A Dramatic Reversal of Fortune: CY Leung’s Illegal Building Works Exposed

Earlier this year, Henry Tang’s secret underground palace was disclosed and it costed him the throne of the Chief Executive. CY Leung is widely believed to be the mastermind of this drama.

The classic comic of Henry Tang’s secret underground palace by Cuson Lo
(*The title of all the black books is “原紗央莉”, which is the name of a Japanese porn star and sounds like the name of Henry Tang’s rumoured lover 袁莎妮.)

This time, CY Leung gets caught in his own illegal building works scandal.

According to 2012.6.23 Apple Daily,

Illegal building works of CY Leung’s mansion (Yue Hei Yuen, 4 and 5 Peel Rise, the Peak)

1. Metal gate

2. The superstructure and enclosure of the garage (about 200 sq. ft.)

3. Basement (about 110 sq. ft.)

4. “Glass house” (removed, about 110 sq. ft.)

5.  Glass flower canopy (removed, about 60 sq. ft.)

Blue area was the glass house and red area was where the flower canopy was located. Source

6. Storage room (2m x 2m x 2.5m)

Like last time, cranes were used to investigate CY Leung’s mansion. However, the number of cranes was much fewer.

CY Leung said that he was not the first-hand owner of his mansion.

A netizen photoshopped CY Leung into a room full of Hello Kitty.

The first-hand owner is like that~

However blogger Martin Oei checked and posted the transaction record of Leung’s mansion and it shows that Leung is the first-hand buyer of the property.

1. Transaction record of 4a Peel Rise

2. Transaction record of 4b Peel Rise

3. Transaction document of 4a Peel Rise

4. Transaction document of 4b Peel Rise

Netizen Tezuka K. also uploaded documents to prove that Leung and his wife own Lotvest Limited, to which the developer of the mansion sold.

CY Leung explained that he is just a general surveyor and therefore he didn’t know that there are unauthorised building works in his home. However, netizens don’t buy into his excuse.

Netizens’ reactions

A netizen who claimed that he had worked in Leung’s company said Leung was lying.

ON9仔有樣睇: General surveyors know how to spot unauthorised building works. I am in this profession. I worked in his company DTZ, which mostly did GP (General practice) stuffs. Even the most common mortgage valuation report needs to take photos to spot suspected unauthorised building works. That means his staffs know how to spot unauthorised building works. And he, as a GP surveyor, must know how to spot them.

Mayor Leung’s excuse is so retarded.

Also like Henry Tang’s secret underground palace scandal, netizens gave their opinions through Photoshop.

A doctored TV screen capture from the group that made fun of Henry Tang’s scandal.

Henry Tang: What are you laughing at? Bastard, you also have illegal building works.

Cartoon artist Carson Lo mocked CY Leung with the appearance of Henry Tang on the roof of Leung’s glass house.

Cartoon Henry Tang said, “You deserve it!”.
(*The title of all the black books is “黑材料”, which is “black material” literally and means “scandal material”.)

Lo later created another comic with Tang holding a telescope on the crane.

Cartoon Lisa Kuo: Henry, it’s late at night. Let’s go home~

Cartoon Henry Tang: No! I’ve to watch him being tortured!

Sara: CY Leung is like a liar. Previously, he claimed that his house had no unauthorised building works. Now, when they are disclosed, he said it was due to carelessness?! The wolf wasn’t ashamed when it lied. He really sets bad example for children. Elections are just competitions of corporations; Positions are just exchanges of interests. Everyone is rubbish. Not many people can do things! Hong Kong has already been corrupted by Mainland China. Integrity? Freedom? They become the past. The monopolies of corporations become more and more serious. People have no choices over basic needs. No one is perfect. However, at least don’t get a very wrong person who will lead Hong Kong into an abyss. If you don’t choose Albert Ho, there are 7M people for you to choose! For instance, if I were being pregnant out of wedlock and and found that my boyfriend cheated on me, I would choose abortion so that I would not have to worry for life! When things can be saved! Hongkonger, wake up! July 1st, I am going to take to the streets. I am going to fight for our children so that they would not be controlled by others! The power of one person is small. However, millions of smallness can become great, as long as we are willing to be united! Defend your own rights!

Outside of CY Leung’s mansion on 2012.6.24 by a netizen’s friend,

According to 2012.6.27 Mingpao,

“Sky Eye” reveals that Leung’s office is inconsistent with the fact

We looked up aerial photos from the government and discovered that the reply which the office of CY Leung gave to the media is inconsistent with the fact. We revealed on Wednesday that CY Leung’s mansion on the Peak has an illegal glass canopy and inquired the office of the Chief Executive. The office’s written reply expresses that the glass canopy “was originally a wood canopy. It existed when Mr Leung bought the property in 2000.” However, aerial photos from the government shows that 1 month before and 3 months after CY Luneg bought the property, it didn’t have any “wood canopy” at all.  That means the previous owner hadn’t left “illegal wooden canopy” to CY Leung.

Letter from the office of CY Leung.

(*Highlighted part)

The concerned structure was originally a wooden canopy. When Mr Leung bought the property in 2000, it had been here.

Aerial photos of CY Leung’s house from the government

One month before CY Leung bought the mansion

The property was still owned by the developer. There was only a gray platform and no wooden canopy in front of No. 5 house.

3 months after CY Leung bought the property

There was no wooden canopy and only a gray platform in front of No. 5 house.

15 months after CY Leung bought the property

There was a white flower canopy in front of No. 5 house. The small picture was taken from Jan 2002 and the flower canopy can be seen clearly.

Another doctored movie screen capture with Henry Tang and his wife Lisa Kuo.

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  1. […] Previously, Office of the Chief Executive-elect claimed that one of the illegal building works, glass canopy, was originally a wooden canopy that was left by the previous owner and it was rebuilt to became a glass one due to termite infestation. However, Mingpao looked up government aerial photos of Leung’s mansion 1 month before and 3 months after he purchased his property and found that there was no wooden canopy […]

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