Hong Kong Yakult is now a highly sought-after product for Mainland Chinese

Recently, netizens noticed that carts of Yakult were smuggled into Mainland China. However, they did not know the reason why Yakult becames a highly sought-after product.

Comment from the uploader

Vivian: What’s up with compatriots? Could it be possible that good bacteria can heal  mysterious diseases?

麻婆豆腐走辣: I saw this when I got off work yesterday night. I even told my girlfriend, “Are these locusts retarded?”

On May 30th, Apple Daily/Sharp Daily revealed that Yakult was being promoted as a product that can enlarge breasts.

In recent month, there is a rumour in China that Yakult can enlarge breasts, whiten skin and even prevent cancer. However, Mainalnd Chinese worry that Yukult factories in China use tainted milk powder, therefore they switched to drink Hong Kong made Yukult. Mainland Chinese smugglers rush to Northern District to buy them all. Hong Kong made Yukult is always out of stock in grocery stores and pharmacies but Yukult said that it would not increase production. Besides competing for baby milk powder, Hongkonger again have to compete with Mainland Chinese for Yukult.

In recent days, whenever Yukult becomes available in Northern District pharmacies and grocery stores, it will be immediately snapped up. Housewife Ms Chui expressed that Yukult was getting expensive and harder to buy, “I had never thought that Mainland Chinese would rush to buy Yukult. Some stores even clearly state that they only let Mainland Chinese buy. ” Another housewife Ms Lau said, “Before, there were stacks of Yukult, now there are all gone. It is hard to buy even in ParknShop and Wellcome.

Yukult becomes a highly sought-after product because Mainland Chinese netizens claim that it has magical efficacy. It is sold on Taobao (*Chinese Ebay) for 9.8 to 11 RMB. Sellers claim that it can enlarge breasts, whiten skin and be used as facial masks. Some Mainland Chinese netizens suspect that China Yukult was made from tainted milk powder. Therefore, they switched to buy Hong Kong made.

Yakult’s breast enlargement recipe on China Weibo

小芸芸芸芸兒: Ha…Eat papayas and drink Yakult while playing with cell phone alone. It is said that this is the secret for breast enlargement. This is advice from a busty woman. Ha

A netizen made a fake advertisement to promote Yukult as a breast enlargement product.

Netizens’ Comments

Issac: Yesterday, when I went to Wellcome, the price of Yakult was immediately increased to $19.9 for 2 small packs.

陳: They started to target low price beverages in Hong Kong…In the near future, we won’t even be able to buy distilled water.

Chan: Today at San Po Kong, a group of Mainland Chinese were purchasing a large quantity of Yukult. The boss immediately neglected my existence.

Hui: Last time, I saw a guy (*a smuggler) packing 3 big boxes of baby milk powder…and this is the brand that my child eats…I really wanted to beat him.

Yu: Strong country people, to be frank, whether you have brain or not, it is none of my business. However, your goods obstruct passengers compartments. Also, you make the price of Yakult inflate. You harm others like that. It is really an offense.

Siu: Why does our Hong Kong have great inflation? It is because of them…They don’t even trust their own country products, how can they tell others to trust them as well?

Sze: Seize our milk powder…Seize our hospital beds…Seize our buildings…Seize famous brand…Seize Hong Kong birth certificate…Seize our degrees…Seize Hong Kong social welfare…They have already seized everything…Now…even Yakult has to be seized…Is Mainland China really that bad? 1.3B people go to Hong Kong, this extremely small place, to compete with 7M people for food? Does Hong Kong food taste better? After you consume it, will it promote longevity?

Joanne: What things they don’t rob? They rob both eatable and non-eatable things. They also rob douchebags and hospital beds. Locusts…

Flk: Hong Kong is engulfed by locusts in just 15 years!

From UNWIRE.HK gag daily,

UNWIRE.HK笑料報: Sill speculating on Yakult? It’s out of date, speculating on potato chips is trendy right now.

Ivy: All Hong Kong living goods will be bought up by Mainlanders. At that time, we will have to buy them from China. I have a suggestion. Can we smuggle CY Leung into China? This is really insane!!

Hans: Please levy sales tax on non-residents. Levy it first, review it two years later.

15 thoughts on “Hong Kong Yakult is now a highly sought-after product for Mainland Chinese

  1. In Hong Kong, people abide by the law, no further explanation needed. It doesnt
    matter how many on the mainland chastised Hong Kong but in the end, they give
    Hong Kong a vote of confidence with their mouth. BTW,
    Yakult is unhealthy because of its high content of fructose corn syrup,
    if those people want the benefits of probiotics, they should eat plain yogurt.

    1. Yep, plain yogurt is way better 🙂
      If they find out, hard to see how the smugglers can transport tubs of yogurt across the border o_0
      Maybe someone should start producing quality yogurt in China, get govt stamp of approval for product safety, thus becoming multi-millionaire 😛

  2. Chinese are so ‘herd mentality’-unscientific-superstitious like this…remember after the Fukushima earthquake and the nuclear station and there was panic buying of salt in the Mainland because people were spreading rumours that it would protect you from radiation? This is the same mentality…people wildly embracing fads/old wives’ remedies due to some viral rumour even though there is no scientific/factual backing.

    1. Hey now, I don’t know if you checked the supermarkets, but a lot of Wellcome and Park’n’shop stores were sold out of salt in March 2011 too.

      1. Well I guessthis is not just a Mainland problem, HK Chinese are also prone to it too. It’s the same mentality that keeps even educated ‘sophisticated’ people buying into the more wacky TCM prescriptions (no scientific evidence, just a ‘collective received wisdom’ that no-one has questioned)…it’s just a part of Chinese culture.

  3. There is so much sugar in Yakult. Sugar is the fuel for cancer. Some mainlanders are so uneducated it’s a joke!

    1. If we’re so smart abiut Yakult, why do we let our kindergartens have Yakult reps in every year to show carttons and give out samples and coupons? 😉

      1. Because a lot of people are stupid including yourself. Learn how to spell properly before sounding like an idiot.

    2. drink yakult = lots of sugar
      lots of sugar = get fat
      get fat = big boobs
      drink yakult = breast enlargement!*
      Checkmate, rumor true!

      * warning: other areas may also be enlarged

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