Two Singapores

The following Malaysian article about how Mainland Chinese immigrants split Singapore into two was hotly discussed on Hong Kong cyberspace last week.

From 2012.5.21 Malaysian newspaper Sin Chew Daily

Two Singapores

A new immigrant from Mainland China whose source of wealth was unknown drove his extravagant Ferrari 599, which was worth 1.4M USD, on the road of Singapore recklessly with a young female companion, beat the red light and caused the fatal traffic accident.

A local man who had lived in Singapore his whole life failed to enjoy fruits of economic booms and still drove his taxi at night just to make ends meet. He obeyed traffic rules but was killed innocently with a Japanese female passenger inside.

The chain of events was filmed by another car. It is extremely horrifying. Experts investigated and judged that the speed of the Ferrari may reach 180kph.

The fatal accident shocked Singapore. Locals castigate the reckless driving , reprove Ah Tiongs for being arrogant, complain about the abnormality of the society and hate the shortsightedness of the government.

However, new Mainland Chinese immigrants give many strange theories. Many of them defend that the loss of the Ferrari driver’s life compensated for the loss of the taxi driver’s life. The life of the Japanese victim compensated for China. Some say that locals are jealous of Mainland Chinese driving Ferrari so they blow the fatal accident out of proportion.

The traffic accident hits the problems and social conflicts of Singapore. Wounds of locals and Ah Tiongs will continue to rip apart. Conflicts between social groups will become stronger.

For the last two decades, Singapore welcomes immigrants with open arms. Due to closeness of race, language and culture, Chinese becomes the biggest source.

Within a short period of time, the population structure has changed greatly – among 5M people in Singapore, 1M are new immigrants from Mainland China.

Singapore government originally believed that Chinese would easily assimilate into the society of Singapore like Chinese Malaysians did. However, 20 years later, it is discovered that even though Chinese are racially close to and share a language with Singaporean, they are a very special group.

New Mainland Chinese immigrants have their own way of living and create circles among themselves. They only speak in one language, unlike the multilingual Singaporean society; Their culture is a hybrid of village culture and communism, unlike the half Chinese half Western diversified Singaporean culture; They concern and identify themselves more with their “motherland” China than their “country” Singapore.

In recent years, as the population of new Mainland Chinese immigrants grows larger, a big community which conflicts with Singaporean society forms.

Half a year ago, a new Mainland Chinese immigrant family was displeased with the taste of curry from ethnic Indian neighbour and sued them, stirring up big controversy. Ah Tiongs were by the side of their own kind while locals campaigned for cooking curry protest.

Two months ago, a Mainland Chinese student who was granted a Singapore government scholarship called Singaporean dogs online sparked a dog-and-human war between two communities.

The nouveau riche among new Mainland Chinese immigrants buy houses like buying vegetables; buy expensive cars like buying snacks. The housing and car prices are higher than ever, and Singaporean can only sigh with despair at the expensive houses and cars and feel like second-class citizens.

The dissatisfaction of locals can be easily said as “xenophobic”. Yet, economic and culture shocks that Ah Tiongs bring justify the dissatisfaction.

People’s Action Party doesn’t know what is cultural difference. Westernised politicians only have a smattering knowledge of Chinese history and Chinese social structure. 20 years later, they finally discover that Singapore is about to split into two.

It is too late to change. After all, Ah tiongs have already got control of you.

(Author: 鄭丁賢, the deputy editor of Sin Chew Daily)

Comments from Hong Kong netizens

Hiddentrack: Replace Singapore with Hong Kong. The article is still very coherent. However, our situation is much worse than Singapore.

雞翼魚蛋湯: 20% Mainland Chinese dogs. The ratio is about the same as Hong Kong.

我是好人: 90% of Mainland Chinese immigrants in Singapore are degree holders while less than 10% of Mainland Chinese immigrants in Hong Kong have the same qualification.

蒙太奇: When I was studying overseas, I had a Singaporean friend, who was in fact a new immigrant from Mainland China for less than 10 years. He looked like Singaporean. However, he supported Chinese Communist Party deep inside.

到此一遊: (*He replied to 蒙太奇.) Those new Mainland Chinese immigrants of Hong Kong are the same, especially for postgraduate students and teachers. The higher the social class they are, the more pro-Beijing they are. On the other hand, those who are social welfare recipients don’t talk politics that much.

大夾爽: The image of Cina is really bad – “black-hearted food“, counterfeits, corruption, dictatorship…Even if Cina people were rich, others would immediately think that they got wealthy because of corruption. In the end, whether they are rich or not, others will still despise them in their hearts.

dfsd657: Locusts have to be insulted. Singaporean dictatorship government made a retard decision letting Mainland Chinese in. The sovereignty of Singapore will be robbed by Mainland Chinese, and Singapore will become an overseas colony of China.

刀客: Hong Kong has no choices because the Communist thieves control her. You Singapore brings these problems on yourself. F**king deserve it.

Vivace: Hong Kong should form an alliance with Singapore to kill bugs as soon as possible.

Singaporeans’ reactions to Hong Kong “Dinner with Foreigners”

6 thoughts on “Two Singapores

  1. I begin to consider whether the citizens of PRC should be considered as a virus or as a cancer cell(s). It is beginning to see I can qualify the PRC society and its citizenry as such…

  2. In my country Singapore, there are 1 million mainlanders competing against our jobs.

    What this article say is 100%TRUE.

    Singapore is increasingly becoming a mainlander filled nation. Many of them are taking up important job positions and even penetrating the government and education sectors!

    Is this a CCP invasion planned by Beijing? It’ll soon be that one day all countries of high Chinese population would belong to china.

    Think we should rename ourselves as CHINAPORE instead of Singapore. Our retarded government calls them as foreign talents and that we should embrace them when they looked at us like second class instead.

    Screw you all Chinamen for stealing away our jobs, hiking property prices and calling us Singaporeans dogs.

    Now adays in Singapore i can see more PRC people driving luxury cars on the road while many of our people remains unemployed.

    My deepest heartfelt for my all Hong Kong friends. We Singaporeans are with you!

  3. The Ferrari accident has been over for 2 months, and the autopsy report JUST came out recently from one of the government depts (the self-acclaimed most efficient gov body in the world). The report says the driver, Mr. Ma Chi, was not drunk at the time of the accident, despite the many witnesses’ accounts who stood around the Ferrari wreckage claimed strong smell of alcohol when Mr. Ma’s body with his almost-decapitated head was carried out from his wrecked Ferrari.

    This Ferrari driver was from SiChuan province. In 2008 May-12, there was a big earthquake in Sichuan that killed over 50k people. The China gov released lots of fund to aid that area, but some fund went missing.

    2012 May-12, this Ferrari driver got killed, exactly 5 years from that earthquake day. Someone up above is watching.

    The Chinese embassy in spore or the China gov needs to investigate this issue, to see if this Ma Chi’s parents or relatives are some Sichuan gov officials that kept those relief fund. Swift action from the China gov not only tell those ready-to-corrupt officials that we will not stand around and do nothing if you are proven corrupt, but we will go all out to get you, and to those foreign countries that aid them in the process. This is also an opportunity for the China gov to change the already tarnished image of her citizens (not all of course), by exercising justice and righteousness as a big brother in Asia, and you will gain respects from us Asians.

    The FT program was a good strategy for Spore’s long-term, but was implemented in the hands of the incompetents, and have made Spore a very dangerous place to stay now with lots of under-qualified foreigners around. Again, not all FTs are bad. By the same token, not all gov officials are corrupt……just need to filter out those bad apples.

    In the eyes of the westerners, the asians, especially chinese, regardless of how wealthy you are & how many Rolls Royce you own, are no better status than their dogs; they won’t tell you this, because helping you to become a strong country is not their priority, making $ from you is. Set good examples to your younger generations, protect them, and you will be protected when you are old.

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