Splitting views on Hong Kong role in Democratisation of China

From blogger “巴士佬,一路好走

As the anniversary of Tiananmen Massacre is approaching, arguments between pan-Chinese nationalist and Hong Kong autonomist on interpretations of the massacre appear. The main conflicts are on how to view the history of Tiananmen Massacre, and the holding and participation of its memorial. However, the basics of these differences are in fact the problems of relationship between Hong Kong and China and political process.

Pan-Chinese nationalist certainly persist in “Ping fan June 4th” (Ping fan = demanding for official rehabilitation of), “building democratic China”, or think that Hong Kong has an undeniable role and function in the democratisation of China because “Hong Kong is the only place in China that can openly hold memorial for Tiananmen Massacre.” However, Hong Kong autonomist think that participation of and grieving for the massacre is just a grieving for those who lost their lives and support for families and political exiles. Towards the issue of the democratisation of China which Hong Kong Alliance in Support of Patriotic Democratic Movements in China always emphasises, Hong Kong autonomist think that this is just the issue of PRC.

On the day of Tiananmen Massacre demonstration on May 27th, Hong Kong City-State Autonomy Movement (HKAM) bought dragon-lion flags with them. (There was another group of “British Hong Kong remaining evil” also bought the old colonial flag with them. Pan-Chinese nationalist still count them as Hong Kong autonomist.) This makes pan-Chinese nationalist unhappy and criticise HKAM and other Hong Kong autonomist for hijacking the demonstration and promoting “the nonsense autonomy belief and the so-called localisation of memorial functions.” Yesterday night, the former secretary-general of Hong Kong Federation of Students Daisy Chan scolded HKAM on her Facebook.

“I said again with anger, ‘Release activists. Ping Fan Tiananmen Massacre. Look into the responsibility for the slaughtering. End one-party dictatorship.’ I add one more sentence in the back “Building democratic China.” Tiananmen Masssacre should not be exploited by you Hong Kong autonomy pricks. During that time, 1 million of Hong Kong students and citizens protested on the street not because they wanted to protect themselves but they rallied support for the land they love and the people on that land! The path to Chinese democracy is really hard. However, democracy can only be attained through sacrifice. One should not have a vain attempt that democracy would be given to you to “enjoy” by seeking self-protection and without sacrifice. If it is so, you don’t deserve to have democracy. Please don’t exploit those who died for democracy!!! Shameful!”

巴走佬,一路好走’s Commentary

Even if Tiananmen Massacre were officially rehabilitated, would this equate to democratic China? Even if China had democracy, would this equate to democratic Hong Kong and a prosper and stable society? What if there were a referendum on abolishing Sino-British Joint Declaration and Basic Law and demanding Hong Kong to pay taxes for the last 15 years?

Of course , pan-Chinese democrats will refute it and say “China would not treat Hong Kong badly”. Who dares to guarantee that with one’s head (or penis)? Pan-Chinese democrats are too optimistic that Mainland China would treat Hong Kong well!

Comment from blogger “地產小子

Why does Hong Kong have to undertake the burden of “democratic China”?

To be frank, Hong Kong doesn’t have the responsibility to “build a democratic China”! Some social activists and leftists want to sacrifice Hong Kong for China. I think that Hong Kong should not be “crazy” with them.

If some people use  “We are all Chinese” as explanation, I will reply, “In history, political parties and people that emaphsise blood relationship the most is German Nazi Adolf Hitler!” You still want to become a sinner in history? Please think about it clearly.

The future democracy of China will be decided by Chinese citizen in the territory,  then why don’t let Hong Kong citizens who had been in Hong Kong before 1997 to decide the sovereignty and democracy of Hong Kong?

In fact, Daisy Chan can disagree with my opinion and argue with reasons. However, she has no right to interfere other people’s opinion expression and freedom of speech.

Comment from blogger “dadazim

You make yourself shameful. Grieving for Tiananmen Massacre and facing China, originally, one can view from many angles. From humanity aspect, one can condemn that the government used violence and killed its people. Like the Nazi’s slaughtering of Jews, you and I don’t have to be Jews in order to feel sad and anger because we have the ability to sympathise when our own species are hurt.

Every year “June 4th”, it is the time when pan-Chinese fascist appear. They are that despotic even though they have no powers. It would be unimaginable if they got powers and control of the military.Does every one have to praise China in order to be good? Answer me, can I have “the freedom not to be patriotic”?

“June 4th”, under the hand of patriotic democrats, becomes a license to kill. Whoever cares about Tiananmen Massacre has to sacrifice oneself to “strive for the democratic China” and agree with “one China”, otherwise one is “not deserved to grieve for Tiananmen Massacre”! In that way, I afraid that foreigners who don’t have Chinese blood and yellow skin don’t have the qualification to comment even one sentence and shed tears on Tiananmen Massacre!

This Miss Chan the Saint ended her speech with “Shameful!”, and this is really hypocritical. Patriotic democrats use “June 4th” every year to force Hongkonger who support democracy and freedom to agree with their “pan-Chinese nationalism”, “Hong Kong has to make sacrifices for China”. Also, pan-democrats exploit it to become their political pensions and the excuse for ignoring local politics for long time. Isn’t it the ultimate exploitation of those who died in Tiananmen Massacre? Simplified Chinese character, double negatives (anchor babies), Chen Ren….We can’t see the shadows of “patriotic democrats” or “patriotic literate”. The interest of Hong Kong is being harmed? It doesn’t matter because “We are really changing China”. However, every year “June 4th”, they come out to exploit others, to be in interviews, to seek donation for their political party. We have enough of your monopoly of June 4th and democratic movement for 20 odd years. Whether deliberate or not, you are exploiting every corpse of the dead student. It is really disgusting. Please don’t exploit those who lost their lives for democracy! Shameful!

A doctored logo of the Democratic Party

***Only major points are translated****

One thought on “Splitting views on Hong Kong role in Democratisation of China

  1. I agree… This is China’s problem, we shouldn’t let turmoil in China be spread into Hong Kong. Hong Kong’s role in this is no more than the role of that of a foreign country. Hong Kong should not need to place their head on a silver platter for China’s own problems. Hong Kong has no obligations to do anything about June 4th Massacre. We can condemn, but do not put at risk our own already-dying-Hong Kong, and bastardize what Hong Kong stands for. Hong Kong stands for the economic, political, and cultural success/accomplishment of all Hong Kongers, not Chinese or China. China had no role in Hong Kong’s rise nor did it have a role in Hong Kong’s success. Hong Kong is Hong Kong, China is China, let the problems stay within the borders. Don’t add another problem to Hong Kong’s never-ending list of problems.

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