Japanese “Thank You Taiwan” Tour

Blogger Lam Kay uploaded a photo of a leaflet on Japanese “Thank You Taiwan” tour, which is taken by another blogger Martin Oei in June 2012, and contrasted Japanese gracefulness with Chinese ingratitude.


Gratitude Price



Let’s go to Taiwan which is kind to Japan together! (by NAVER Translate app)


Thank You Taiwan

Comment of Lam Kay

After Japan 311 Earthquake, Taiwanese donated 14 billions JPY, which is around 1.4 billions HKD, to Japan. Japanese bought newspaper ads in Taiwan to express gratitude. A year later, they even organise “Gratitude Tour”…

Hongkonger? Hey, hey, hey…They were forced to “donate” almost 14 billions HKD. Mainland Chinese still say the same thing, “Had China not looked after you, Hong Kong would have been finished already. ”

Like = I would rather donate to Japan than China.


According to Constitutional and Mainland Affairs Bureau Development Bureau,

The Finance Committee of the Legislative Council approved injection of a total of HK$9 billion into the Trust Fund in Support of Reconstruction in the Sichuan Earthquake Stricken Areas (Trust Fund) in July 2008.

Taking into account HK$1 billion donation by the Hong Kong Jockey Club and public donation, the HKSAR committed a total of HK$10 billion to support reconstruction in Sichuan.

Earlier this year, in a forum thread asking netizens whether they would donate to China in future, a netizen said his Sichuanese friends told him that Hong Kong only donated 100,000 RMB to Sichuan in 2008.

攀登者: To be serious, when I talked with friends from Sichuan, they said, “Why did Hong Kong only donated 100,000 RMB to 2008 Sichuan Earthquake ? Aren’t Hongkonger rich? ” I didn’t really know how to answer them.

Netizen comments

Yu: Although it is a gimmick obviously, being graceful is already very precious.

鐘: Most importantly, we donated money to build their schools. And then it was demolished and the land was sold. They have so much money to launch rockets, why do they still need donations?

Li: Agree. I would rather donate to Japan than China.

Leung: “Don’t expect rewards for doing good deeds” is the attitude my parents taught me when I was a child. For many years, Mainland China had many disasters. Due to humanity reason, I always donate money to World Vision, Red Cross etc. Seeing that Japanese have a deep gratitude towards Taiwanese donation, I think about the arrogance of Mainland China “compatriot”  towards Hongkonger. And I think of money that many Hongkonger donated and was ended up in the pockets of corrupted officials. What do you think?

Lam: Every time when we donate money to China, Mainlander don’t know it at all and think they “look after” us. If I were interviewed by a reporter one day, I would point to Mainlanders who were crazily buying smuggled goods (infant formula, diapers, Yukult) and said, “Had Hong Kong stores not sold them to you, you would have been finished already!!!”

梁: Every time when I hear Mainlander say that Beijing “saved” Hong Kong, I am extremely angry! I would reply them in Mandarin, “The LV you bought is genuine; the infant formula your child eats is safe. Whose contributes to these? If Hong Kong bothers you, you should not come here! When you piss off, remember to bring back piss and poo you spill on ground of Hong Kong to China.

Lim: “Go to Taiwan to consume” and give a bit “economic rewards”. Today, Japan revives a bit and immediately shows regard and maintains their communication to Taiwanese, even though it is incomparable to the donation of Taiwan.

If the same happened to China, they would say this at most, “Thank you for your donation. However, these days, if I don’t go to Hong Kong to do shopping…you Hong Kong will be finished. “

Lim (*the same commenter as above): Thinking back of the open door policy, China beat the gong and drum to attract Hong Kong businesses and gave them favourable terms. Now? They have f**king finished using you stupid factory people and dumped you!!!

黃: Bastards in Mainland China always think that we owe them…We have donated money to China for 30 years…We have created many business opportunities for Mainland China. Mainland Chinese even f**k us back…Ironic

Leung: Chinese is the paragon of ingratitude!

Blogger Martin Oei also posted another sign which Japanese expressed gratitude to Taiwanese.

(Translation of the Chinese part)

Thank You Republic of China (Taiwan)

After Tohoku earthquake, Taiwanese donated a lot of money. To 2011.11.10, Taiwanese donated 20 billion JPY. Taiwan, with 23 million population, gives “world no. 1” donation to Japan. As a Japanese, we will never forget the friendship with Taiwanese. Thank you Taiwan.

Sagano Scenic Railway

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    1. It’s actually the Kanji that’s used in the Japanese language. I don’t think they know the difference between the two. They just use whatever they know.

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