to wake up Hongkongers who are in the dark.

When the radical political parties were resisting in the assembly, carrying out Five Constituencies Referendum and urging political reform, you people had meetings with the Liaison Office. You refuse to participate in the filibuster. We have seen everything clearly in these four years. Don’t say you are the head of the pan-democrats. In my eyes, Democratic Party is no longer part of the pan-democrats. Don’t tell me in September, “Pan-democrats need to unite. Arrange votes for pan-democrats.” I won’t believe you. My vote will be given to the radical camp that are suppressed by the mainstream media and misunderstood by the public. We can’t lose their voices.

Netizens also critcise the Liaison Office and pro-Beijing parties for picking up elderly from New Territories by tour buses, hiring protesters and even thugs to anti filibuster.

大紅袍: According to information from other posts, those protesters who came by tour buses are from New Territories villages that violate government building codes. That means they have settled the issue of illegal building works with the government.

(*Hongkongers whose ancestors lived in New Territories before 1898 are called “indigenous inhabitants” (原居民) and allowed to keep their farmlands and even built 3-storey houses on these lands. However, after Handover, many indigenous inhabitants illegally built 4 and even 5-storey houses. CY Leung attempts to demolish these illegal building works but encounters strong resistance. Many landless and “houseless” Hongkonger hate them very much and call them “牛屎佬” (cow dung men) and even “locusts”. )

“About 500 people were picked up…from different regions…”

According to Oriental Daily,

Anti filibuster protesters get $300 daily.

Protesters from anti filibuster camp attempted to kick protesters from League of Social Democrats (*support filibuster). “Accidentally”, the shoe came off during the kick and hit the crowd of League of Social Democrats…Can’t stop throwing water bottles and umbrellas to protesters who support filibuster….Some anti-filibuster protesters admitted that they were paid $300 a day.

When a reporter attempted to take photos of a “blond hair” anti filibuster protester, he was attacked. (*”Blond hair” 金毛 is a slang for “street gangs” or “thugs” as they love dying their hair blond.)

An interview of a suspected paid anti-filibuster protester,

童先生 (suspected paid protester): Against them, interfering the normal operation of the Legislative Council.

Reporter: But do you support the replacement mechanism?

童先生: Of course not! If I support, why do I stand here?

Even though the filibuster was halted, 7 tour buses of people were sent to protest against it.

~飛影~: Anti filibuster (side) has 7 tour buses coming. We can’t have one person less.

A netizen claims that he pretended to be an anti filibuster protester and enjoyed a free meal in a restaurant in Kwun Tong.

勃起: [push to newspaper] Today I was paid to anti-filibuster

I have just finished a meal in Kwun Tong Tastefull Kitchen. It was free of charge. Eat anything you want. You will be picked up by a tour bus to Central. (hehe) That’s all I know right now.

Translation of the flyer he was given (4th picture):
Illogical filibuster
Abuse democracy
Harm Hong Kong, Harm people
Barbaric politics
Destroy Hong Kong
They have no faces to face voters

Later, netizen 勃起 received his wage but he is unsatisfied with it.

Netizen: How much did you get?

勃起: $180 (disgusting)

Netizen: Shouldn’t it be $300? Why 40% discount…

勃起: A portion was taken away. (cry)

Apple Daily also sent out an undercover reporter to confirm that anti-filibuster protesters got free lunches and paid. Coincidentally, the group that the reporter joined also gathered at Laguna City’s Tastefull Kitchen.

A netizen who has many friends working in security service said that they received bomb threat emails from “support filibuster” camp.

習總你好嘢: Hong Kong Island, Kowloon and New Territories received “bomb threats” from “support filibuster” side.

According to info from friends who are security guards, Mong Kok Lxxxxxx xxxxx, Sha Tin Nxx xxxx xxxxx, Tsuen Wan Cxxxxxxx and Tuen Mun Txxx xxxxx received bomb threats through emails! The content of theses emails is about supporting filibuster and some were even signed with names of different pan-democratic parties. The emails that Tsuen Wan Cxxxxxxx and Tuen Mun Txxx xxxxx received were even signed with “from League of Social Democrats”. I can’t provide further details of the other places. I suspect that more malls may receive these emails but they have not reported to the police. All the info in here risks their jobs. You should decide the truthfulness yourself. Apple Daily, action please!
(*All the places are big shopping malls in Hong Kong)

優質會員: F***, Chinese Communist Party is applying the same strategy they are using in Mainland China to Hong Kong.

HiddenTrack: The darkest will never be reached. Things will only get darker and darker. Hongkonger, used to enjoy the protection of Britain, should really wake up and depend on themselves in future.
The thugs screwed up anti-filibuster. Therefore, pro-Beijing camp now needs to mislead the public

According to Mingpao,

DAB denies hiring anti-filibuster protesters

The chairman of DAB, Tam Yiu-chung, emphasises that anti-filibuster protesters who protested in front of the Legislative Council yesterday were unrelated to DAB.

Tam said, “DAB doesn’t hire protesters and know the affiliations of them. “

However, netizens found that an anti-filibuster was holding a pack of stickers that Tam Yiu-chung was wearing.

Chan Wai-yip also took a video of the children learning room inside Legislative Council showing netizens that simplified Chinese books are used in there. Jasper Tsang Yok-sing guided the tour.

Title of the video: Handicapped character (Simplified Chinese) invades the children learning room of the new Legislative Council’s building, brainwashing and poisoning children 2012.5.18


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