Inside Hong Kong’s brainwashing national education

Yesterday night, netizen 馬德里 uploaded a picture of homework of General Studies from a government primary school in Hong Kong Island and other netizens critcised it as brainwashing.

Do you think that CY Leung is a hardworking and ambitious person? Why

馬德里: [Wolf is really coming!] General studies’ homework for P.2 (Primary 2) from a Hong Kong Island government primary school. Please Share!

Netizen’s reactions

Wong: “Long live Communist Party”. Get full marks.

Samson: If one answers no, then one’s teacher will say, “So, he is going to be the Chief Executive…”

Tang: A leading question…Brainwashing education should indeed start from children. If another cultural revolution happens again, your son and daughter will be the first to kill you…

Chan: I’m glad that I have no children.

A comprehension task of primary school grade 2 General Studies has already brainwashing  the mind of Hong Kong children secretly. Will Hong Kong be the next North Korea?

If this were my student’s homework, I would tell him to write, “CY Leung may be a hardworking person. However, hardworking doesn’t mean that one is a good person. “

Chiu: Wow, national education appears that early???? I really want to know if students have to praise CY Leung. If a student answered no, would he be required to receive re-education? Can any teachers answer my question??? This is really terrifying!!!!!

Netizens also criticise that General Studies for primary school cover up history of China after 1949.

The Establishment of People Republic of China

In 1937, Japan invaded China. “Anti-Japanese war” broke out. The war lasted for 8 years. In the end, due to fierce resistance of Chinese, and the US dropped nuclear bombs on Japan, it ended. Later, the civil war between  Chinese Communist Party and Chinese Nationalist Party broke out. Communist Party won the war and established People Republic of China on October 1st, 1949. The new China was born, revealing the next page of Chinese history.

Today China

Ever since People Republic of China implemented “open door policy” in 1978, economy, society, and technology etc have been developed quickly. The world status of China is raising continuously.

We as Chinese, should pay attention to current news of the country and future developments, prepare ourselves to contribute to the motherland in future.

Lai: Look at how bad of nowadays textbooks of General Studies for primary school before national education becomes a curriculum! That great sentence, “New China was born, revealing the next page of Chinese history”, goes over what happened after 1949 lightly.

子: My primary school textbook was even more exaggerated. The previous page was anti-Japanese war and new China. The next page was Beijing Olympics, Tibet-Qinghai Railway, entrance to WTO, launching of Shenzhou 7…

Previously, a photo of a workbook for primary school General Studies was uploaded and many netizens condemned it.

Match related sentences. Fill in suitable English alphabets inside ().

1. One hundred years ago, Qing government was useless

2. The handover of Hong Kong is like an adopted child

3. The flag and emblem of Hong Kong

4. Every year Handover memorial day

A. has the pattern of bauhinia.

B. that foreigners occupied many Chinese territories.

C. Hongkonger celebrate it enthusiastically.

D. back to the arms of his biological mother.

Lydia: I think many Hongkongers don’t like this biological mother (and those stepbrothers).

From 2012.5.1 Apple Daily (Screen Cap),

Brainwash Mentally Challenged Students
A teacher said, “Students don’t know what is going on.”

Don’t understand the meaning of raising flag

A teacher from a special education school said bluntly, “even though the school hold flag raising ceremony regularly, students don’t what is going on.” She said that national education has been carried out for a long time, and it teaches student about Chinese identity and Chinese culture. However, the course is very low-level and does not have critical analysis.

(*The clip is taken from the home page of a special education school for moderate mentally challenged student.)

Netizens’ reactions

Qbear: The aim of the government: Brainwash the normal to become mentally challenged

死肥妹: It will be more practical to spend that money on improving the support for the mentally challenged.

Blake lively: It is no different from accusing a blind person for seeing the national confidential.

Celebrate the 90th anniversary of the Chinese Communist  Party

Hong Kong Teenager Red High-Speed Rail Tour to Hunan

The Opening Ceremony

2 thoughts on “Inside Hong Kong’s brainwashing national education

  1. Yes, my primary school aged children (now in P1 and P3 at a Chinese medium-of-instruction “jihk ji” – direct subsidy – school) learn about Chinse culture and being Chinese. But they also have been reliably and accurately taught by their GS teachers every year about what happened on June 4th in Beijing. They were taught seriously and well, and at an age appropriate level. So I think it must depend to a certain extent on the school.

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